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  1. I played for a few hours last night and didn't run into any of the errors that have been mentioned. I'm itching to go home and finish the quest I was on last night - I am trying to retrieve a scroll for some chick in the High Gate Ruins - she said there is a powerful priest named Vokun guarding it - I am pretty sure he is one of the dragon priests. I got hung up last night at a level puzzle and just decided to save and go to bed.

  2. Too much to type - I played all weekend.

    Finally beat the Dragon Lord that had been giving me shit, Kronis @ Shearpoint. All it took was one FUS DO RAH (which is Nord for SUCK MAH DICK) to blow him off the point. The fall did a bunch of damage to him and I was able to finish him off with a couple of well aimed arrows that do magic damage. Got his bad ass fireball staff. My rapping wizard is almost complete.

    Mask is cool, don't want to sell it or give it away!

  3. The Dragon Priest I came across is Kronis - I looked him up on the wiki. He's at Shearpoint.

    I knew there was a dragon there, I found him earlier and left before he saw me - I came back later and had an all out battle with the dragon, losing all my health potions in the process; but alas, I prevailed and killed the dragon. I went closer to check out the stone he was sitting on and all of a sudden Kronis jumped out of his coffin and lit me up with a few fireballs. I couldn't even open my inventory before I was dead.

    I saved right before fighting the dragon, so I'll be going back to fuck them both up later tonight or early tomorrow - depending on my damn Thanksgiving plans.

  4. Nice find with the arrows. I'm guessing they're iron arrows? Perhaps at some elven places there are archers practicing with glass arrows or something nice like that.

    If I get in a shootout with another archer, I try to back up to a wall and when he misses a shot, the arrow will hit the wall and fall at your feet. I found this early when I ran out of arrows. I collected enough arrows from an archer that had me pinned down to take them out and recover their quiver.

  5. This is one game I am not worried about the exploits or cheats or farming or achievement whoring. I am in no rush to beat this game or get to a certain point or anything like that. I'll level up as I play the game, by doing the things as my character would do them. If you could level up for catching butterflies or fish, I would be maxed out. If there was a level up for hopping instead of walking (didn't Oblivion have acrobatics or something?) I would - again, be maxed out.

    My guy is getting good at archery, sneaking and one handed weapons. I intend to start focusing more on magic use (other than destruction). I've been making a lot of money by using the spell that turns iron ore into gold ore; using the gold ore to smelt into ingots and making jewelry or whatever.

    My hero will never be a whore.

  6. I have a shitton of soul gems, a shitton of weapons, but where do I get enchantments? I know how to use the Alchemy tablet, I broke down some pickpocket braces and now I have an enchantment I can use that has something to do with pickpocketing. Once I get the enchantment, can I use it multiple times?

    Also, I lost my Lydia a few days ago. She could be dead or I could have accidentally told her to wait somewhere - I don't remember. She had a shitton of Orchish weapons on her and a few other things I didn't want to carry. I haven't really missed her, she caused a lot more problems that help. She got me killed a few times by pissing off the giants as we went by. Bitch always wanted to fight.

    In the spirit of not needing her:

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  7. This thread sucks.

    I have so many great stories, but this thread is dead. I imagine you slouches get to play all day long and only get on the computer to watch porn and spam the asylum. Luckily, my job affords me the time to post about my adventures and get excited about playing after work. I'm really enjoying this game, more than I have any other game in a long time. It's almost been two years since I first got into Fallout 3; which I thought was incredible. Even with the frustrating sewer/tunnel system, I really enjoyed the new approach to a role playing game - but it was NOTHING compared to what I am experiencing with Skyrim. I haven't even thought about playing another game since I received it in the mail.

    Anyway, enough gushing about the game. Here's some light griping and fun shit that I experienced this weekend.

    I finally got my first house in Whiterun. I have it all decked out with all the furniture purchases - what a shithole it was before I invested in it. I can't believe I paid $5000 for that piece of shit. Atleast it looks nice now. I sold all the bowls, plates, cups and shit that come with the decorations and spent some time decorating with the random human and troll skulls I've picked up on my adventures. I tried piling them all up in the fire pit, but it appears to be a deep hole that items fall into. They're retrievable - but my hopes for a skull bbq is denied. I stashed a ton of pelts; wolf; snow wolf; snow fox; and sabretooth in a corner too. I tried to lay them out, but I keep kicking them around. I also put on display the different useless musical instruments I have found. It kills me that they can't be played. I know it's not pertinent to the story, but I really wanted to become a lute playing drunkard in a Nordish Screamo group...

    Aside from the rhythm based minigames associated with playing musical instruments, the other glaring omission I noticed in the game was the ability to craft arrows. Fucking serious? I can make armor, weapons, jewelry, potions, magical weapons, BUT NO FUCKING ARROWS. I'm not having a shortage of arrows - I'm an incredible archer and usually retrieve my arrow from a kill if possible (I hate when I can see the arrow sticking out of their face, but it says there isn't one on their person and I can't just pick it up). Anyway, the fact that I can't craft an arrow blows my mind. I suppose Fallout 3 didn't incorporate ammo creation until The Pitt. Perhaps it will be in the DLC, but I'll probably have a million arrows by then. I guess it encourages using other weapons or magic, but what if you just wanted to be Robin Hood and shoot everything?

