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  1. Anyone know if this is still happening? I remember it getting mentioned a few years ago supposedly for the PSP, but I haven't really heard anything since, I did however read a few weeks ago that it was being made for the PS Vita, could have just been a rumour though.
  2. I'd love to hear some Red Hot Chili Peppers in there, they are from California after all haha
  3. Grove Street Vinewood We're there any of the same places that where in III found in IV? I remember when I first went online I found a road that kind of reminded me of the same route I used to use to get from island to island, so I thought maybe it would be possible to find the hideouts if you followed the route the same, but I can't find that road again to check now
  4. Totally agree Would be nice to have in the game but either way we know the game will be awesome
  5. So you're saying we get no sunshine whatsoever? Are you kidding me? We're lucky in Essex (just outside of London) to get one day's worth of rain in a week. Even in November there's not that much rain. You've been brainwashed by all the stereotypical propaganda, go eat a burger. However, the rest I will agree with you, not a good place to be setting GTA. The 'just outside of London' bit wasn't necessary Vicey, all yanks think everyone in the UK lives 'just outside of London'. Of course, Liverpool is just outside of London, isn't it? Now that would make a good game haha GTA Scouse City haha
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing it but I doubt it would happen, don't think anyone would want to research a cold shitty country like this, when they could go somewhere hot to research for the game.
  7. I agree but I'm starting to think it's very doubtful we'll get them
  8. License plates are registered to the state, not individual cities. Still seems a bit pointless to me to even mention it if it's not in the game. My point exactly
  9. I'm still hoping for the whole of San Andreas, if it's just Los Santos then why does it say San Andreas on the police cars license plate? Would seem a bit stupid to me and extremely disappointing to not have it all. Someone mentioned further up that they could do another 2 games using the other cities but come on, Las Ventures maybe but San Farrero would seem like a pretty pointless game to me, doesn't seem like there would be much to do. As someone else also mentioned, why have planes if there's only one airport? I'm hoping they announce something else soon.
  10. I'm confused, is it San Andreas or just part of it (Los Santos), I'll be a bit disappointed if it is, but as someone said ^^^^^ they could add the rest as DLC. I remember before IV came out, there was talks of adding islands as DLC, wish I could find the source, can anyone help me out? Someone mentioned bicycles making a return aswell, I didn't see it in the trailer or the dog you mentioned :S, be nice to have though, really made up planes are making a return excited!!!!! I want it now