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  1. Dr. Li was always kind of a bitch. No stats or dialogue options will please her, if you destroy the Institute.

    None of my other files are finished, yet, but I'm pretty sure she'll be a bitch, no matter the outcome.



    Holy crap. Did you know you get Bunker Hill as an asset after the BOS win?

    Kessler pretty much just laid down and gave it to me. Said something about powerful friends.

  2. BOS file, getting my ass handed to me from the Mechanist's crew, as expected.

    Getting through it with basics like Troubleshooter weapons and armor.
    The only robot perk I have is Codsworth's 10+ DAM Res against robot energy weapons
    Final stage now, haven't died yet but close. Going into the Lair next. 



    BOS note, I went back to visit the Prydwyn.


    Did you get the ending encounter dialogue with Madison,

    where she is unhappy with you about the destruction of the Institute?

    I went to turn in Reactor Coolant for Ingram and ran into her. Damn what a test.

    Found a way to speech this shit?
    I've played it every way possible, even wearing Reginald's Suit while having charisma maxed.
    She concludes with "Ad Victorium, Sentinel" every time. Seems there is no way to make her happy.

    Is she always hanging around? Or does she ever leave.

    The one Fallout 3 link I wanted, is now the one I want to leave.

    Not sure if I should even care about this bitch after she helped get Liberty Prime up again.
    Maybe there is no consolation.
    Maybe no matter what you say outcome is the same, with a few changes per dialogue.
    Not going to kill anyone on my ship either.


    Would like your ideas on this. Bethesda wants us to think obviously.

  3. Noticed it updating on my system in the background as I finished the Automatron storyline.
    The last two updates really helped me out with glitches like Calvin never being around.
    Now he is on both files, so I can sell large quantities of tools gathered. :)


    Did that shit all wrong. Maxed out power armor with visual sensors, and robot perks maxed.

    So, when the battles came, she just easily ID'd each charging robot and pressed X to tell it what to do.
    Shut down, self destruct, etc.
    None of the waves of robots even got close.

    Her loadout guns were The Gainer, the explosive 10mm autopistol, and a .50 cal recon adv sniper.

    Also out of fear of the unknown instead of sending Ada into the story I created a new bot.

    After the end you have the two of them now hanging around you. Command-able, of course but still.....
    They have become the soundtrack to my rendezvous tile at Sanctuary.
    Always in the background unless you send them to another location.

    Basically it was no challenge, will try it with my BOS file, without all the metal help and perks.






    Survival Mode sounds excellent. Best of luck to all us survivors....and warlords....


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  4. Finally completed my 2nd game for Nate and the Brotherhood of Steel









    Early in the game as a lowly Knight, he noticed his bartender did not seem to feel his brotherhead of steel. :D





    But it was an Epic ending in part because of this guy, who I was looking forward to seeing:













    Very different game from the first independent game with Nora, and I'm guessing because of gender and character build.

    He never found her awesome legendary explosive 10mm auto pistol that she erased the Institute with,

    but he did find the explosive assault rifle and combat shotgun. She made it with Magnolia, he did not.

    On finding the Institute, he did something completely different than angry mommy:


    Instead of wasting every motherfucker in the Institute, he rotated every toilet tank in that place.







    ARRGH!! There's no loot in here at all !!






    As Sentinel, he laughed as Cvrie imitated Elder Maxson (like in the first game)

    She played a very different role here as a BOS wife, dedicated and "loving" almost every BOS action.
    Sturdy BOS Combat Armor and her BOS Gauss Rifle, more militaristic and less clingy.....






    I've just now entered the code for my Season Pass, and started downloading Automatron and Wasteland Workshop,

    so I can catch up with you guys enjoying the DLC's finally......REALLY looking forward to Far Harbor.

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  5. I don't know man. I think I did pretty good. Very crammed in. I made a 2 floor thing all across the alley. And a 3rd floor at one part.  Most of my 18 settlers have their own cubby to sleep in.







    Holy Ultra Jet, that is easily the coolest Hangman's Alley build I've ever seen. Nice work DiO. Base game?


    My BOS Alley is just a vegetable starch farm, dope maker, and power armor station..... half dozen nekid girls running around.

  6. i was wondering how people had these elaborate settlements, i just assumed it was something the PC crowd could do, i didn't know consoles had that ability :mellow:...



    I had every settlement on my first game, huge farms. Remember Tato + Corn + Mutfruit + Purified Water = Adhesive.

    And to mod all my Power Armor in that game, I needed large amount of adhesive.

