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    I've made so much money off Vault 81 that I would never kill them.
    [Calvin and Alexis]


    @DiO Flipping is an addition to the unarmed chain of perks, just like decapitating is with melee.

    Or at least I never noticed I could do them until I ranked up on those perks.

  2. On 7/13/2016 at 11:59 PM, Synch said:

    Whitechapel Charlie has shipments of glass sometimes when I go there to sell, you might check the bar.

    Also the breweries, groceries, bars, and even medical facilities are loaded with lootable glass items everywhere.



    @Shabb -
    Just went to Diamond City where Doctor Sun had shipments of glass,
    and then settlement Bunker Hill where Dr. Kay and Doc Weathers had same.


    I'll keep an eye out.

  3. On 7/12/2016 at 1:18 PM, shabbagaz said:

    Bit annoying that since they added the warehouse stuff, they didn't increase the amount of shipments of glass available

    (both at Mitch in Far Harbour and Kay at Bunker Hill) or at least added another vendor of it.


     Also noticed this pack Brahmin was strangely named.....


    I saw Idiot show up in VATS at night on my first file like early after release.

    Whitechapel Charlie has shipments of glass sometimes when I go there to sell, you might check the bar.

    Also the breweries, groceries, bars, and even medical facilities are loaded with lootable glass items everywhere.


  4. On 7/8/2016 at 8:35 AM, shabbagaz said:


    Have to say I didn't know about that.... and I can't actually remember ever meeting Pearl!  Where about on the map is the vault located? (think I must've just 'dismissed' it as a 'nothing' event).



    Northwest of Far Harbor, the massive hotel is easy to see. Follow the coastline, and a winding road up.

    Also if you have the Visitor's Center Settlement, you can see if from behind your house.

    Pearl should not disappear. If you never saw her, she's in Far Harbor, if you told her to wait, she's right outside where the first fog attack was.
    Well, I guess if the dialog option is there to say you won't help, maybe she just goes back home.
    The good thing about her is that she runs a barter shop, always handy for bits and pieces.

  5. 3 hours ago, bOnEs said:

    i didn't follow pearl, i said i'd meet her there later and forgot about it lol... i don't have a ghoul shotgun i don't think... but i have a bleeding one, it works pretty well on all enemies... but yea, i gotta get that pirate hat... i also saw a plane icon on the map i never visited... needless to say, there's a lot of exploring left in far harbor for me, even tho i am all done with the story...


    I've explored everything on the Island like 20 times over, and collected like 230 Legendary Weapons, mostly all related to the Island.

    The best ones are for fighting the Shipwrecker and Fog Crawlers like Hunters Explosive Shotgun, Hunters Quad Missile Launchers, etc.

    The Ghoul Explosive Shotgun is great for taking out the Charred at the legs, rendering them immobile. 

    Yeah that airplane icon is Massacre's boy Erickson. If you collected the Vim Refresh Power Armor, and ultimately met Grun,

    Erickson is the one speaking on the terminals about locking Grun inside. The Vim Factory has shit tons of bones for making oil.

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  6. 1 hour ago, bOnEs said:

    ...a pirate hat?!?! how the fuck did i miss that!! :o... also, i heard there's a vault too and i missed that... 


    Well, no idea how you could miss that (118) because Pearl, a handy like Codsworth is hanging around when you first get to Far Harbor.

    She asks you to follow her up to the massive structure up the hill, past the trappers.

    Hint, take a Ghoul Shotgun.....for before entering the Vault.


    The actual mission will allow campy dialog like in the Shadow crap. Dramatic voice.

    For me, it was all about looting and meeting Santiago, the artist who has decorated all of my settlements.


    This is where I found the first Pirate Hat with the other relics.

    The second is well hidden on the Azalea.

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  7. 10 hours ago, DiO said:

    Also, I know I've been blabbing about this for a bit, but it's harder to sneak in far harbour for some reason. Maybe because it's more open and all you have to hide behind are trees. 


    Super Mutants never see me in Far Harbor, so maybe it's your skill / perk settings.

    I get spotted by the giant animals and dogs mostly, but my sneak is maxed.
    A grenade pocketed for every Trapper.


    If it helps, there are a lot of Legendary cloaking apparel in Far Harbor  I noticed. Might try killing more legendaries.

    I just found the 2nd official Pirate Hat in Far Harbor, and it is well hidden.
    Not the Sea Captain, Coast Guard, or reward hats, it's actually named Pirate Hat.



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  8. 13 hours ago, ViceMan said:

    Yeah I had quite a few help requests while in Far Harbour,
    didn't answer any of them so the commonwealth could've been overthrown by supermutants long ago.

