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  1. Thats fine and all, my point is say I do violent duct, which is say...4000m away, so now I spawn 3 other players and we have to drive 4000m. Id rather drive there solo and then start it or have it warp everyone at a reasonable distance.
  2. I never said unreasonable, Im happy to drive to the location if they gave me a location and not having to check the distance after I make every turn.
  3. Jesus, that seems incredibly counter intuitive, at the very least maybe taxi fast travel there, Id host tons more of those missions if it meant not having to screw the team over.
  4. So i get the alerts on the phone about the missions, and it includes the distance. Is there a way I can fast travel or know the location of it so when I accept and host, the entire game isnt miles away from the mission? example ill get a mission from ron that says maybe 4000 meters away. i accept and host, and the entire team would be 4000 meters away struggling to find transportation to the destination.
  5. Level 19 and embarassed to ask but I usually stay off mic and play solo online, but since I heard you get bonus xp for crewing up I joined just the biggest crews, IGN and such. I can get in a match with the crew peoples, but cant find a way to join a random game with them in it. The game always manages to find everyone on the list that isnt in the crew.