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  1. Continued perimeter exploration all day yesterday.

    from north west all the way around the top down to north east.

    A lot of stashes around, pretty views, and locations Include

    Northpoint Resevoir (3rd Queen) 

    Bradberton (Rachel's final destination) 

    Morton Residence (5th set of Power Armor) 

    Bradberton Overpass. (Gunner base)
    Nightfall at the overpass, this fort continues telling the Gunners'

    back story in Nuka World. 2 more sets of power armor pieces.

    Last shot is early morning, even more colorful pods.
















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  2. On 9/3/2016 at 6:38 AM, shabbagaz said:

    I know some people find having to find the star cores tedious, but I quite liked it - blasting the shit out of everything on my way through and some decent junk along the way.  I'm still pretty early on in the DLC so still lots to do.


    Loved the Star Core quest. RobCo Battlezone event was spectacular to watch! 

    A great show, finally something that gave me an idea for an arena battle back in the Commonwealth...

    Thinking Shabbagaztically, build a huge sport fighting arena of metal and concrete with bleachers.

    Starlight Drive-In or even better, Spectacle Island. There is enough room at either.

    Loved the 2 Novatrons battling, but just imagine 2 Novatrons VS. a big guy like a Sentry!  The whole event was inspiring.

    I have all the robotics perks, may just go out on a limb and build it. Have the components just need to decide on location.
    Would have to be a class act though, like your monumental works of art and craftsmanship. It's a goal now .




    Have finally met with all 3 leaders...yep I'm not far along story wise thanks to exploring and finding other stuff.

    More of those weird pods that I have become obsessed with. Probably just a Cazador nest....








    On 9/3/2016 at 10:39 AM, bOnEs said:

    is the hubology place where you go to restore power and/or get the quest to??


    Sorry bro didn't see this post. One of the Raiders mentions Hubology in the Market i think.

    I had already started venturing out exploring near there checking borders, but then once they say it, its marked on your map.

    It's west of Nuka Station, and quite reminded me of New Vegas as a lot of this DLC is starting to do. 

    The power plant is on the mountain west, that's where power will be restored I am guessing.Have not activated anything there.

  3. 1 hour ago, ViceMan said:

    Problem with the star core quest is once you hit 20 and complete it, it doesn't tell you where the rest are in your pip-boy, nor do you get markers on the map for them. You just have to blindly look around. I think i'm at 27.


    Did you try looking at the Galactic Zone mainframe? It lists them all.



    Just finished the Hub quest line. What a wild "ride" of an ending. Great reward as well.


  4. L0L I just killed those "fighting dogs" you mentioned in the audio post...they were Pack mole rats.

    Then I used the Gainer to fry all the real dogs in the pack before even talking to Mason first time. Nobody did anything about it.

    Once it was quiet....What a loser. I liked his multi-colored gift, though. Will max it out and kill him with it.




  5. Dude I found the side quest glitch problem the game doesn't tell you in the hint, located in the Misc section of the pipboy..


    There are 2 Cappy's at some locations. That's why they weren't registering as completed.

    (Also to help you, I always go back to shotgun, etc ammo spawns and stock up to thousands over time)
    Fallout 4 locations respawn ammo and shit like 24 hrs later. Good for the necessary as well as the extra.



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  6. For me there is always so much more than storyline.....and I like to get my money's worth for buying the game.
    Will cross into Level 200 during Nuka World. Don't need power armor, just the weapons I brought. Average DAM is 220, one shot kills all of them.
    bOnES: No, you can't Ballistic Fiber the Road Leathers or Vault Suits, and the Military Fatigues are 10X better than the Army Fatigues.