    I always get them, but all my settlements are over-fortified with weaponry 

    so I get these messages that I successfully defended whichever settlement. :wacko:

    It's a pretty full time job defending the 4 settlements in Far Harbor.
    The invasions seem much more intense so I keep my people heavily armed and walled in.
    The Visitor's Center seems to get hit the most and hardest....even with concrete walling.
    Dalton, Echo, and Longfellow get mainly lame trappers.
    i don't know what the Reptilian attraction is to Tato crops....meh.

    Maybe it's all the psycho Santiago Avida art on the walls.


    On 6/24/2016 at 11:18 PM, Massacre said:

    What's weird is that there isn't any chemical fertilizer in the game. Only chemical fertilizer is explosive.

    Otherwise you're just stuffing cow shit into a shell casing.




    Well, cow shit makes Jet. According to the Fallout history. It's skewed on dates, and the inventors, but in the end, it's made from shit.

    This is why I jumped on the chance to build Brahmin Cages from the Wasteland Workshop DLC, over buying them from that lady.

    I've been making and selling dope throughout Fallout 4. All my Commonwealth settlements make fertilizer, besides money.

    The settlements have been pulling in an average of 500 caps and there was always enough fertilizer to make dope.
    What I needed was bones to make oil. So I always grab any bones as well as any aluminum, etc. while scavving.


    After Contraptions, I just re-channeled all my stash of fertilizer into my Ammo Manufacturing for awhile rather than drugs.
    i set up an ammo shop in all of the 4 settlements on Far Harbor, just like penning the Brahmins. Now I have all the ammo I need.

    Never really needed any since all the ammo types are abundant everywhere on the Island.


    I mean, the Island has so much resource I've built 4 empire farms without going back home.
    Basically I use 10mm for the explosive, 5.56 for the night vision, .308 and .50 cal for the snipers, and shotgun for the 

    explosive mutant, explosive bugs, explosive ghouls, and the WarwhoreoftheWastes Shotguns, all around 225 DAM.

    Still on the female file, she's had too much fun and success to let the dude have his run on the Island yet. :)


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  10. I downloaded the mods update from Bethesda last week (around 400Mb) but haven't checked much out yet.

    One thing to note for console users, enabling mods will disable achievements.

    I'm still working on a few Fallout 4 remaining ones, so yeah......

  11. On 6/4/2016 at 0:37 PM, DiO said:

    Ikillyou told me if you give your follower a weapon, and 1 ammo round for it, as long as it uses same ammo as their base gun they will have unlimited rounds. Anyone else find that? I tried that and it didn't work. I will try it again when I find a gun worth giving Nick. Maybe they updated it to work properly. Or maybe that was a glitch that ikillyou was getting and it isn't supposed to be like that.


    This is incorrect / misrepresented / explained incorrectly.

    The PROVISIONERS and SETTLERS make use of one round of ammo, NOT your followers.
    You basically give them one round, they have infinite ammo. I give 12 rounds to monitor frequently.
    Even after getting hammered at Dalton Farm, the amount they have never changes.
    I own all the settlements in the Commonwealth and all 4 in Far Harbor, there has been no change about this trick.

    Example, even in Far Harbor, Nick blows through ammo like it's candy, while my provisoners and settlers never use theirs up.

    All my provisioners use maxed out miniguns, with 5mm ammo. Plus I give them one grenade.
    They cause shitstorms everywhere they get attacked, just like in the Commonwealth.

    For all my followers I give them a Legendary weapon and around 200 rounds.
    When they use it up, they go to the Melee weapon I gave them.

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  12. Well I'm glad you figured it out, Synch, because I meant to say "clockwise." Really would've fucked your shit up.


    I was missing the decoder at the 5:00 position. Now I can find the missing Marine Armor locations.


    After swimming: I had all of that already except the default helmet.


    Looks like the Assault Marine Helmet is the standard version different than the one Brooks carries in Far Harbor.

    (Legendary star version, Recon, +1 Agility and Perception)

  13. Just finished it before going to work, this afternoon. I forget where the beam initially comes from, but you just go counter-clockwise, from there. It's hard to explain further without a diagram.


    I should make a diagram/schematic. I missed a relay, other than that I was there.

    Short of one relay, damn. Thanks, Warlord. 



    Finally finished my arena


    That is Shabbtastic, Shabbtacular. Epic, bro. Never seen anything like that. Fine architecture.  :notworthy:



    Meanwhile, I'm stuck on the last VR sim of DiMA's memories. 


    The in game action reminds me of the old Half Life Portal....

    "nOw yOu'Re wOrK-iNg wITh PoR-TAL"


    Has anyone completed the last one yet?  OY-8K7D.

    I think I fucked it up and will have to do it over. It's a bitch!

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  15. So... anyone else meet Erickson? Fallout meets Skyrim. Really cool guy.


    Just got around to meeting him, what a nice surprise. Totally cool guy.


    Had read the notes about him and Grun in the factory. Never connected the two together. Good to find him.

