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  1. I was about to say sanandreas untill i saw the images. Christ! Its just a small speck compared to all the rest!
  2. Timmy Vercmiciellies where just a huge middle finger to the Gta series.Even though Gta vice city is a million times better than driver 3. The best driver of the series was Driver paralel lines. But driver sanfransiso goes back to the old roots. By not being able to get out of the car. But then stuck in the ability to body rape any random person driving.
  3. a Windaa Bashaa

    Saints Row

    Was so looking foward to this game. Since that I liked saints row 2. But it was so dissapointing. Its definetly the wourse one of the series. completed it in a day and got all the achivement is a month. And when i go on it now I just think WTF this is so boring. And now I can still play Gta 4 and enjoy it. Even know its what 4 years old?
  4. What Mgs is your favourite? Id have to say Metal gear solid 3 without a doubt. Since I had no idea about the series untill this baby came out! I remember buying a magazine with the demo inside. and i must have replayed virtuous mission about ten million times before getting bored. The best part about the demo was you had the crocodile cap at the start which was so fun to use. Then I played metal gear solid 2 which is awesome aswell. the terrorist plot was really fun to play. And the tanker chapter i just loved. As I was playing as snake. And the fact that I realised that Ocelot was in the game was awesome. Since that i loved him in mgs3. Which boss did you like the most? Ocelot was definetly the coolest boss with all the gunslinging. But the Ends battle had to be the coolest. because it wasnt all about running in guns a blazin. It was a mission with patience and tactics. Im so sorry I sold my ps2. And all my games! The games i miss the most have to be Mgs 2/3 and Gta 3 and vice city. Which is basically my childhood! Which boss fight was your most epic? Without a doubt the fight with the end. Just sneeking up on him from behind and aiming your gun at him and saying freeze! and him giving you his camo after 3 tries was so cool! What location did you like the most? I have to say the tanker from Mgs2. With all those soldiers having no idea i was there and me taking pictures of metal gear. Totally cool! most memorable moment? Feeding a hungry soldier a poison frog after blowing up the food supplies. Lol. Or maybe killing the ends parrot and eating it. Tastes like chicken
  5. What would you like to be seen in far cry 3 that improves it from the second? Id say better/faster vehicles is a must. And being able to fly helicopters like the same way as you fly them in battlefield that would be insane. Also more guns and the ability to customize them. for example a scope/grenade launcher. Would really change the aspect of the game. Also more side missions. and more improved contract killings. Because one thing that pissed me off in farcry 2 was the fact that you had to drive around in a circle trying to get to the vehicle the targets in. Much better if the target was still like in the mission in farcy 2 when you had to kill the police chief. And finally, when you completed farcry 2 the game just ended. I was really dissapointed at this. This cant happen again in farcry 3 though surelly after all the complaints!
  6. Everyone remember The Driver from Gta Vc? Where you had to beat Hilary in a race around the east island? Christ that anoyed me back in the day! One of gta 3s hardest missions in my oppinion was a side mission when all those crazy guys with bombs came after you in the parking lot! Damn that was hard.
  7. I do the missions until I unlock the robbery missions and then rob a load of houses. then go to the horse betting and hopefully win more money. Ahaaaa thank you horseys
  8. I was thinking about this game aswell. There could have been a real connection there. Maybe you could have played as sweet when cj bailed on him. and try and take over los santos. when cj's brothers where alive and so on. but its true that it would be to much of a big game to be played on psp
  9. The cutscene when you pick cash instead of revenge and you go to roman and Mallories wedding. My heart dropped when I saw that Roman had died. Christ that was a right kick in the bollocks! Because i never saw it coming. Also th cutscene in museum piece when the three gta protagonists are togeather. (Niko Johnny and Luis for the ones that only bought gta 4) The moment i realised after playing gta 4's museum piece and not knowing that the two protagonists where there was the moment when all the stories clicked togeather. And made me rather sexually aroused...
  10. Has to be Roman! Just lines like Niko:''Good to see you man what you forget our language?'' Roman ermmmm cabbage?'' andafter stepping on a cockroach ''Got him! little b*stard if he payed some rent i wouldnt care!''
  11. Mike Toreno! ''Roger that, Big Monkey, I got a 13-6 fat vulture. Need to acquire a drowning baby. Over.''
  12. May be where your adventure started. the first game i played was vice city. Which is my favorite. I remember getting on a faggio and driving about with michael jackson on the radio. Ahhh the good old days! But I now constantly replay the gta 4 story. Just because of the up to date graphics. An the fact that rockstar have taken on the mighty task of another san andreas game shows that they have some nerves! Most definetly Vice city. because it was the game that got me hooked to Gta games ever since.
  13. Cops and crooks from Gta 4 needs to make a comeback. That was a great game mode! May need to be tweaked slightly. For instance instead of the crooks getting to a vehicle just a simple evade could be better? And maybe something like search and destroy from call of duty. One team plays a security team and the other a gang. And the gang has to destroy a vehicle of some documents? And the security team has to defend it. That would be a lot of fun. Instead of playing games like bomb the base repetedly.
  14. Just think about how you felt when you saw Claude and catalina from Gta 3 in sanandreas. Or kent paul. I think it would be a good thing to have characters from other gta games in gta 5. It really relates the player to the story and the franchise. Would be great to see Packie since that at the end of Gta 4 you see him going to the airport in the credits. But people like Sweet would really ruin it. Because they dont deserve to be in it. because they where boring :L