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  1. I'm not hyped up about the DLC.

    Will get to it when I can.

    Real life has been sweet, haven't been gaming at all.

    Will probably check it out tomorrow if I can.

    Won't be doing L.A. Noire at all as I don't do cops.

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  2. Few seconds of Honest Hearts and Old World Blues in there.

    New threads look nice, as does that new melee weapon.

    Looks cool. So, May 17th, and then the next in June.

    Was that girl the one who voices Veronica? [Felicia Day]

    Or was it Jessica Chobot....I couldn't tell because the

    narrator who is usually IGN's Jess, says "I voice...."

    It sure sounds like Veronica though....

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  3. 400px-Honestheartsbanner.jpg

    I have this image appearing under the explore game marketplace, Fallout,

    and then under extras, it is still the main image listed for

    Fallout: New Vegas E3 Trailer (HD).

    It's also, same extras section, under Fallout: New Vegas Teaser Trailer (HD).

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  4. here's a new article from bethesda concerning fallout new vegas... i can't read it here at work but i am assuming it's all about the incoming patch... at least, that's what it seems to be about when i read the facebook article comments...

    It reads:

    Posted Today, 11:43 AM

    Hi everyone,

    On behalf of all of the hard-working teams at Bethesda and Obsidian, I’d like to give you an update what we’ve been working on these past few months.

    Well, here’s what happened: our next DLC release (announcement coming very soon, we promise) has been complete while we worked on getting a patch ready for you all. We didn’t want to just release more DLC before we had a patch that would improve the overall New Vegas experience.

    The good news is that we do have such a patch and it’s been handed off to the necessary platform owners. It should be released in the next couple of weeks on 360, PS3 and PC (can’t be more specific than that, I’m afraid, although PC will almost certainly get it first).

    So what’s in that patch? First and foremost, optimizations and stability improvements. While there are bug fixes, our core focus was on improving stability and performance. We worked directly with first party platform owners to identify issues, and we have fixed a great deal of the crashes and lockups that people were experiencing. In addition, we scoured the forums and this patch includes weapon balance tweaks and other requested fixes.

    We know we’re not done yet. There’s still more work to do, and we’ll be monitoring the forums very carefully following the release of this patch, looking for more issues. We do have another update planned further down the line.

    So I’d like to apologize for the radio silence. Hopefully you’ll be pleased with the enormous amount of work we’ve put into this update over the last few months, and will enjoy the rest of our DLC releases. We have some pretty cool stuff coming soon. Stay tuned!


    Jason Bergman

    Senior Producer, FNV

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  5. that abandoned farm in the southern portion of the map, wolfhorn ranch

    That place is hilarious, if you haven't been there.

    Go inside the round corral. It's totally funny what happens first time you enter.

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  6. Explosives, you say?

    Hadn't thought about that. I have found a decent amount of C4 around the Villa, maybe it would work if you dumped it in the doorway as soon as you got of off the elevator instead of doing it right before Elijah comes in.

    Um, yeah I told you on the old forum.

    Pile up the explosives, and push on the force field.

    He walks out and *in theory* gets blown up.

    My case it didn't work, I did actually make it through

    the force field once but he wouldn't step on the collected

    C4, gas bombs, dynamite, grenades, etc....

    You said I went into the vault with too much weight.

    That was shit I found in the DLC, and I had watched a YouTube vid

    about doing the push on the force field trick.

    The problem was once on the other side of the force field,

    if he doesn't step on the explosives and you don't detonate,

    you have no way of getting back out there to kill him.

    (You're both stuck on opposite sides of the field)

    Long story short, I just need to figure out how to get

    out of there in time. Killing him and hauling gold wasn't my problem.

    But - now I want to go for the 8 gold bars while leaving ED-E

    at the Lucky 38. Will be doing a trial entrance test this weekend.

    If the on-screen says "ED-E has returned to Primm" I am reloading and forgetting it.

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  7. here's another theory idea i had at one point... when father elijah comes down to the vault, slowly walk towards the force field he goes through and drop all the gold by the door... then, finish off elijah, then run all the way around, THEN quickly walk over towards that force field and see if it's possible to grab something that is nearby in the short amount of time it takes before the elevator locks you down there... you might be able to drop all gold bars there, considering that all of them can be dropped as a single grouped item...

    I tried so many ways....saved and reloaded. It was just too difficult in the end,

    and I did the 2 endings for the 2 achievements, and was happy to find a way out.