    My first TRAGIC event happened this week. I was playing cleanup of my Miscellaneous tasks - random shit people have asked me to do. One of the first quests I was given was to bring Alvor in Riverwood an Iron Dagger. I've been playing for a while now and I don't even bother picking up weapons that aren't steel or better, so I sure as shit didn't have an iron dagger, but I figured I would go ahead and find one and bring it to Alvor to see what the hell he wanted. I found an Iron Dagger in his house, stole it and gave it to him. This opened up a series of tasks he asked me to do which basically served as a tutorial to sharpening weapons, crafting leather and creating armor; basically everything you need to know to become a blacksmith. I already knew how to do this - but I had missed this tutorial and it probably would have been really helpful at the beginning of my game. I finished creating some leather and went to give it to Alvor and my controller starts rumbling like crazy and the dramatic music kicks in... A FUCKING DRAGON! I leave Alvor behind at his house and run out into a field where a couple of the guards are already shooting at the dragon. I join the fight and get to work giving this dragon the business. The dragon is almost dead when he takes off again. I chase him across town where he lands - right next to Alvor's house. I'm running across the town and I see Alvor squaring off with the dragon - the dragon is lighting him up with some serious flames. I'm so close. I fall into the stream and get stuck under the bridge. I get out of the stream and hit the dragon with some flames of my own and a whack from my sword and he's dead. But it's too late - Alvor's dead too. The whole town comes over to look at him and his daughter is standing over her dad, crying. I try to talk to her and she says she'd rather not - too emotional. I got the pop-up that the quest I was on failed; but the biggest loss was Alvor - who just wanted to mentor me to become a better blacksmith. I'll continue to use his smithing equipment and probably check in on his wife and daughter from time to time (I looted his housekey off his body). I'm just glad that Stump the Dog is okay.

    Another cool thing - I was walking along the river bank by Riverwood hunting deer or whatever (just trying to boost up my sneaking and archery) and I saw a Sabretooth across the river, I took a shot at him and he decided he was going to come across and get me. He hit the water close to where the waterfalls start and the current picks up and immediately was taken to the edge of the waterfall where he was wedged against the rock, but he was still trying to get at me. I came down close to the edge of the river and hopped over to a rock close to the one he was stuck on, but still across the main current of the waterfall. I lined up my next arrow right between his eyes and dropped him. The river snatched his body over the falls. Sabre cat eyes are important for any enchanter, so I followed his corpse over the falls. The current took his body much faster than I was going, but I still went after it. Over some more falls, and some more, I lost sight of the body. More falls. The current finally died down and I had gone quite a ways looking for this body; the trips over the falls was worth it. It was like the coolest lazy river. Anyway, the river started getting shallow and there by the side of the river was the corpse of the sabretooth. Motherfucker didn't even have an eye to loot.

    I've also been in the river and seen random corpses (foxes) go floating by. Someone upstream must have had a fox problem.

    I've got tons more, but I've got to do some work - I'll talk later about my first glitch; the treatment of black people in America vs. the treatment of catmen in Skyrim; and those motherfucking WispMotherFuckers.

  8. Everyone hating on the wizards. C'mon.

    Last night, I slayed my first dragon. The one outside of Whiterun. I also achieved 50000 (50006, actually) gamerscore with the achievement associated with slaying your first dragon. It's a huge milestone in meaningless gaming achievements, but I'll never forget reaching it in such a dramatic fashion.

    It was a battle was pretty intense - not sure if the soldiers helped at all, other than providing a distraction and a last meal for the dragon. I lit him up with arrows, then came in swinging with my sword and flamethower hand. I went right up to his head and hacked him right in the fucking head. After celebrating by hopping all the way back to town, I got totally Skyrim'd by everyone in town while I was on my way to tell the Jarl the dragon was dead. When I got back to town, it was night - so instead of just waiting until morning I went to the bar and got in a few scuffles - on in the name of a lady; one against a lady. I won both and now the chick who wanted to fight me wants to partner up. Not so fast, sister. I hung around the bar a little more, putting shit on people's heads. I was also given a dozen and half missions in the process.

    I started getting sleepy and realized I was not paying attention to the old guy on the screen was telling me, so I saved and went to bed. Wizards never die.

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  9. Yeah, I played a few hours last night and the quests started really stacking up. "You're done with that quest? HERE'S SOME MORE!"

    I might just stick to farming and let the dragons rule this shit. They're not really bothering me and I could give two shits about everyone else.

  10. Wherever you are when you save, that's where you are when you load. No exceptions.

    This. I just "waited" on the peak and it autosaved the game. I'm not positive, but it looks like I can go back to different autosaves... is that correct? That would be beneficial if I make a series of shitty decisions.

