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  1. man, screw sanctuary, I'm starting my own one man band at the rocket gas station!




    Sanctuary is where you start dude. That's a no-brainer.

    Built it up for the XP and side missions. 

    My Red Rocket Gas Station is already built up like Megaton.

    Filled up the Comic rack there, then moved them all back home.

    I need a new Comic rack as I have doubles of most of the comics.


    I'm working on Tenpines, near the Boomer, as it gets hit harder than the others.

    Abernathy Farm is easier, but the Drive-In is giving me growing problems and the folks need to eat.

    The Drive-In is going to be huge, with a dozen sniper nests for lookout.

    Already have Flamer defenses set up all around, like 50 of them.

    I love watching Raiders and Mutants get fried.  B) 

    That shit never gets old.

    Loving that you get xp for building things. I gained an entire level just building a fence around Sanctuary Hills today. Place is a fortress now.

    I've also begun a mutually beneficial partnership with the Brotherhood of Steel. I'm liking them much more than I did in previous games.


    Yeah, didn't want to say that, but the initial meeting and subsequent mission with him, is awesome.

    I haven't accepted yet, but will get back to him. That base outfit is also, almost as badass as the Cage Armor.

    His special weapon does have its attributes. Can be used well in the right circumstances.

    Lots of loot in that mission, and the way that I met the Synths. Over-encumbered again from ArcJet Systems.  :ph34r:

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  2. Level 20


    Whoever said a few pages back that there's not much to scav is out of their mind.


    After playing since release night about 40 hours straight, sneaking with the dog, taking everything,

    and then stashing, re-exploring, and re-stashing. Everything you kill adds XP, everything you craft adds XP,
    it wasn't hard to level up without really doing anything. But the dog got under my feet so I switched to the Bot.
    After maxing out his companion perk, back to solo sniping and looting.

    Built about 5 houses fully loaded with power, defenses, gardens. To get key components out of junk,

    I had the Sanctuary streets lined with dozens of generators and structures large and small.

    Just lining them up in the street to break them down added XP, but I tore them down for vital components.
    Move to the next site (I only have 4 sites right now) and build up.

    Tagged copper, adhesives, gears, and antiseptics for making everything including Radaway.


    Took a few weird paths unknown from the release trailers, and ended up early on crafting snipers

    and shotguns, tactical miniguns and such, but the real wealth is in the scrap. Raid every raider as well.
    Favoring the pocketed armors along with strong back perk, but before I favored the shadowed armors for stealth.


    A few spoilers I won't mention, but some old friends give you some great stuff in various locations,

    if you find them before doing the main story which I have been avoiding. I have lots of the rare weapons

    thanks to those missions and killing so many "Legendary" creatures and bad guys.


    Once you find the base snipers, combat shotguns, hunting rifles, energy weapons you're home free.
    Still love the basically un-modified Calibrated Sniper Rifle. Could've found that thing anywhere. Can't remember.
    These people and creatures are blind if you're in stealth mode, simply by sneaking. I should try hard mode I guess.


    Now sniping everything has become a job, and the power armor looks nice in the various paint but this game

    I'm just not using it that much, just storing it everywhere. Haven't asked the Wiki or anyone for any answers

    but have had to figure out the perk chart and basic operations, like how to spin stuff around and connect things.



    The only question I have is back to basics, but I think Captain Kirk said it best:  

    "Dammit Bones, how do you pick things up like the toys, (Mr.Gutsy Model for example) and place them on my trophy shelves?"  :lol: 

    Hope you guys are enjoying the game. Some crazy stuff here.

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  3. I remember all of those.  B)   Both consoles have come so far it's awesome.


    Just listening to Agatha's Station with Dogmeat and Fawkes for another hour or so.


    [Wondering why El Diablo collected all the Red and Blue Pass Cards, 74 Metro Tickets, and $834 Pre-War Money....]

    Then it's off to pay the remaining $$ at Gamestop and get the midnight group number @ 9PM.


    s0 */FN/* sT0K3d






    EDIT: Group 1 ticket for midnight, hell yeah.

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  4. A few of the last shots, of last game, of last character. Think he was number 32.



    One of 3 Buttercup Toys, with the 3 mini-gnomes from the abandoned apartments in Uptown (Pitt)





    Drug Lab:


    122 Mentats

    110 Psycho

    146 Med-X

    215 Jet







    I probably should've gotten shots of the last New Vegas play.
    The Presidential Suite is so cluttered with the spoils of every toy, weapon, and outfit.

    That and, what 8 Gold Bars can buy, from Dead Money. 

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  5. My first Fallout Midnight Release, can't wait to fire it up. 


    3 days off from work, lots of pre-war munchies, and a cleaned & primed bacon bong.  :weed: 

    Ready to explore and find bugs and glitches.  B)

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  6. i feel like no one saw the trailer i posted :(...



    Even when you knew I've been waiting to see that fine CGI female booty in tight Vaultwear?

    Thank you bOnEs !!!!!!


    There's been way too many close ups on the dude from behind.