    Many settlements on the water like Nordhagen Beach, Santcuary, and Spectacle Island had two giant water procs.


    But all were linked with supply lines, (Map looked like a spider web) so while Croup Manor had nothing really in storage, 

    the main stash of everything was at Sanctuary. That way being linked, all items were available to smaller settlements.

    (Not linked to Minute Men, I left Preston at the Castle and you can ignore him and turn the radio off)

    So if I wanted to build a restaurant ( =happiness level) on a deck with lights and music, I had all the stuff linked together.

    Also, you end up totally rich from those restaurants at every settlement, in case you love buying the mini-nukes, etc.


    I never knew what I was doing was considered a glitch, but I broke everything down and the settlements had parties at night.

    Stashing the weapons I thought everyone did, just like breaking down crap to raw form. Never had a ceiling on storage.


    Console dude! My settlements were huge but not Gaztastic, or Gaztacular ....that guy is an artist.  B)

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    I am just realizing how awesome robot expert is. Any robot you can just shut down? holy fuck. For some reason I never realized that. 


    It really is cool.

    My first character was stealthy enough to sneak up on Assaultrons and the big sentry guys who yield the Fusion Cores.

    Shut them down through a terminal style graphic. Stand back and destroy them for their contents.

    You can also control them with high enough skill. I think that's what the one in the scrap yard closest to Sanctuary is for. Like, testing it out.

    (Terminal says it was dropped off by some government types wearing black suits)



    My BOS guy is not high enough skill yet for even thinking of such awesomeness.

  8. It's Daddy's turn.  :yes:



    Here is ex-military Nate, as named by Bethesda, and spoken by Codsworth.
    A very dangerous man and angry father looking for his son, and some payback for his beloved Nora.

    Already aligned with the Brotherhood by early game exploration.


    Followed the map north to the east, to the previously familiar Tenpines Bluff.

    She gave him a mission to find and rescue a settler in a camp down in Cambridge I never heard of by name, but recognized immediately.

    That opened up the radio broadcast of Military Frequency AF95, and the mission to assist his future family in the Brotherhood.


    He had already found 3 sets of T-45 Power Armor and modified one in Military Paint by the time he found Diamond City.








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  9. Lesser-known synth:


    Easily one of the coolest characters in the game.

    damn, synch... that's a lot of power armor...


    The Power Armor is just protection for my settlements captains who are ready for war.

    I may have found a way to align all of them against the Institute at the same time.


    Each settlement captain will receive an X-01, guys like Wiseman, Finch, Sturges, and the well known synth Warwick.

    My bet is an attack on The Castle, but I will be testing this out in the next few minutes.

    I just want to exploit an ending with peace between the settlements and BOS mainly, will sacrifice the others if necessary.



    EDIT: Done and DONE!    B)   Everyone is still friendly, and here's how:

    After meeting Father you can loot EVERYTHING from the Institute freely, even the armory vendor.

    Don't forget the 2 most valuable pieces from the old hidden area, Virgil's Serum and Virgil's Holotape.

    You'll have to fight your way through automated defenses like turrets and an Assaultron.

    Exit the area back into the Institute and they are not hostile. Keep the tape, give Virgil his serum.

    I stopped BOS and RR missions after the build of the transporter. Moving forward it's important to take

    only Elder Maxson's special rescue mission of the Doctor from the Institute. Using Virgil's Holotape makes

    that already easy. Do that mission and stop main BOS missions. For the RR, when Desdemona comments on

    your building of the transporter and visit, deny joining up with them and remain solo or Minute Men. Go no further.


    At this point the Minute Men have no clue anything is coming. 

    Go ahead and do Father's first mission to reclaim the Synth who thinks he is a Raider leader on the Libertarian.

    After that Synth is reclaimed, return to Father for the mission called Battle of Bunker Hill.

    The optional here is to warn the other factions. They will already be there defending for you. All of them!

    At the end of the mission, I failed the last two critical steps by killing the Courser, rescuing the 4 Synths

    and meeting father on the roof of the old CIT and pissing him off through the dialog options.

    In reality this is actually true in that you are supporting anyone but the Institute, but it's considered a failure anyway.

    Now that the Institute is pissed off, the mission of a retaliation is the turning point. I am guessing it will happen

    with all factions but in my case it was Defend the Castle. Man was I over prepared. There was no battle.

    It was a Synth Massacre, as all the heavy gunners shredded them.

