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  1. It refused to install without updating first. But, rebuilding the database worked. There were some things on the hard drive interfering with it. Thanks guys
  2. wtf....can someone help me.....yesterday, i got a new (used) ps4 and a used game. Gta updated after 3-4 hours then started to install. It was at 29 percent before i went out for the night. This morning it was still at 29, so i cancled it and restarted the installation. Its been at 1 percent all morning. My internet is okay here. Just wondering if there is something wrong with my game, console, or just wait some more ...rebuilt the database....i hope this does it
  3. I'll be there ganging up on weev as well.
  4. Now i have a reason to wear my slutty school girl outfit
  5. BAD to the BONES The mess we made Ferret girl shooting out the buzzard R2D2 was flying Beautiful Last night was tooo funny
  6. Q just messaged me saying "poop smells great". what a weirdo

    1. Bronson


      Well it does....

    2. TheLunaticFringe


      That means he likes you.

    3. Brian


      He wants to hump your leg

  7. Wayward Volume one: String Theory by Image.
  8. Furious 7 Was really hoping this movie wouldnt be terrible, but it all around sucked. Cars arent even the main focus in this franchise anymore, which you figure out after three. The good - it breifly touched back into two, cause dom goes to tokyo and meets with the people in that movie and alot of stuff from one was brought up. But the only great part was the end, where an amazing tribute was payed to Paul. Thats all..
  9. Maybe...will be hanging with a friend tonight, but she can bring her system and join in as well....
  10. all blue everythaanggg. Weev, myself, & bones and for some reason truth is also tagged in this. must be ducking behind us.... Dio and Bones are riding dirty
  11. i'll be there too but i'll probably most definitely show up late again cause you know, work and sex and stuff
  12. mmmm...shamrock shake

    1. TheLunaticFringe


      I only know green Budweiser,Cuz 'Medica...!

    2. TheLunaticFringe
    3. Graffitigirl


      It tastes like mint ice cream

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  13. Someone also said that last night, lol. I personally thought it was a good amount of people. If there were any more, I feel like everyone would be talking at the same time.
  14. Someone add me so i can join tonight - nujabes41188
  15. my new addiction is lush bath bombs!!

    1. Brian


      At least it's not PCP

  16. Has this ever happened to you guys? I had a dream once where i was laying in my bed, in my room. It was the middle of the night and there was this guy standing above me, staring down at me. I couldnt move. Then, in a different dream, i was on my back porch in the middle of the night. I couldnt move again and the SAME guy was slowly walking up my backyard towards me. It was a really haunting feeling. But ive never seen this guy in my life and i have no idea who he is.
  17. I clicked on weev's livestream when this was going on. Looks like fun, i want in next time.
  18. Youre being very helpful, thank you. Also, i saw you on my ps4 feed the other night. Didnt realize we were friends but we should play together more often
  19. If im the host on setup missions, do you know if I lose money if the mission is lost? Or is that just for the finale? I got about a 1,300,000 but someone helped me get that and I already know what im spending it on. Im not ready to lose out.