  11. i have to wait tell christmas, my grandma already bought it (... everything sounds amazing though, nice write-up there stoic...

    DAMMIT GRANDMA! Go buy yourself a copy now and then save your receipt and return the copy she gives you at Christmas. It's like she's giving you the gift early. Thanks Grams!

    I read a Kotaku article the day Skyrim came out about people putting baskets on NPC's heads to allow stealing without consequence. Naturally, I had to try this - and do it to everyone I encountered, whether or not they had anything worth stealing. I started just collecting baskets in my inventory and when I meet someone new, put a basket on their head. I came back to the first city after a mission or two and there were still NPC's walking around with their baskets intact. They seem to fall off if they go to sleep or bend over too far, but if they're just walking around, they seem to keep wearing them around.

  12. Bones, go out and pick this shit up and kiss the Wastelands goodbye.

    I started playing yesterday after getting home from work and got a good hour or so in before I had to go back to work. I had just enough time to get through the tutorial level, but I might have rushed it a little. I didn't get to explore every nook and cranny; but I think there is a sense of urgency in the tutorial that doesn't really encourage exploration, plus there wasn't anything worth finding. I spent the majority of the time trying to decide if I was going to be a man-cat, a lizard man or just a man-man. Ever since my halloween costume, I've wanted to be a rapping wizard. So I went with the man - Nord, I think. He's got a shaved head and a full beard (ever wizard has to have a beard). He's also got an milky eye like the guy in the curio shop in Gremlins.

    I was AMAZED at the level of customization for the characters, especially with the lizardmen and mancats. The graphics are incredibly improved and the various character models are insane! I hated how everyone in Oblivion looked like a mongloid, no matter the race. The lizards and cats were the only decent looking ones, and they still looked like shit. In Skyrim, I was able to create a human character that didn't look like he was retarded. Instead, he's a badass fucking wizard. Or he will be.

    By the time I completed the tutorial, I had to go to work - so I climbed to a small peak and saved. I didn't get to play again last night after I got home, too tired - but I did wake up at 3AM and just decided to stay up and pick my game back up. I had about four hours to play before I had to get ready to go back to work again. I played through the first few quests, go here, see this person, get some more missions. I'm trying to pay more attention this time around to the locations and names so I don't feel so lost.

    I guess feeling lost is part of the game, like stepping into the Wasteland for the first time - only this isn't DC or Vegas where you can look for familiar sights - it's only mountains, trees and snow! I tried to stick to the first few missions to gain some experience, weaponry and gold - but it wasn't long before I was swimming up and down the river collecting salmon. Later on, I came to a farm where this lady will pay you to harvest her crops. So I did that for a while. I tried hunting the few stags that I came across, but I kept getting too impatient and chasing them off. Right now, I am a much better butterfly hunter. I have like 20 pairs of butterfly wings. Hopefully when I get a better bow, things will change.

    The menus are so much easier to navigate as well, even better than the Pip Boy 3000. I like being able to cue up my favorite weapons, spells, etc. and just pull them up in game - without having to navigate the menu. This will be huge later on. It's like hot-keying, only you can select from a list and it pauses the action for you. I have my healing spells, bow and arrow, fire spells and battle axe all ready to go. The menus are pretty easy to navigate otherwise, the map is two button presses away, same as items, upgrades and magic. Buying and selling is a lot like Fallout, but again - a lot cleaner and not on a Pip-Boy.

    The upgrade system is pretty crazy too. I like it much better than Oblivion - whatever you do, you upgrade that skill set. Upgrading your skill sets levels you up. I was walking around in crouch and I was upgrading my sneak ability. Using bows and arrows increases your archery. Using magic increases your penis size. When you level up, you can assign a "point" to one of the 15-something branches of character customization. There are branches for destructive magic, healing magic, sword play, stamina - basically everything you would use to develop your character and basically lets you "control their stars" by customizing what perks or abilities they have. I'm going to try and focus on magic, some light sword play and archery.

    Crafting seems to be pretty well orchestrated too - you can make a ton of shit. In the blacksmith shop, you can sharpen your weapons, craft weapons, tan leather and make leather strips. Over the fire, you can make meals based on the foods you find. I've found a ton of vegetables in the game so far and have cooked a ton of stuff. I could open a Salmon Steak and Cabbage Soup restaurant. I like the cooking better than in Fallout. Real world ingredients make more sense to me than using all the chemicals and shit. There are also tables for alchemy and enchanting weapons. I only got a brief introduction to those, but I am sure I will become better versed in the time to come.

    I really like it so far. Very addicting, very in depth. Everything is laid out very well. The action is great and once you get a hang of the combat system, it's a lot of fun. I like the ability to dual wield a weapon and magic.

    I'm only getting started, I know there are people WAY ahead of me - just wanted to share my experiences and tell bones to just go get the fucking game. You'll love it.

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