    That opened up the final mission the Nuclear Option. Sturges got us in, for a great battle, the optional evacuation notice issued, and the final deed was done. That was a hell of a fun ride that night. The after math was the Brotherhood, Minute Men, and Rail Road are all still very much alive and well. Finally got that damn key card from MassFusion I've been looking for since day 3 of the game. Nice view from the balcony on the top of the now accessible building.









    Plus the bonus of taking care of Shawn, and he builds the Wazer Wifle for you.

















    L0L Shawn with his 2 Moms, or, alternative lifestyle partners
















    The comments from Curie and Nick were by far the best, even better than Piper's lengthy speech

    and mission to help Danny, rescue the Mayor's secretary, and ultimately deal with the Diamond City Mayor.




    I think it was a great first play through!

    You can do some more missions for the Rail Road, but only go so far if you want to remain

    friends with the BoS because the RR thinks they are destroyed and PAM has you looking for patrols.


    There are other missions that work, but I won't go against the Brotherhood.

    You can still do the 2 types of missions for Proctor Quinlan and the one for Scribe Neriah forever.







    I just couldn't believe all the post-game comments that everyone made, more missions, and visual changes.

    Nora, who saved the Commonwealth.









    Because WAR......





    WAR Never Changes.....





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  10. damn, synch... that's a lot of power armor...


    The Power Armor is just protection for my settlements captains who are ready for war.

    I may have found a way to align all of them against the Institute at the same time.


    Each settlement captain will receive an X-01, guys like Wiseman, Finch, Sturges, and the well known synth Warwick.




    EDIT: Additional content re-posted new further down the thread.

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  11. I need to learn to post photos from the PS4... nice set up, Synch...


    The PS4 has provisions to share with Social Media.

    I am unclear which ones other than Twitter, but there must include a cloud site.


    With the XB1, the M$ cloud is OneDrive.

    After capturing, I "share" with OneDrive, while "saving" to local XB1 drive. Bases covered.

    Then I go on to the OneDrive website and download the shared .PNG files.

    After downloading those monstrosities, I edit the files in Adobe Photoshop to save them as normal .JPG files.

    From there I can use the attachment provision here on the forum, or upload files to a host like Photobucket.

    I use a host when I want to narrate or comment on the post, otherwise I like attachments from my own computer.

    That way when the host site goes down, the forum still has my work saved as the attachments.

  12. Power Armor


    Game 1

    This is what I have collected and enhanced, from the base game.
    You can find and modify all of this without buying anything, and I'm sure there is more out there.
    (Such as the elusive set out in the middle of the ocean, which I have yet to get.)





    The platform east of the main house in Sanctuary where your component chest is, houses my

    X-01's and BoS T-60's, and the platform west, houses the T-45's, 51's, and remaining T-60s.

    I no longer collect Raider pieces, except the Raider ll Helmets used to replace missing helmets of older sets.



    Front row, X-01's.
    Full sets including the Hot Rod Shark, Hot Rod Pink, and Military paint with jet pack and limb modifications:
    Behind them facing the BOS T-60's are the X-01 suits with some parts missing, all in Military paint.









    Here are the BoS T-60's which the back row X-01's are facing. One of them was assigned to me from the Brotherhood. 
    The rest are parts from the Vertibirds that go down in firefights, assembled onto available T-60 frames collected.









    Moving on to the western platform, here are the T-51's, with a bit of homage to Fallout 3.

    From left to right, Military missing pieces, and then full sets.
    Winterized in front of the flag, paying respect to the Battle of Anchorage,
    Vault-Tec paint, Railroad paint, and Military fully modded.









    Here are the T-45's, featuring the Minute Men paint second from the left next to the fully modified Military version.
    After that one, the next three suits are all Military pieces with Raider ll Helmets.








    Now here are the remaining T-60's featuring the Atom Cats model far left.













    The western platform, full room view:



















    Behind the scenes bonus


    Here are both platforms before building up the photoshoot studios for Massacre's thread:









    Base game, version 1.


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  13. I am finally at the point where I have to choose a faction... will probably play out 3 of the faction endings from this point.  I don't really want to start another character straight away as I want to go back to GTAV and do the story mode on that again.


    Favourite legendary weapon name - Penetrating Knuckles (hehe)


    I would be interested to know how many locations are in this game (as per Pip Boy stats) as I must be close to having explored them all (316 at latest check), unless there are some that are specific to later missions.  

    My Data/Stats shows 325 locations discovered.

    I keep finding inaccessible areas which are probably tied to later missions. 