  16. The new aesthetic they gave the Children of the Atom in Far Harbor makes them look cooler than any other faction from the Commonwealth. My Inquisitor-painted marine armor set looks incredible, aside from the left arm being ruined, once again, by the Pip-Boy. First mod I'm hoping for, when we get them on console, is a Pip-Boy replacer. I've been using a mod to replace it with a handheld since 3.



    Scored the Inquisitor's Cowl, right?

    I'm changing all my marine armor to inquisitor to match that thing.

    Coolest armor.

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  17. Anyone get Dalton Farm yet? 


    Fuck sake I took it off very hard for that shitstorm. 


    1. Yep.

    Cleared, garden started, the new style water pump with large generator, and thanks to the rewards of Cranberry Island,

    (massive build component stash) a nice two story house complete with Vim machine and the 2 suits of Vim Power Armor.

    Settlers all in Heavy Trapper Armor, with modified miniguns from the island super mutants.


    Haven't been back home yet, just busy using the island's resources. It's been a long time since I spent a lot of time

    scrapping components in mass quantity. This area could really tie in with Wasteland Workshop. Creature fight arenas.

    The new recipes and craft items are awesome, but I have to note which components they drain, like oil, aluminum, etc.

    Dalton Farm was the first real home base, now I'm working on the National Park Visitor's Center.



    2. Haven't met Massacre's Skyrim dude yet. Seen a lot of places where he could be living though.....



    3. Reason to bring Nick Valentine besides storyline and great dialog, finally found.

    There is an A.I. controlled room, by a computer named KAI, who will only allow synth prototypes inside.

    Nick thinks that DiMA set it up. In any event, you won't be getting inside unless you have Nick with you.

    Here's what's inside, no big deal, but cool:



    I've gotten it modded up to about 119 DAM using .308 ammo, previously 77 as an auto. 

    It's pretty cool but not as useful as the Overseer's Guardian. Anyway, it's a rare weapon to collect.





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  18. Do what makes you happy, Synch ol' pal, but is your BoS character a diehard soldier? The most hardcore of the BoS would never befriend a ghoul.

    (Mine wasn't diehard. Always loved the ghouls)


    This is my bitch on first play through. The one who raped the Institute.....

    Not the dude.

    The dude is BOS, and murders your ghouls.

    Plus he loved raping the Railroad. That's (I think) how he spawned 2 Behemoths on a shitty console.

    In any event she is surgically dissecting the island and loving it. Awesome DLC.



    EDIT: I just got it sorry. The Vault Tec dude. Just realized he's a ghoul, I just use him like any other worker. 

    So I guess in that case, Nate is in fact a ghoul sympathizer. 

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  19. Its pretty fucking dumb with the limit they have on what can be ballistic weave and what can't


    True. The simple gear that is allowed, and yet some awesome gear is not.


    My BOS file I saved the Vault Tec Rep, who wears a Weaved Tuxedo and Formal Hat.

    Also the alcoholic guy from Diamond city is in a Weaved Suit. Both hang out at Sanctuary with everyone else.

    Comedy value only I guess.

  20. I'm brought Valentine with me too, I had him for quite a while and enjoy his company, and since the DLC description said you'd learn more about his backstory if you brought him, I'll keep him around for a while too.


    Unlocked Longfellow's cabin, so at least there's a home base. I let him lead us to Acadia to start, but I think I want to explore the rest of the island without him, see how terrifying it actually is without a local guide. The fog is great for obscuring things and making it all spooky. Can't wait to crawl all over the new map!


    Just for Arcadia - same here. Then stashed up at his place.

    Explore. Helping the (named quest) folk opens up even more Nick dialogs.

    It seems kind of like a Skyrim DLC, just talk to anyone and instant side quest.

    No spoilers but there are a lot of great side quests you want to find yourself. 

    It's an awesome creepy place isn't it? Almost Point Lookout-ish.

    It's like there's options to speak as any faction, (option) and Nick is tied to many of them. Very well written.



    The simple fact that DiMA may be his brother is one of the best story lines since Nick's original story.



    @DuP: No such luck yet, regular Far Harbor apparel.

    I tried to use the Weave on the various fisherman type gear, and the Pirate Hat. 

    (Not the Coastguard or Sea Captains hat they are in the base game early with END=2 )


    CORRECTION: I just modified the "Fisherman's Overalls" with Ballistic Weave.


    The Children of Atom attire as well as the regular Commonwealth clothes found in Far Harbor still weave-able.

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  21. I brought Nick. It's his case, after all. I'll switch to Longfellow once I find a Far Harbor settlement to keep Nick at. I imagine I'll switch between them, throughout.



    Same here. We're temporarily at Longfellow's place. Explored about 50% of the island so far.

    Nick's also got some excellent dialog with DiMA as well as some other side quest members.

    Just follow Pearl out to her quest. I am pretty impressed with all the storylines.

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