    At first I couldn't believe it was that difficult, but after trying so many ways, fuck.

    I even tried the ways some people piled up explosives before he comes out, etc.

    Pushing and leaning against the blue force field and falling through, never worked.

    Again I was just happy to find a way out before everything blows up. So when I leave

    this time with the gold, it will be to just leave and make it out. I liked the DLC

    up until that crap at the end. Maybe if there were no gold at all, er something.

    But Elijah makes it suck. I will be happy to kill him and GTFO!

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  8. so you know for a fact that outfits unlock based on performance during cases?? i haven't heard that one yet... while i do expect some to be like that, i just hadn't heard anything from R* about that... i know you'll have outfits at each desk but, i am not so sure if you can wear your beat-cop outfit to a homicide :lol:...

    I only know what the narrative in the tech demo said...

    That should probably be on YouTube by now, but there are quite

    a few R* videos if you are on their mailing list.

    Mostly the awesome mocap with 32 HD cameras is what I remembered

    but on the other tip was the outfits, weapons, and speeching.

    They're jumping on the future game tech bandwagon.

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  9. i wonder how many outfits cole has, or can unlock... and i wonder how they will handle unlocking them... like RDR in that you need to acquire or complete certain objectives, or perhaps like GTAIV where there's a fedora shop just down the road...

    From the R* mail list, I've been getting these emails with the trailers, technology demos,

    and how they made the game type stuff. It says he starts as a beat cop and moves up to detective,

    but not using the traditional mission system. More involvement and clues lead to other

    opportunities. Also besides the 32 camera HD facial system for the actors, the script

    now includes basically what we know from Fallout as "speeching". So by taking new cases

    on, and speeching outcomes, will provide new outfits that he may not have gotten otherwise.

    Unlimited amount of cases open at any one time, based on your initiative to finish them.

    Also there is the negative side of it, missing out on outfits because he didn't progress

    in a crime or speech a certain person the right way to get a rare outfit.

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  10. still haven't heard an official word from bethesda or obsidian on the rest of the add-ons... i thought they were going to make a formal announcement last week... maybe it's meant for this week... i hope it's fucking soon, this is too long of a wait... so much so that it seems like new vegas was yesterday's news...

    It will be soon mate. I haven't forgotten what you said about

    leaving ED-E at the Lucky 38 for Dead Money, either. In a few

    more days I'm going to give that a shot, and hope the game doesn't

    say "ED-E has returned to Primm" upon arrival at the Sierra Madre

    courtyard. If it wasn't for that little glitch, I would have already

    done the first DLC on my hardened better character file. She's going

    in buck nyked and going for the 8 you know what. Nice work by the way. :yes:

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  11. keep collecting the sunset sarsaparilla star bottle caps because collecting 50 of them yields an awesome unique laser pistol that deals over 100 in damage too... i won't spoil the location of that one though but, by the time you find 50 star caps, i am sure you've found the location as well...

    I still have 104 of those things. Guess I should go ahead and do it.

    You can still spawn them, like on the prospector in Scorpion Gulch,

    but after you have used the 50 for "you know what", then any star cap

    you collect after that turns into just a bottle cap.

    But yeah, the Wiki is wrong, or the kids who edit it are usually wrong.

    There is technically no limit to the amount of star caps you can collect,

    due to a few locations have the re-spawning type.

    ...and yes that is a most awesome weapon.

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  12. @synch - been there, done that with concern of the locations you mentioned... somehow i failed the crandon mission a loooooooong time ago so i never got the chance to play it... i think i wandered into some old ladies house and killed her before the mission started... can't remember how it happened but it's one of the few missions this character failed outside of legion missions...

    i got to level 35 anyways... i hit up the area around the fisherman's shack and discovered the scavenger's platform to officially reach the end of leveling... i sniped the lakelurks from the shoreline :D... then i marched up the mountain to guardian peak but, reached the top and decided to stop before entering the cave... this'll be the next place i explore whenever i fire up the game again...

    Yeah that's a cool place, also where Massacre and I agreed it would be great

    to have a way to keep track of notes. I think I collected like 11 of 20 Camp

    Guardian Log entries, they're scattered all over. Inside the cave is the mission

    to rescue that dude and make the dogtag melee weapon. This game I also got it

    from the Vex at Cottonwood Cove.....

    The Camp Guardian Cave may be the largest single collection of Lakelurks in the game.