    For those of you who never heard of Campbell, California, a suburb near San Jose where I lived, the Grandchester Mystery House in Nuka World is a near identical ripoff of the real world Winchester Mystery House on Winchester Avenue in Campbell. The Grandchester story however, is not, that's more like the Lizzie Borden story, who killed her parents. The stairwells and doors to nowhere are identical. Another interesting ripoff is Hubology, a smirking nod to Scientology, the scam science-fiction religion by L.Ron Hubbard. Dora explains her father's name is where Hubology comes from. I haven't finished collecting their space suits, but I know where they are going because I found their secret by exploring. Finally, the Gauntlet is a near ripoff of the JigSAW Maze of Death in the parking garage near Milton General Hospital, This is one of the exits from your Vault 88. The only difference is the JigSAW maze is much more difficult with a killer reward. 

    Almost covered all the game edge borders. I really love finding things like these pods, and I had to fight like hell to see them:





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  7. Oh that may be a basic system setting.
    I have one volume for dialog (maxed), and one for background / music / etc. on my console. (at one half volume setting)

    You may try on yours but my guess you already have checked that possibility out.

  8. 2 hours ago, bOnEs said:

    i had a quest notification pop up like that too... i thought it was related to something i had done until i noticed it didn't have anything to do with my current quest... in kiddie kingdom i had to replay the finale because a certain someone fell thru the map and i couldn't retrieve items from their inventory... also, an enemy there just randomly fell out of the sky and landed next to me, scared the crap out of me, then again, i was getting ambushed a lot so i was already on the edge of my seat for most of that area... looking forward to the rest, but from the reviews i read, i might of peaked too soon as most seem to say that kiddie kingdom was the best district :(...


    i'm also finding that chatting with the pack's leader to be super annoying because of the background noise behind him... i can't hear what he's saying... and TBH, i am having a hard time hearing a lot of people ever since far harbor... i've had to turn subtitles on :angry:...


    If it's who I'm thinking about, I let them go, and they gave me their rare stuff.

    Just gonna go spoiler with this one, other than I turn all their radios off. Have had subtitles on for awhile because everyone talks at the same time.



    There is a side quest to kill all the leaders and bypass all that original bullshit. The original Gage quest meeting the leaders, ends up in endless tasks back in the Commonwealth for each of the gangs, to prove your worth as Overboss. Sorry but when I'm doing a DLC, the last thing I want to do is go back home, whether it be for supplies or weapons, etc, I am not interested in going back once I start. So I tested the Doctor's proposal and it doesn't work before first contact with the leaders. You kill the leaders, then you have to kill all the Raiders of those gangs, and fail Gage's quest. Not a problem for me I could kill everyone in the place in less than a few minutes, but I want these side quests to work. I think what the path is, get with them, get started on their demands, pass Gage's initial quest, then kill them if one decides. So far I've only been seen on missions to kill mutants and other raiders. The leaders are all assholes. I really could go either way at this point, just testing everything out.




  9. 2 hours ago, bOnEs said:

     (like that fetch quest for that one person that i won't spoil just yet B))


    Thaaaaaa-t's the glitch! When I saw the person in question^ I stopped what I was doing and went for the side quest.
    First couple locations register, then the rest do not. Will have to complete to see if the quest updates after final, but I'm not expecting it to.
    Inside your misc folder of the PiP Boy is a file called Hidden XXXXXXX   that explains details of where & what the location is.

    I've since seen a number of other glitches, update notices coming in an hour later, people flying around,

    conversations delayed, so maybe this will get worked out....or not. Again, the base game is so buggy as all Fallouts, I'm not expecting anything.


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  10. 15 hours ago, ViceMan said:

    There's one mod i've seen that adds a recycler and loads of other machines to the contraptions, actually makes it seem like a viable use of resources. Also I hope there's a mod that fixes the godawful vault lighting.


    I saw recyclers of various sizes in the normal build mode.

    Haven't used them, but not a mod here.

    My girl just built a simple ammo maker, one belt, and a collector.

    The guy built a whole giant warehouse with two assembly lines.


    ....and yes the Vault lighting sucks.

