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  1. I totally get you on this. The very few friends I play with are on ps4 and I've been playing on ps3 since my system is in new york. So its been randoms that ive been playing with too. Myself and another player managed to stick together through setups for fleeca but when we get thrown back into a lobby, the other players run off to do their own thing. I have yet to do a final heist yet. Its just been setup after setup. So im confused. Do you need to stick together as a solid group to reach the final heist?
  2. True dat. We were happy because there are bodies in that trunk and we wanted to capture the moment.
  3. Just some of Silver Haze Squad (my gta crew).
  4. I was idling on the sidewalk and two computers said "wow shes hot!" i looked up and saw them taking pictures of me on their phone. So rude!

    1. Massacre


      I have the same problem with people from urban legend websites. There's always some shitbag trying to get footage of me.

    2. DuPz0r


      Just imagine, one of them will be fapping over your looks later that evening, isn't that flattering?! :P

    3. Ace Of Spades

      Ace Of Spades

      I was once told by a gay guy that i was fapped to, i felt very proud.

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  5. Said goodbye to my dear import, but now I have this.
  6. Kingsman Overall, a pretty cool film. It was what I expected. Plenty of crazy fight scenes that were slowed down or sped up, a few "hold your breath OMG" moments, and a scene in particular where I had to cover my eyes. Very cool moments, expensive fashion, and high tech gadgets. Oh, and Samuel L. Jackson dressed up as a teenager the entire film. The very end of the movie ends with zooming in on a girls asshole.
  7. Should I take shrooms today? they're just sitting there and i'm not doing much else today...but it would also break my sobriety....hmm

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    2. Qdeathstar
    3. Massacre


      Enablers. Enablers everywhere.

    4. DuPz0r


      Make a mixed fungi soup and chuck some in there, and feed them to your relatives, then film them trip :)

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  8. I do, a brand new sick one that was a hundred bucks. I'll join you guys next week or the week after (need to wait for my internet to be turned on).
  9. Die young and save yourself

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      it's better to burn out, than fade away...

    2. Ginginho


      Too late for me...

  10. Lol no, I just figured I was the loser one out. And plus my system was stolen last year so I fell off for awhile. Maybe now I can FINALLY join in.
  11. I just got the ps4 two days ago. I say you get one too so you can still play with me and Jen. Plus, you're the only person on here that I play with.
  12. This game looks absolutely terrifying. The last time I got scared while playing a video game was with Condemned. I hope this game has the same feel. So, I'm gonna buy it, especially since i'm now on that ps4 flowwww.
  13. I was not expecting anything nice. As you can see, it was set up very horrible lol
  14. Lol R.I.P, my brothers old, sweet setup- Bombed his room
  15. Similar question...everyday I do a half hour on the elliptical, about 45 minutes on the treadmill, and sometimes 20 minutes on the bike. I've been doing this for a week, and haven't been to the gym a year before that. I am sore! I'll stretch after (i know I'm doing it all wrong) but for like two seconds before it hurts. whens this going to stop?!
  16. Good episode tonight. The show is now going somewhere...
  17. Jesus christ, well done. I wonder how surprised she was.
  18. So this picture is of a scavenger hunt that happened three years ago. Offering a donut to a cop...check. We would've gotten extra points if he ate the donut but he didn't want anything to do with us. I stopped into a bodega and found a cat Found these while looking through my old photos too, lol
  19. Reminds me of the crew I rep, Silver Haze Squad. Although it is just myself and my friends Jen, Adam, Kara, Ant, and Cheyne. But we all do personally know each other and live in the same town so thats what makes it cool I guess.