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  1. does puzzle, reads "Two Consecutive segments cant be equal in length" mind shudders gives up im too high for this..
  2. i get it, i was just going by what it says on the page. could use a update though, as to not make people look like jackasses, like such. anyways, back to topic.
  3. Your signature may contain: • Any number images • Images of any size << • Any number of URLs • Any number of lines just sayin' but i made it smaller anyway
  4. as awesome as this would be if it were implemented, i dont think so. gta 4 had the same signs, they had cameras all over too, but they just looked pretty thats all.
  5. is it just me, or did frankies friend look a little like a young jayz? uuugghh this trailer was so amazing.. im gonna watch it a few more times... a few more times..a few more...
  6. and i thought the only thing i would be looking forward to is wednesday. well, appearently not. this whole week looks great.
  7. after todays rainy as day, i hope there is splashable puddles, i wanna splash peds as i drive by. idc if it silly, im decent enough not to do it in real life, unlike some people...
  8. i indeed am down. although i have my pre order, but i doubt my chances are very good anyways
  9. yeah, my thoughts exactly.. houser deff has some hippy in him, to explain something like that, like that.. just. yeah.
  10. R* said that they are only making one large city, and they are making it as big as they can, as close to scale as they can, of course it wont be exact, it will be scaled down. obviously there will be some small rural towns across the countryside, but thats it. this map is massive, and arguing about it like 12 year olds, is not gonna make it smaller or bigger. it is what it is. except it.
  11. is it okay i squealed like a school girl? yeah.. its okay
  12. awwe yeah! right before my birthday there is no way this game is going to disapoint me. no sir! i gotta cop me that cop poster. female cops? about time, not that it really matters, it just makes sense. and farm land. OMFG the coutrside looks WAY bigger than i imagined.. and i was imagining pretty big ahha
  13. nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga, im 100% nigga da po-leece iz da biggest gang in teh world bruv
  14. should play off somewhat realistic. bloods, crips, latin kings, ms-13, mexican mafia, aryan brotherhood.. those are all the major ones i can think of.. of course there should be the typical black, white, asian, and hispanic street gangs Edit: of course if were gonna make up gangs, Pedestrianriotz would make a "wehatebrian" crew
  15. V better be chalk full of gangs. L.A is like the gang capitol of the world. even if we dont interact with them in the story, they better still be there. im not gonna lie, im gonna feel like a badass motherfucker starting gang wars, it just adds to something else to do when the game is beet yuh'know?
  16. in all honesty GTA V will be perfect if they "borrow" per say from driver SAN FRAN driving and handling was superb in that game. cars reacted like they should have, almost to a tee. traffic was also really well set up. everything about that game was amazing in my opinion, other than that stupid "hit A" and you can float to whatever you want, it made it WAY too easy. if GTA is similar to driver at all, it will be incredible
  17. wow, these look pretty good, some of the edited ones look like they could pass for gta look forward to another update
  18. due to the rise in police states across america, i wouldnt be surprised if they played with the idea of it in LS (roadblocks, barracades, check points) depending on the status of the character, maybe he cant pass said blocks, due to a warrant, or if there indeed is "multiple" characters, maybe the hispanic guy doesnt have a "green card" wild fires could play a part, isnt that happening around L.A in current time? although i dunno what that would really block you from, other than small towns, and countryside.
  19. i really hope they change the cop car, to me it seems way too similar to saints row body work.. the car in the back of the trailer has the back window cover of the dukes, but i dont think it is, the body shapes more like an 70's lamborghini miura i remember it in MCLA but not gta, maybe new car? i dunno i could be wrong hard to tell with the wider car in front of it. nah im probably wrong. that river screen shot kinda looks like it may be the other side of that waterfall we seen earlier? Edit: on second thought. i cant see a bridge. that water looks AWESOME though. O.O i hope helis come down like that all the time in chases, makes it so much more exeilerating. whats that last building say, "jeteam terminal"?
  20. i didnt see the third bike until just now either. i still dont see an owl though. i really hope that bridge is the "bridge to nowhere" with the washed out road on the other side, could give for some good fun
  21. spamming isnt going to get your point across, just flammed. take it easy. ( its probably bullshit anyways ) EDIT : Russian Gulch State Park - has a 36-foot high waterfall. which looks like roughly the same size as in the picture.