    Also the back exit of the cave is another of the underwater variants. Have fun. :yes:

  13. yup, memory was partially correct... no vipers but, there was one blind deathclaw right in the middle of primm pass, which could be handled early if prepared right... dead wind cavern sat to the south of the shack just passed the pass, and down the mountain to the W/NW was ranger station charlie... i'm a little upset about that because i thought for sure that would be a way to cut across... turns out obsidian created a much more linear path to reach new vegas than i had originally thought... what a shame...

    i did manage to reach new vegas with delilah by hugging the mountainside heading north from neil's shack... i was constantly spotted by deathclaws but they could never reach me way up on top of the mountain... somehow i managed to get by that time but other than that, the game really does force you to navigate the southern part... maybe they want you to see nipton, the outpost, camp searchlight and cottonwood cove... i think they're trying to tell you the story between the NCR and the legion on your way to vegas... ohh well...

    went through the deathclaw sanctuary across the river as well... jesus christ if i was a little less sneaky there would of been a whole bunch of hell over there... thank god for the silenced sniper rifle with armor piercing rounds... none of them ever took more than 2 shots, some did but i killed them before they became hostile... i dropped both mother's with two shots... yea, two mothers were here... but i lucked out and never had any of the deathclaws see me or chase me... they heard me quite a few times, but never saw me... it took about 30 minutes of inching my way through there and staying hidden on top of the rocks but i finally did it...

    going to go check out that cave right as soon as i post this...

    now i am about 500XP from reaching the level 35 plateau... any other location suggestions for me before i reach the the level cap? :D... because, there's no more exploring after that point with this file until they raise the level cap again...

    EDIT: that was actually the most detailed cave in the game i think... full of plant life, glowing mushrooms and fish... the only problem i had with it is, how in the hell did they manage to get a car down there?! i can "sort of" understand the briefcases, poker chips and skeletons... perhaps a botched robbery and a bad place to hide the stash... but how in the hell did those car parts make it down there?!?

    ^All sounds great. (Y)

    The car yeah, seen a lot of crazy stuff like that. Makee no sense.

    You did great at the deathclaw sanctuary, way to go.

    There's some good fighting over at the Brewer's shack, tons of Cazadores.

    West of the Sunset Sass HQ. and up in the hills. Take a lot of antivenom.

    I think there's a star cap in there as well. Same with the Powder Gang vault.

    This play through I managed to get both red and blue access cards, but you cant

    really do both missions, its like either one or the other. When you blow up

    the cave, that uses up the sulfur the other guy wanted for explosives.

    So I reloaded and just did the one and then asked Papa Khan to let 'em in.

    Star cap in Jacobstown as well, the surrounding mountain areas that border

    Red Rock are loaded with enemy life, and the dead super mutant there is where

    I found my first fatman. Still only have like a half a dozen mini-nukes though.

    About getting to the strip, I think they definitely want you to do Nipton early

    on so you get a feel who you are up against. My 2nd game I took the Vex's advice,

    spread the word, and remained friends with the Legion for 75% of the game until

    it came time to start doing stuff with Boone. There is so much NCR stuff early on as well,

    so you are right they want you to learn about those 2 factions. I wished there was

    more with the Brotherhood but they just don't fit in this story like they did in FO3.

    Some of the west side missions for Crandon are pretty heavy, you might get XP

    there especially with the guy with the .44 ammo crafting recipe, but u probably did those.

    The one with the daughter and mother really made me realize this is a speech-oriented

    game so 2nd file I am almost maxed. Hope they raise the level cap on next DLC but

    some players will be maxed out on skills so it's probably not likely.

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  14. i miss the railway rifle too :(...

    if i don't get bothered tonight by my friends (i sure sound like a good friend don't i, lol) i'll take it upon myself to do some exploring tonight... the problem is my game is starting to do that freeze thing again, only it seems to be more frequent than it ever was... any time i enter a place with a bunch of people and/or scripts running (north new vegas, camp searchlight, freeside), it slows the game down and eventually locks up... i hope there is a patch coming soon... i thought obsidian said there was one coming last month... it wasn't like this until i got back from the sierra madre on each file...

    but, if all goes well, i'll hit up deathclaw sanctuary tonight... and hopefully the game doesn't freeze after killing a few like it was doing in camp searchlight... but first things first, i haven't been to primm's pass yet... i want to see what kind of shortcut it is so i can make a judgement call on the next file i start up... do i head to the outpost or push on through to the east? :D...

    That's a good point. Primm Pass leads to......

