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  1. Just hit Level 100. Decided to celebrate by re-visiting little places of interest that I found early in the game.
    This creek bridge is just south of ArcJet Systems. It reminds us to always look UP.
    There is a sniper rifle, cap stash, and chems up high on some boards laying across pipes that you can shoot down.
    The grenade never went off, so I grabbed it this time when I went back.

    Since finding this place I've always been looking up under stuff, and there is more out there.....





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  2. The cupboard is bare...



    I just want to show you my Gwinnets. It's like Guinness for me.


    In this screenshot;

    The marker landed on my Nuka Cherry collection from the inventory but I wanted to show you my beers.

    So you can come over and drink with me. I forgot to mention there is bacon on the grill, just don't ask what type of bacon.


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  3. one day I want to train me a death claw...


    Dude those guys are big pussycats. Legendary, Glowing, Chamelion, all pussycats.

    I'm sure that they are (eventually) trainable, if DLC's and Fallout 3 have anything to say about it.

    The Gauss Rifle is not the only one shot kill on them. I've got plenty of Legendary and Modified weapons to own them.


    Hey QD, speaking of pussycats, remember when you said cats were in the game?

    I picked the lock on a Diamond City resident, only to find this......



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  4. The Slog


    Back in early December, first wife Cait and I spent a weekend developing the first edition of The Slog for Wiseman and Diedre. It's been redone since then. All the inhabitants now have upgraded combat armor and heavy weaponry, the turrets upgraded to heavy machine guns with additional two gunner nests. While it is primarily a Tarberry farm we added corn, mutfruit, melons and tato plants. There is a bar, TV, Jukebox, houseplants, plenty of beds, furniture, a full kitchen, most of all interior have also been redone since then. Here are the shots from that time, seems like ages ago. Cait has her own set of power armor, and weapons named after her as all my wives do. In shots 7-10 you can see one of Nora/Synch's prized X-01 Military Power Armor modified with Jet Pack and Calibrated legs for even more carrying ability, on the repair racks. She's such a gear-head......

    Note that shot 13 is Hancock trying to get some. Funny that it was caught at this time, because....
    This is also, the last known whereabouts of him as he can randomly OD on Jet, and evidently did. 
    Never saw him again after this. Around December 9. Fully maxed out friendship with the Isodoped perk.

    I trust my ghoul friends more than just about any other creatures in the game, excluding companions.
    They have made the best provisioners, guards, and workers, so I always give them a bar to up the happiness meter.















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  5. Home Plate looks like another "settlement" but doesn't function the same way. That's super frustrating, I have so much junk stored in my Sanctuary network, I'd like to use it to do trade with the vendors in Diamond City. I'd be able to upgrade armour/weapons for higher resale value in the city, and scrap the rest for building materials to use in the country.  I was hoping to link all my save & storage points via supply lines so I don't have to keep lugging shit all the time. Maybe my next few perks will have to go to strength.


    Yes, the Home Plate is misleading. I actually ran the bases for the achievement before realizing that was my house. 

    Think it's just a place to crash, and later maybe part of a bigger achievement er whatever.

    The 3rd strong back perk is the weird one - uses AP when over-encumbered, so it's like lug lug lug *blast* for 30 seconds until the AP meter depletes.

    The 4th is the fast travel when over-encumbered, (Like in New Vegas) I use that constantly to move stuff 'cause I loot to excess, then sell to DC and use in other settlements.

    The fast travel one will make it easier for you to move mass quantities to anywhere you want.  YaY.  :P

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  6. That's good to know as far as wasting materials on walls if they're useless. I've spend far more time working on Sanctuary than any other settlements, right now I only have two small farms and have contemplated moving everyone to the Hills instead. Sanctuary has yet to be attacked once (now I've probably jinxed it :P), whilst the others have needed help a few times. But lately I've spend more time doing the story than messing about with electrickery and beds.


    Is it possible to set up supply lines between Sanctuary and Diamond City? If I could link those two, the farms could wait till later.



    About the supply lines, I couldn't get it going between my house in DC to any other settlement. It may be possible another way.

    The farms are the food supply that the remote areas like Hangman's Alley need.

    Once the farms are double (I use a double food to resident ratio) then there is enough for everyone.



    I never had Gunners, Mutants, Raiders, Forged, Ghouls, or Synths spawn inside any of my settlements.

    May be random, because I finally found a Raider peeking inside the wood metal barbed wire fence trying to shoot.

    The only exception is the Mirelurk Queen at the Murkwater Construction Site. It *only* spawns inside anymore.

    It's also valuable that I have turrets up high, on buildings and a certain craft item over looking walls.