    Found all the Bottle Messages, now looking for the last Bakery Ticket.

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  14. I'm seeing if I can skip some early main story quests on my 4th play-through.


    I went through the glowing sea to Virgil's Lab...he wasn't home lol


    probably could have checked the wiki. The elevator at for hagen is boarded up. I did check tho and I can rescue Nick before going to Diamond City. Big Whoop right? lol doing it anyway





    I found Fort Hagen while exploring early on, full of synths but *no access*.

    Stepped on a lot of mines getting across that field where the Power Armor is.

    So many places were inaccessible for me, I like to explore and exploit before story time.

    The only thing I reported here in this thread was the GTA blue hell elevator in Vault 81 before you have access.

    Once you get on with the overseer, the elevator works, but before that, it's a free ride through the underworld.  B)

  15. for synch, and those who have already explored most of the game ;)...




    dr. li was a shocking surprise, but i am gonna try to help her out when i do an institute character ;)...




    You'll never believe it when you get there.

    You've actually got it backwards. Don't blow off her side quest  on your BoS play through.

    I never teamed up with the courser companion because I was paranoid he would rat me out for playing both sides.

    God that sounds stupid when I read it back. But he's a courser and my first was a railroad affiliated character.


    Actually that sounds exactly like a detail I will encounter, doesn't sound stupid at all.

    I pushed forward a bit to test the water and that is what it felt like, I was playing both sides against the other.

    Sandbox testing dictates I must test everything to completion.

    So I may accompany that guy, get him to max for his perk whatever that may be........then incinerate him. 

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  16. Oh wow, I just ran into a major spoiler, but everyone here probably already knew it.


    I just read that Curie does in fact support the Brotherhood, as she's all about tech and science.


    She doesn't like when a certain thing happens at the end of the game.  That part, I didn't know and shouldn't have read.

  17. yea i know curie's story, i met her in my travels on my current/1st playthrough, but she's not meant to dabble with the lunacy of delilah i guess... and i've been saving cait for her, which i haven't even found here yet on my playthrough... i know where she is, but she didn't fit my main character so i didn't bother... instead i became very close with piper :wub:, maccready is my best friend, and deacon is part of the group too...


    I give Bethesda a 10/10 for nods to Fallout 3 like MacCready. I thought that was great when I heard his story.

    Same with Maxson, what a story!! Also Dr.Li, and the terminal documentation of Elder Lyons, Sarah Lyons, and Dr.Zimmer


    I worked to achieve all the perks for all the companions, and Deke was one of the weirdest.

    He's on my fortress at Spectacle Island. I finished Piper early, she's on Norhagen Beach in her underwear L0L.

    While I plan on completing all the various storylines, this first run is major sandbox time, I'm in no hurry.

  18. well if she is sweet and kind, then she wont fit my asshole bitch brotherhood character i am making next :P... delilah and cait will just be an item themselves, with danse pitching in if you know what i mean ;)...



    Cait is, in my thoughts, the most "badass" female companion. That's the attitude and swagger.


    Other NPC's like Tessa, Red, you can't have these because they're Gunners and Raiders, but they would work for sure.


    Glory is awesome but with the Railroad.


    Curie could take Cait and anything else in a fight with her eyes closed. She's indestructible, but still has a good.....intention.


    (You probably need to go through her story or read a spoiler on the Wiki - - She's a special case badass.)


    Anyone with a name like Delilah is just asking to get bitch slapped.  :lol:

  19. what is curie, a nuetral character? what side does she lean more towards??



    I don't want to make anyone's decisions for them, so I will only say this.


    She makes and gives the Sole Survivor Stimpaks.

    Devoted to any decision I make, and very loyal after completing her missions / perk.

    She is easily without a doubt, the sweetest and kindest character in the game.




    L0L she imitates Elder Maxson







  20. Latest fashion in Power Armor: Hot Pink.



    I seemed to have unlocked this paint job through finding the Hot Rodder Magazine, found at the top of the parking garage next to Milton Hospital. Got all the way through the maze of traps, mines, bombs, bugs & ghouls. Higher Levels recommended. (Master Locks and Traps) This was really fun.







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    @synch -  i am stealing one of those for twitter... 



    you are not.



    take deep breath



    walk away



    i haven't :lol:... yet ;)...


    you on twitter? i'll tag you... if not, i'll just name drop ya B)...


    No problemo mang. 


    Day 2: Looting the Institute.

    This shit is bigger than the Enclave Mobile Crawler and Raven Rock combined.

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