    Keep going until you see danger, then that's it. :lol:

    If memory serves (dont have the game on like usual when posting)

    it leads to a location shack, with Viper gang dudes near by.

    Then a campfire, blocked off train tunnel, and up the hill

    is Wild Wind Cavern, home of the Legendary Deathclaw.

    L0L @ the blind deathclaws. They smell what the rock is cookin.

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  15. i shouldn't have much of a problem clearing out from a distance... i have the anti-material rifle for distance shots and the chainsaw for up close and personal, and the silenced sniper rifle for sneak kills... if i ever go there on my energy weapons file, they're toast... seriously, i think my energy weapons character delilah is by far the most powerful character i have... my gambling fool first file is still a little rough around the edges but, has pretty decent skills... he's more balanced whereas delilah is more geared towards specific skills...

    i've always wanted to check out that cave your mentioned... i saw it pop up on the map when i took the explorer perk but, i haven't made it out that way since... yup, i did a ton of exploring but, this game just offers up a ton of locations... and you guys are probably all still on your first file, minus massacre, who's probably on his 15th character... i have beat the game with 3 different ones and plan on starting up a 4th after i've played all the add-ons with my other characters... there's no time to see everything when i am managing 3 different files :D...

    That's pretty cool you can actually access 3 different games at any time.

    On the 360 they save by date, so my first file is like saves 1-77.

    It goes like:



    the save before that

    and downwards so you have to scroll.

    I'm on my 2nd game and haven't bogged up the saves

    except for major ones, so it's like saves 78 - 84.

    Started this one after completing the first game and the DLC.

    This character is 10x stronger and more intelligent.

    Learn from our mistakes first game.

    [This time finished Raul's mission, and alot of that kind of cleanup]

    About the cave I found it before taking the perk, but the

    surprise for me was the rebreather first game. That was a

    gift from the Fallout gods for underwater exploring. There are

    a few caves under the water but the one by the plane goes down

    so far that you have to have the rebreather, and it's all like

    colorful coral and fish and stuff, like that trippy mission in Point Lookout.

    I couldn't believe how much stuff there was to find on the first play,

    duffel bags out in the waste and tons of hollowed out rocks.

    So again I got hooked on finding stuff so I could make money and

    craft everything possible. Still haven't really made many weapons.

    A few explosives. Unlike Fallout 3, I just bought a shishkebob

    instead of making hundreds of them. And yeah that chainsaw rules!

    On that Delilah chick file if you took the Black Widow, you've

    noticed it is much better than Fallout 3 Black Widow. Doors

    literally open for ladies everywhere in New Vegas. As well as

    it seems at least for the beginning of the game a lot of the outfits

    and hats have a much better skill percentage, like the Naughty Nightwear.

    I just got all 7 globes stashed in the Presidential Suite of Lucky 38.

    Now to get all the loot moving from the safe......

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  16. i haven't been to the secret deathclaw sanctuary yet... and quite frankly, i haven't even been to the cave that houses the legendary one... i've cleared out the quarry for that thorn mission but, i tend to stay away from deathclaws for the most part...

    i still haven't gotten a full set of enclave armor, just the helmet... perhaps maybe i should hit up that sanctuary so i can at least get the full set of armor... how do you reach it? by swimming east from cottonwood cove and following the coastline north or south??

    That's basically what I did. North from Cottonwood Cove.

    It will be on the right hand (Legate's Camp) side of the river.

    Stealth, companions, sniping....take the helmet with you to help

    the prospector spawn. I found that I was using the Thump-Thump to

    not only wipe out all the deathclaws but to also help bury the bodies

    under the game surface. In the end, I had to go back a few times and

    not use grenades and then it worked.

    Also check out the somewhat psychedelic cave using the rebreather.

    That's just east of the crashed airplane in the water.

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  17. That gun is the shizznit if you know how and when to use it.

    If you help the Brotherhood, they give you millions of ECP rounds in the drop box.

    I remember fighting through the robots there, but guess I always have done it at higher levels.

    Wish I could have schematics for pulse grenades and stealth boys.

    Seem to be limited in the normal game, but I always stock up on both.

    Massacre did you see if ED-E is violent upon return from Dead Money yet?

    bOnEs said his was okay but he's on PS.

    wow, i don't think i ever got that weapon with my energy weapons expert, delilah... i forgot about it!!

    How did you not find this??

    Tesla-Beaton Prototype...and many more....

    Dude. I won't say it......

    But you don't get everywhere, like you should.

    How about the Deathclaw Promontory?