    I'll be playing as usual, behind the girl.  B) 

    That and,



    ......the Institute finds you.....


    this is pretty much the only trailer breakdown video i could find (so far)...





    This is a welcomed gift as well. Thanks again bro  

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  7. I haven't decided who I am backing yet - I still have positive-neutral rep with all factions, apart from the Powder Gangers...  I don't like the NCR even though I seem to be getting most of my work from them but this Courier is good so will be going against Caesar at some point...


    No DLC's so I don't have to worry about that.  I somehow pissed the Van Graffs off so I had to kill them all.  


    I am just about to talk to Swank about Benny - should I talk to House before I do that?


    The Gun Runner DLC has some small side quests, which involve using certain weapons on main 

    characters like Benny and House. If you don't have it, I would say it doesn't matter.



    However dealing with Benny first, will inevitably end up in House's House. Just don't take weapons in and get

    on Swank's good side before proceeding. It will make it much easier. Keep talking to Swank for the dialog options.

    You'll know what I mean. Speech is everything there.

  8. 85 hours into Fallout New Vegas and I have finally hit the Strip... I am not sure I am going to get this finished by the 10th of November....

    Depends on if you plan on running through to the end from here.

    Are you going in for House, yourself (Yes Man), NCR, or AVE TRUE TO CAESAR   :jumpy: 

    The Omertas have an interesting twist, as do the energy weapon dealers. There's always a way to get everything!

    Lots of turns come from the Strip missions. Weird opportunities as well as glitches though.

    Also, if you have the Gun Runners DLC, you may want to read some achievement requirements before killing anyone.

    (Main characters that is)

    If you haven't done the 5 DLC's, then I would say you won't be done before 11-10-15. But keep going Gin it's a great game!

    I planned my last Fallout 3 game about 3 months ago on overnight shift and finished up just recently. 

    Did every large and small activity in the game, and collected everything there is to collect.

    Now I am still watching the Fallout 4 Trailer, it never gets old right now....

  9. Well, I thought the BE3 presentation was fucking awesome.


    While watching the whole thing, I couldn't take enough notes. So many cool things to explore and do....

    There are many who complain, but I prefer to praise Bethesda for their work.

    GFX, modding, construction, inter-action....


    (WTF @ Psy on Twitter! "It looks like a Fallout 3 mod")


    I am totally looking forward to the Fallout 4 experience in November.



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  10. like wow, these guys must pay well to keep all information like this so quiet, and it's surprising too since bethesda is known for their leaks, 

    it's amazing that today is the first day we've actually seen or had any concrete info about fallout 4 in like 5 years...



    All good points in your post, thanks for the head's up on all levels, 

    but what do you think the attackers in the market were? 


    A type of feral?


    Those are not Raiders @ 1:49-1:50



    Again, please....


  11. boston... their town hall building is in the trailer, so is the bunker hill monument, the paul revere statue, and fenway park... the latter i think is the reason for the city they featured being called diamond city :lol:...


    Mayflower un-earthed? A relic from the 1700's? That would be Boston then...

    (Or of course, some other old ship, from wherever they decided...)

    A few old familiar items to recognize, Nuka Cola machine, Ammo Boxes, Tin Cans, Bottles,

    ...but a few welcomed new items (comic rack - finding skill books)...diesel can, oil can, bunch of other junk I care about....

    Can identify the Deathclaw, Eyebot, 3 different robot types, (Protectron, Gutsy, Sentry), BoS/Enclavers....

    but what do you think the attackers in the market were? A type of feral?





    Gamestop updates:







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  12. Just finished my Nord Stormcloak character. Ongoing arcs are the thieves guild, dark brotherhood, and companions....


    Guy tore up everything ending at Level 81 all skills maxed at 100.

    Ulfric totally happy with me as his thane and main man.


    But, buggiest game ever.

    4 side quests could not be completed, no problem.

    Miraak could not be killed (Used all resources to no avail) no problem.

    Could not buy the best house in the game in Windhelm due to no murder investigation quest - no problem.

    Uh, what else....second play through did pretty fucking well, and didn't take 5 years like Massacre said.


    But in some ways I wished it had. This was a great play through, and Michal pretty much dominated.

    Also he ended up with over $200,000 and each house with a basement is loaded with the various lockers of jewels.

    Plus as a Nord, you get the Markarth house as Thane.


    In the end, he's Thane of all holds, and Head of Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and The Companions.

    Now it's just about riding around on Shadowmere looking like the character from the game trailer......doing unending arcs.


    After checking the Wiki it seems that I did all the side missions, except the ones that are bugged.
    The only one left is the archer practice up on the hill at Angi's place, which will reward with her bow.



    Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to take on the Stormcloak character, because I exhausted every resource.

    This guy tore it up, got rich, and took an arrow to the knee.

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  13. please please please please please please please please please announce fallout 4!!!!


    We are used to waiting, so.....let's use the 10.1% of our brain.

    The longer we wait, the better it will be, at least we can look forward.    :)

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