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  1. so, the next Tomb Raider is Xbone exclusive. Nice try, ms..

  2. Got a secondary PSN account for GTAV: scaredofhippos It will probably be my main account for ps3 when V comes out on ps4. My new dude looks like Eddie Murphy

    1. Ace Of Spades

      Ace Of Spades

      *I guess i helped start something :P

    2. Handsome B Wonderful

      Handsome B Wonderful

      lol. I've had the second account for nearly 2 years. I didn't think to use it for GTAV until you guys started doing it

      I set it up as a US account so I could buy stuff cheaper than on the Aussie PSN store. I think I live in New Hampshire, apparently.

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      that sucks, lol...

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  3. ^lol Listened to the new Judas Priest. Meh. Bad news, analog. Hannes Grossmann and Christian Muenzner have left Obscura. Hannes didn't like the direction of the new music (apparently it was similar to Cosmogenesis), and Christian felt he couldn't perform Obscura material live without worsening his hand condition. I'd like to suggest Muhammed Suicmez as new guitarist.
  4. I have 2 Destiny Beta codes for PS4 (europe/everywhere bar America) if anyone wants them. PM me if interested

    1. DuPz0r


      Join me online bro!

  5. Remind me not to fly Malaysian Airlines

    1. Brian




    2. Handsome B Wonderful

      Handsome B Wonderful

      Pesky Russians. I bet they shot down the first plane, too

    3. Ginginho


      Friend from work just flew that same route with MA a week ago...

  6. Mario Gotze's girlfriend What a happy couple
  7. Good lord, there are a lot of attractive German women on the field. So happy the Germans won. I'm a very happy camper at the moment. Edit: Fuck off, Messi didn't deserve the Golden Ball. James was ripped off.
  8. For whatever reason, my guy had weird paint around his lips.
  9. Please, Costa Rica, save me from this predictable fizzler of a world cup. And Robben's tnt-loaded heels. Edit: In Extra-time. This Uzbek ref is a joke. Handball? I thought it only counted if it hit below the elbow, not almost on the shoulder. And only Robben gets penalties for getting tapped on the foot in the penalty area, it seems. Edit2: Really? That's what we've come to? Subbing on keepers to win shootouts? Fucking dutch
  10. lol, Lindsay Lohan. What a delusional, coked up, knob-jockey. Good luck suing R*. Clearly, she is the first celebrity parodied in a GTA game.

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      even the lady who had a more convincing case (mob boss daughter) didn't win...

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      and why now? why nearly a year since release? oh right, fitty said it... drugs....

    4. gtagrl


      She just wants her name in a headline without the word "rehab" or "shoplifting".

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  11. Damn Obama took ma Coquette, so now I drive this here Primo.
  12. Mt Chiliad Mystery solved! Inside of mountain is Paleto Bay garages!
  13. I'm sick of Argentina's underachieving bullshit, and I hope Belgium wipes the floor with them. Colombia V Belgium would be my ideal final.
  14. New update. I wonder which mission has been neutered this time. And it's for a limited time only! rabble rabble rabble

  15. Tough luck for Nigeria and especially Algeria.
  16. I want afros, Jheri curls, etc. R* doesn't care about black people! I also want flares, platform shoes, a hairy chest and a sparkly shirt. Hopefully there's a 70's DLC at some point.
  17. Great win for Costa Rica. I didn't think they would hold on. The match wasn't that great, but the shootout was entertaining. Brazil and Chile should watch that as a lesson on how to take penalties.
  18. Woot. I finally predicted a score at this world cup Don't know what that guy was thinking tripping Robben. Oh well, bad luck for Mexico.
  19. Otiz putting on a show for Kuz and Mercy For whatever reason the meme creator doesn't work for me, so I'll just say Go Nigeria!
  20. I'm feeling really bad for Chile atm. If that Pinilla shot had just been an inch lower... Bring on Colombia and Uruguay.
  21. I'm happy Algeria got through, although they don't stand much chance against Germany. My picks for the round of 8 Brazil V Chile 2-0 Colombia V Uruguay 3-0 Netherlands V Mexico 2-1 Costa Rica V Greece 0-1 France V Nigeria 2-1 Germany V Algeria 3-1 Argentina V Switzerland 2-1 Belgium V USA 0-0 (USA on penalties)
  22. I'm just happy an African side got through. Unfortunately, it's Nigeria instead of Ghana Bosnia played really well. Where was that form in the first 2 games?