    Only place to get the Enclave armor for free, no mission work....

    Sure, you got the Enclave armor from that dude in the Followers...

    but did you do the deathclaw promontory??

    It is the alternative egg location for Red Lucy.

    Legate Lanius area, across the river from the prospector's location.

    There's about 30 deathclaws to kill. Big juicy wet sniping fun. OMFG. So good.

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  18. you'll actually find yourself collecting stuff to make desert salads and repair kits...

    you'll mainly be collecting to craft meals for healing... so start grabbing every single pinyon nut you run across...

    don't forget bighorner steaks too... good source for health outside combat

    Erm, yah been doing that the whole time anyway. That's half the fun for me.

    It's the fresh pears that I seem to burn through. The bean pods and pinyon nuts are pretty easy to find.

    There are some areas that are more abundant than others. Same with the Xander root for stimpacks.

    Of course it's different for hardcore mode. There I wouldn't be exploring as much.

    Don't think I'll be getting around to a hardcore game anytime soon.

    I actually made it to the Tesla-Beaton Prototype before I died, but I didn't have any ammo for it.

    Forgot it takes Electron Charge Packs. Probably wouldn't have done much anyway, I've never bothered with putting points in energy weapons.

    That gun is the shizznit if you know how and when to use it.

    If you help the Brotherhood, they give you millions of ECP rounds in the drop box.

    I remember fighting through the robots there, but guess I always have done it at higher levels.

    Wish I could have schematics for pulse grenades and stealth boys.

    Seem to be limited in the normal game, but I always stock up on both.

    Massacre did you see if ED-E is violent upon return from Dead Money yet?

    bOnEs said his was okay but he's on PS.

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  19. That could come in handy on my hardcore file. I don't plan on using them, of course, I just want to sell them to pay for a stockpile of water for my safehouse, either for display, or in case shit gets real at some point. My hardcore file is strictly any lever-action or bolt-action rifle, Chance's Knife, and frag mines for my camps and safehouse, no service rifle for me.

    My safehouse, while I'm thinking about it:

    Cool safehouse. Looks like it's got everything you could ever need. If there were nails, hang bodies.

    I'm constantly noticing the sales/barter/caps issues. Don't think I would limit myself to certain weapons on something as serious as hardcore mode, but in that case think about each time you loot the guy, his NCR outfits when fully repaired bring in the caps as well. Just the shoot-outs between fiends and troopers over by McCarren yields loads of caps. Where I used to recommend the strong back perk, now I'm recommending the fast travel while overencumbered perk as well. That shit has served me well on this file. Load up and fly out to Gun Runners or one of those types, which always reset to having 8,000 caps on hand. I've cleaned the vendortron out a few times.

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  20. Thanks for making the Fallout topic, I'll try not to spam it up as much as I did the other ones....

    Nonsense. If it's Fallout-related at all, it's not spam, and I want to see it.

    Okay then, another tiny boring detail. [You have been warned]

    If you are a fan of the Service Rifle carried by most NCR Troopers, here is a way to get unlimited ones. I found this by accident after first trying out the "NCR Emergency Radio". I called for back up near the Novac room, and dragged a trooper with me into the fire ant desert. I was having fun sniping them and I noticed through my scope he had ran ahead and was over by the tunnel hole. Of course he was incinerated, with the on-screen message, "Your follower has died". So you loot him.

    Then over at CampMcarren I noticed I could still recruit, and grabbed a Ranger. This one lived, and just stays near the entrance to the base.

    So I go back to the desert and there that trooper is every single time, dying once I arrive.

    Unlimited Service Rifles. Even though I don't use them after modding the first one, I guess you could make a lot of caps of the dead guys' stuff. Also I am guessing the same would work for planting a trooper outside Vault 3 or other known areas that swarm with enemies. Try it!

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  21. This topic should be deleted so Bones can make it.

    bOnEs isn't the Warlord of the Wastes, I am.

    Besides, bOnEs and Stoic have already made Fallout topics, and Synch never makes topics, so it's my turn.

    I used to, back in the GTA days. Mostly rare things, tricks, etc.

    I did make the RAGE topic in other games, old forum.

    Thanks for making the Fallout topic, I'll try not to spam it up as much as I did the other ones....

    On topic - my snowglobes are sorted out. Just give them all to Jane. DLC snowglobes are auto.

    Also to anyone playing female, it's worth the purchase to buy the Naughty Nightwear from Mick & Ralph's.

    It boosted my courier to 100+ speech.

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