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  1. I can't believe how much of a blatant ripoff that map is.


    I didn't really get into the SR2. The coolest thing was that you could smoke blunts out of your inventory. Everything else was too ridiculous. That said, I need to pick the game back up so I can finish it. I got started and got distracted by better games.

    I probably won't touch SR3 until 2013, if ever.

  2. "Fukushima 50" fighting to prevent meltdown and full exposure to the area. Apparently they do not fear death, as this is their job. Sounds pretty heroic considering it's a possible suicide mission.




    Hmm, wonder if their grandfathers were "pilots"?

    When talking to my grandfather about the earthquake in Japan, he said it was long overdue. Still hates 'em.

  3. I loved Portal. Loved it. Never played TF2; I didn't play it on PC, so I couldn't be arsed on the console. I liked Half-Life 2 alot, until I got to the Sandtrap Level. Then I quit playing.

    I might download Portal from XBLA and I'll play Portal 2 sometime late this year when it's drastically dropped in price.

  4. I'm Nicola, Psy's sister and I only registered to beg your for your money... Please?

    Is this the same thing you were spamming us about last year?

    I don't remember spamming anything last year but it wasn't this as I only went to Kenya at the start of this month.

    Maybe it was a contest, something where we had to vote for you. I remember I voted. What became of that?

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