  11. Noticed some interesting changes with the latest update the other day!

    (Besides a shit load of new mods, but that's separate from the Bethesda update)


    Companions have new standing around type dialogue. Even more ridiculous than before!

    Strong wouldn't shut up so I sent him to Spectacle Island, where he REALLY won't shut up now....and with new dialogue.

    Cait, Piper, McCreary, and Nick all seem to have new lines. Haven't taken out Ada, Codsworth, or Deacon.
    Dogmeat still only has 3 tricks AFAIK.


    At the settlements, the General Trading stand (maxed) has a lot more "shipments" of components.

    It used to be just concrete, after the last two DLC's. Now it's also Ceramic, Wood, Steel, Rubber...but no Glass, sorry Shabbz.

    With that, the settlers that run the shops also have new dialogue. It's not much, but noticeable for me.

    Also sadly, the maxed out Clinics in Far Harbor settlements are just selling chems, no health checks. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.


    When building trading stands, there are alternative bars now! More simple white counters (and shorter!) with glass case options, that don't take two concrete walls to cover. The old stands were taller than a one story built with wood , etc. and had to be outside mostly. Plus, they are joinable! Like in department stores. Connect them together. Awesome. Guess it's time to take advantage and get those ratty settlement looking merchant stands out of my Vault and replace with the new ones. The update change goes for every variant of trading stand, general, food, clothing, clinic, armor, etc etc...hells yeah, post apocalyptic sims just got real. :rolleyes:


    There is also a bit more in each construction menu, as well as furniture.
    I haven't checked Bethesda site or Wiki or anything, just noticed all the changes during game. Maybe there is more.


    This update may have been for Nuka World support, but there hasn't been changes to the Raider build menus, as I can see.
    Less than 10 days to The WORLD. New creatures, and weirdness. Let's hope it's worthy.

  12. Here is my Vault.
    It's not much but I spent all of Sunday building it once I got the Atrium to snap together cleanly.
    See if you can spot the screw up in the east corner. I used consoles and boxes to blend it over. Missing a wall piece.










    Reactor entrance and Atrium






    Glowing tubes of the new stereos












    Simple Female and Male Dorms




    This way to the Heart of Hydoponics on the 2nd Floor










    .....and the Overseer, also on the 2nd floor












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  13. On 8/4/2016 at 1:42 PM, shabbagaz said:

    Think the max is 20 which I'm already at (bear in mind that I'm building at Sanctuary Hills).


    With regards to power - use the vault power conduits.   I have a large 'utility/maintenance' room where my super reactor is and where I'm not bothered about the wires (see screenshot).  I placed 'normal' power conduits on the ceiling and vault power conduits on the walls (which themselves transmit power).  As a result, I've begun to place vault power conduits on walls in other rooms and haven't had to wire them up.


    That's a great shot and thanks for your in depth conduit tips. That's a good reference source right there. B)


    I figured out the power is transmitted through the floor tiles and walls connected to the Vault Tec reactor. So been testing that out.

    To activate: Use the Vault Power Conduit that you can mount on a wall connected to a common floor tile.

    Go to Power / Connectors & Switches / Vault Power Conduit.  It takes 2 steel, 2 copper, and 2 ceramic.


    I have 25 people at the Vault and 22 at Sanctuary, Nordhagen Beach and Murkwater. All 4 in Far Harbor have 20.

    There's no people limit for the recruitment beacon (inbound), but sending settlers to other locations is where it reveals a limit. (outbound)


    @DiO : You don't have to build anything to do the quests.
    (Other than 1 overseer's desk, and 1 generator w/terminal for the tests)


  14. 9 hours ago, shabbagaz said:

    One tip is, if you're intending on linking the rooms (e.g. quarters, clinic, overseer etc) with the atrium rooms/walls is to use the supports and try and place them as accurately as you can near them.  Then you can place one of the rooms (quarters, clinic etc) on top of it and then you snap things together from there.  If that makes sense!