    Using the wood floor mode, there is a based ladder with a stand on top.

    That works great for any 3 turrets, and I used to have all flamers. Now using the lasers, rockets, and shotguns elevated.

    All of the residents at my settlements have reinforced armor and good weapons. The game notifies you to defend, it's easy.

  7. Dang, you opening a corner store?



    No, these items add skill, and I collect them. I'm currently at level 73.

    I do have stores set up at many of the settlements though.

    Here is a shot of the Sanctuary Bar & Stores.


    Also, the car in a tree......






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  8. Yeah they do take up quite a bit of wall space. But looks good with all the magazines displayed.



    Here's the first 4 racks, completely full.


    Upgraded to the 2 standing racks. Looks cool.Holds about 1 and a half of the racks.




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  9. There is a magazine stand you can build. Holds more than the rack and displays them all much better



    I've been seeing that in the build mode, looks pretty large. How much space does it take?

    Been spending all my aluminum and adhesives on the X-01 and T-60 jetpacks lately.

  10.  i didn't know you could put magazines on the rack tho!! gonna have to do that!!




    I keep having to build more of them, the more comics you find.

    On my 4th comic rack now. Lots of double and triple copies though.

    Only need one Bobblehead rack though,

  11. @bOnEs


    Never heard of the USS Constitution, or missions there, before you posted, other than the trailer.

    I guess it is a valid location on the map. Maybe one of the last I had yet to discover, I dunno.

    Now I've had to go there for a Warwick Homestead mission. (Minute Men settlement protection)

    Some place called the Drug Den. Stealth in, take care of business, stealth out.
    Funny, for a place called the drug den, I found none, and I make and sell drugs, so it was funny L0L.

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  12.  All of a sudden a group of 10 Mr. Handy's ran past me with there flame throwers blazing a trail toward the YOI GUAY...

    sometimes it pays to do the bidding a metal buckets, clearing out that water treatment plant totally saved my life,


    Do you mean Graygarden? {The settlement inhabited by all Handys.} 


    The treatment plant is heavy super mutant turf, [Overlords and Suiciders as well] not a settlement, and they re-populate.




    Sorry mods I needed to remove part of / modify my last post due to what I found out to be a non-storyline spoiler.

    (I found out by following details and doing the math until I came upon the smoking truth)

    However, Bones mentioned Hubris in one post -- I just found that place and in it, is part of the spoiler so I am 

    guessing most people know of the existence of, but not the details of, the spoiler in question.

    Apologies.  :bones:

  13. Also, no one mentioned here, but there are cats in the game...



    Your basic introduction is very near your vault and Sanctuary at Abernathy Farm.

    It's cute. They did a great job, watch that thing stretch out in the sun. MoCo for sure, like Dogmeat.



    Just exploring around where you start is great. Run around, there is stuff everywhere.

    You mentioned mannequins. Check the creek perimeter in Sanctuary.

    There's your first stimpak oustide the vault, stuck right in the mannequin's heart


  14. I wouldn't say the Atom Cats are that cool. The idea of ruining a set of power armour with a tacky flame paintjob to me is blasphemous.

    That fight in Quincy was pretty epic though when I did it because there was a caravan travelling through there at the time and I was escorting the ghoul kid home. Plasma and mini nukes flying everywhere.



    Cool, as in NOT hostile in that very fucked up area. It was a welcomed surprise.

    Have maybe a dozen suits already, X-01, T60, T51, T45, loads of Raider parts.

    Haven't bought from Rowdy yet, just checking out the Atom Cats.

    Yeah that's what I found, an epic battle, and the caravan was Cricket. Crazy story about the betrayal.

    I don't know why I wanted to discover the police station but it did bridge the Billy gap I had started before.

    Never went back for him due to the hostiles. Later after clearing Quincy I met the ghoul couple

    and it hit me -- I bet they are related. So went back to "Kid in a Fridge" and sure enough, escorted him home.

    How did you like University Point? That's how I got into the area to begin with.

    Don't know if it's quest related but I am thinking it is. Never cleared it yet, just reconned.

  15. Just faced the group that drove Preston and his group out of Quincy, after their leader was killed. 
    Pretty good read on the terminals. If there was any doubt to their sincerity before, it convinced me. 


    I can't remember what Preston said way back at Concord, but thought maybe they were running from their past.

    Jun and Marcy never stop their (mostly lame) dialog. Now I know it was trauma and a pretty sad story.

    Now on to the coolest group so far, the Atom Cats.....


  16. Which quarry? There is more than one.

    If you mean Thicket, go back after you do the mission. Great surprises.
    This location will later be used for missions that require settler protection.


