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  1. i will have to go with other; i enjoy a fine Cognac myself.
  2. Malibu isn't that big really, comparatively. less then 13,000 people live there. and everyone knows the only part of Malibu that counts is the beach homes/villa's.
  3. feeding the homeless? no thanks, i will take GTA V over that. (yes i am selfish)
  4. stupid gamestop. i like how they say "no purchase necessary," but you need those points to enter. so basically you do need to purchase stuff to enter the contest, way to mislead everyone, gamestop!
  5. why does everyone care so much about reviews? if you are getting the game on release date why would it matter when reviews are coming out? anyone of you really going to not get the game because of a bad review?
  6. It's called exclusives for a reason. If I pay $150 for something to be exclusive for the $150 price tag. I don't want people who paid $60 or $80 to be able to have it. i couldnt agree more! im paying all the extra $$$ no loser who paid less should be getting it. if you want what the CE has, well you better buy the CE then. otherwise dont be bitching.
  7. Didn't using cheats make the game impossible to beat? there was a main story mission, later in the game, where you have to save a guy who is jumping from a building. I remember that if you used cheats anytime in the game prior to that it would be impossible to save the guy. Supposedly, you had to cheat a certain number of times, but I had a file where I cheated repeatedly to test it and had no issues. Cheating in general certainly didn't affect anything, and if there were a number, it would have to be pretty high. I've never heard that. But I used cheats constantly on my 2nd play through and never encountered that problem. yes because only the pedestrians riot cheat messed up the game! using that cheat once will make it IMPOSSIBLE to finish. all other cheats are fine.
  8. to not use the code would be stupid, youre paying $150 for the CE, if you wont use the DLC it comes with then may as well let someone who WANTS the CE get it instead of wasting it. im sure lots of people want the CE but they are sold out.
  9. no, its a car with 4 engines and bombs strapped to it...