    Edit: just a simple screenshot showing how I've used a support(s) and how I've managed to transition from the normal 'atrium' materials to the actual room blocks.


    That looks really nice. :)

    Got a lot of the halls done now, soon for the center atrium.
    Still struggling with the reactor power distribution. Cables or conduit? The conduit carries a learning curve L0L.
    Atrium still dirt and currently filled with 40 corn, 40 mutfruit, and 40 tato...with 25 vault dwellers tending to it all.

    That and a doctor, a chef, a trader, two heavy guards, and two provisioners sharing assets.. 

    Are you planning on having a lot of vault dwellers Shab? This is pretty fun. I can see more possibilities here.




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  15. I scrap at a component level, which really helps. Those perks are always good when you level up.
    Just from cleaning out Andrews Station and Joe Spuckies Sandwich Shop last night I came home

    with 700 steel alone, plus the wood, rubber, etc. from all the raiders weapons.
    Raiders almost always wear metal, (steel when scrapped) whether it be metal, raider, or robot armor.
    Scavenging the wastes always yields a lot of steel, glass, and wood as well.

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  16. On 7/28/2016 at 1:31 PM, shabbagaz said:

    Taking a walk through existing vaults is a great idea to and can also advise to start building from the doorway -

    it can be an absolute pain in the arse when things don't line up!


    I'm not building a vault myself just yet - more like a 'Vault Mansion'.  Decided to gradually scrap the one I was building as the vault materials are far better.


    Instead just loaded up Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

    I kind of understand the layout of Vaults 112 (real small and simple)  and 22. {Bit more complex}

    Looking at the current Fallout 4 Vaults, I'd have to go with 81 for the open cafe area, and remote reactor area.

    I've only made hallways, stairs, doors and shit. Have like two domestic setups on 2nd floor, for settlers.


    On the end of a tunnel leading to one of the exits, is this dude:





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  17. I've finished the quests and obtained the 3 achievements for Vault-Tec Workshop.
    Now it's time to reflect on the Shab way of doing things.

    Yeah, I've no idea how to build a vault.
    Mastered the art of settlement new housing, gardens, power, water, etc.....

    But how in the hell do we build a proper vault?


    Reflect on all the vaults we've ever seen in the last few try and build a vault.
    I got the massive 100 point Vault-Tec water pump going in the eastern cavern, and some gardens, so that be a start.....

  18. Yeah it's really fun. So much to do. Already cleared the dangerous obstacles. Not scrapping everything.
    In doing so I found two exits, one to University Point Pharmacy, the other of which leads to my favorite place in the Commonwealth,

    the parking garage maze of death near Milton Hospital. If you guys have never done the maze of death, I highly recommend it.
    Totally psycho, full of traps, and things, but you'll earn a ton of XP. The reward for surviving is how I got the hot pink power armor for Nora.

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  19. On 7/24/2016 at 11:57 AM, ViceMan said:

    One thing that still kinda bugs me is that you can't name your settlers. I've started a new survival file where I intend to play as a raider, i'm gonna build up Starlight (again) and make a big raider town with the new workshop stuff. However i'd like to give my settlers typical raider names just to add to the RP and uniqueness.

    Love the super mutant names, so simple and stupid. Wish I could name my guys that shit.
    Remembering the first encounter with named Raiders, what a battle, always weird yet wonderful first time around.
    Back in those days, the named Raiders were the toughest challenges in the game. Good luck getting that going from Bethesda.

    I just rebuilt Starlight Drive-In, Sanctuary, and Red Rocket. Can't believe what I was thinking in the early settlement days.

    Will be testing out the survival mode after all the DLC's are loaded up. Should be a good challenge.
    More than likely I will start a new file for Survival. The mods test just lugged down the system, as expected.

    I'm counting down the minutes to the Vault-Tec Workshop....might be interesting at least for the construction, and story line.