    I've had the max carry perks maxed for awhile, but it's like Fallout 3 and NV combined.

    The 3rd level is frustrating in that it takes from your AP. First 2 are just more carry, last is like NV, fast travel.

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  17. The Aquagirl perk makes exploration so much easier. (Y)


    Speaking of wet pants, Piper's trying to get down my pants every time we ride the elevator into Vault 81. B):shlick:

    I think we have to level up some more to get by a pack of Super Mutants to the east, or else it's time to break out all the biggest guns in my arsenal, underused thus far.


    In the meantime, the Brotherhood is trying to recruit me but I don't think that'll work for my first character, her values seem to align more with the Minuteman, as the story progresses. I will continue with side missions and opening up the map before committing to one faction or another. In typical Bethesda fashion, it's impossible not to plot your next playthrough while playing the current one.


    I've taken quite a few lovely/funny screenshots and need to take the time to share them here, will try and get some posted later tonight.



    That's a great perk, especially due to all the loot and power armor submerged.


    My girl has like 23 minute men settlements and still invited back to the BoS.

    Really you can't do both?

    I thought maybe can't do both BoS and the railroaders,,,I better go back to Cambridge Police Station.

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  18. 50 hours in - completed 10 quests, 5 for the Minutemen...  I have 20 quests on the go...  


    I carry around my twin rifles, Fire and Ice.  Fire is a revolver rifle that does incendiary damage while Ice is a pipe rifle that does cryo damage and freezes your target on critical shots.  Both have been upgraded to my specs (level 2 Gun Nut).  I usually initiate combat with the Instigator, a 10mm pistol that does double damage if your target has full health.  Coupled with the sneak bonus damage, I'm getting a lot of one shot kills...


    My companion at the moment is Cait... I want to fuck her so bad... red hair, freckled nose, Irish accent...  we're going to re-populate the Wasteland with ginger kids...  Piper seemed like a bitch so I didn't visit her after our initial contact... 



    I love Cait. That girl can fight.

  19. I met a ghoulish Doctor last night... Good timing too, cause my rads filled 4/5th of my hp bar.. Tough fight with so Gouls and mole rats earlier in the day while savaging supplies from a train depot...

    Where can I get copper from?


    It's everywhere. Tag it in the junk inventory by sorting by component, then use the key for tagging.

    A magnifying glass will appear next to the desired tagged component. In my case, some crafting perk

    I took will highlight in green an item. Alternatively, many of the vendors will carry shipments of components.

    This can be quite costly so I loot everything.

    ------------------------voice notes----------------------------------

    Anyone remember Bob Anderstein from Fallout 3?

    Above the Grisly Diner was that radio tower that when you turn the switch on, you hear his broadcast.

    His boy was very sick, needs medical attention, etc.

    I swear I've been hearing his voice all over the place in this game, thought the horrible DC DJ was him but it's not.

    One place for sure is the Boston Shelter - Guard Update holotape. Definitely same voice talent.


    ----------------------Blue Hell Glitch from GTA----------------------------------


    Vault 81 elevator has no floor, at least at completion of first mission.

    Walking in sends you on a bottomless fall, then you land near the entrance.

    ---------------------------Loot Notes--------------------------------------


    All buildings/locations seem to re-stock same loot over and over, once visited.

    Some locations also re-populate almost instantly as well. (Minus the Legendaries)

    As a test use the cave under the first Red Rocket or the Minute Men Diner by the Castle.

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  20. Never Ending Double-Barrel Shotgun

    --Unlimited ammo capacity--



    Found on the Legendary Feral Ghoul Roamer. Score!   :D


    My character had to get out of the water for awhile, she just swims around finding treasure. (Aquagirl perk)

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  21. Noob question.... does having the radio on while exploring affect your stealth?  



    I haven't seen it effecting stealth, and I'm always sneaking.

    Then again I don't listen that much, just for the news updates.


    To be on the safe side I would go with lights and radio off.

    There are Stealth Boys and Armors to go invisible.



    One of the first glitches I found was involving the stealth left shoulder.

    Not a crafted shadow piece, it's a legendary item found.

    In stealth mode the Pip Boy goes white and can't really see anything.

    It's no big deal just a small glitch that makes it hard to see.

    Change armor or stand up to remedy that weird situation.

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  22. 12-25-2287


    Heard someone say, "Can you believe it's Christmas?"


    I'm like what? Looked at the date in the Pip Boy and sure enough.

    Then walking around the market place there was a little Christmas tree on a roof with lights,

    and then you could see Christmas trees where everywhere.  B)

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