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    GTAO Wishlist

    I want to have a Cargobob be able to pick up a jet and then have the jet fly away and pull the Cargobob in the air...
  2. pie4july

    GTAO Wishlist

    That'd be kinda easy to rank up... what about. Cop - 3 (Bc easy) NOOSE - 7 (Bc easy) Military - 20 Helicopter - 30 Rhino - 50
  3. Playing with friends is the best thing about GTAO. Couple buddies and myself had hours of fun driving big rigs W/ trailers up the mount chiliad (sp?) trails. I've never laughed so hard. What other game can you fuck around in like that?
  4. Well yeah. Tanks should be expensive. You need to earn it. Otherwise they'd be everywhere... Once the hacked money got out they were. I got blown up by tanks constantly. Even though I had the money to buy one... I'm not high enough of a level. So I got butt fucked a ton by it. I joined a room one day, and drove out of my garage; immediately got blown up by a tank. I nearly shit myself.
  5. Not everyone had hacked money, so raising the cost would fuck players with real money or people just buying the game now. Now you're the one making no sense. R* was put in a box. They took the money you never should have had, away. Deal with it man. It's just a game
  6. For those of you too lazy to read through this entire thread, don't worry. I have read it and I can sum it up quickly... Some people will always find flaws, even when given exactly what they asked for. Look, Rockstar was put in a box, but they did as they should. Do I miss my gifted 190 million dollars? Of course I do. Am I glad Rockstar removed it though? Yes. As much as I miss the money, it killed the game. Rockstar is doing their best to give us the best game and online experience ever. The first attempt of anything is never perfect. How many planes crashed before the first one successfully flew? How many cars didn't work before the first one drove? It's gonna take time. We need to be patient. And not to be an asshole and call out Lord Q... but dude... Where is your massive online game? If it's so bad, why don't you go do it then. Again, don't mean to make an enemy here, but really.
  7. Andddd, my money is gone as well. Still have my cars and everything tho
  8. I still have all my money as well. 188 Million in the bank. and 300K+ in my guys pocket... I wonder if the cash vs bank will be a problem for Rockstar?
  9. pie4july

    GTAO Wishlist

    More cars More car customization options (Wings, Tire smoke colors, spinning rims, ect) More houses Different garage interiors Ability to move your car's placement in your garage More objects to use in race creation mode
  10. Okay so I think I've got a great track on my hands for once haha. All my friends loved it and gave me helpful tips. With their tips in mind I just updated it and made it far better. Okay so it's on the dirt track oval in the game and it's set up as a rallycross course. You start on the straightaway and head towards turn one. There is a jump that goes over a cabin, or you can bypass it and dart between the medium gas cylinders. You go through the turn and down the back stretch, there are four jumps side by side. Pick one and hop over the objects behind the jumps. then there are barriers that separate two paths that go into the turn. One path has barrels that need smashing, the other has a small jump over a wrecked car. Head through the turn to come to the front stretch to complete the lap... BUT first you need to make a choice. Three jumps. 1. over several busses, 2. over a shit ton of cabins, or three a jump over train cars. Pick one and go over. The finish is just beyond this point. 5 laps. All out. Go. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/pie4july/games/gtav/jobs/job/5A_l9l0ZdU6F0cj-Q8XLPg?platformId=2
  11. It really is. At first I was overjoyed... But it's really ruined the game for myself now... I end up usually just playing GTA Online with friends now, or alone :/
  12. More race tools would be awesome! Platforms, more objects, signs... that'd be awesome.
  13. I'd like more cars in the game. DLC cars? Maybe more houses/garages as DLC? That'd be pretty cool.
  14. My cars Buffalo Gauntlet Adder Carbonizzare Banshee Gresley Felon Sultan RS Comet Coquette Selfie! Haha
  15. Even though I have a lot of money it still erks me that I have to pay for my car when a player shoots me with a tank... I've also had a glitch since the game that came out that hasn't been fixed with any patches. If I am not the host of a lobby in a job I lag out. After I play a couple jobs and I'm not the host I'll glitch out. At some point between jobs, if I'm in the same room I will get marked as the host EVEN though I'm really not. I end up getting put in my own room and it says all the people are joining.. But then it says they all left before getting in there. Then no one can join my hosted room unless I back out and make a new one. Meanwhile all my friends were playing just fine in a different room...So basically if I'm not the true host, I can only play one or two jobs with others until I lag out.
  16. I got gifted another 100 million yesterday. I joined another room that had bounties that were in the millions and hackers how could kill but not be killed... Automatic shotgun full clip to the head... No damage. At first the money and all the hackers was cool and funny... Now its getting dumb and annoying. I don't want anymore money. And I'm tired of getting killed by others who can't be killed...
  17. Two friends of mine claimed to have been given two billion. Billion with a B. I, myself, joined a random lobby last night, went in my garage, got a car and drove down the street... Somehow then someone gave me 100 Million dollars... I just said Merry Christmas and started spending it. I'm not gonna question that shit. Hahaha. Although my game has been a bit laggy since this happened
  18. QUESTION! ...How the hell do you guys get people to play your levels? I'll host a job with my own track, sit there and wait... 10-15 minutes. No one joins. (Yes matchmaking is open) It is literally the most annoying thing :/
  19. Set up a RallyCross course on the dirt/horse track. It's wicked fun... If you're gonna try any of my races. You gotta try this obstacle like course. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/pie4july/games/gtav/jobs/job/rT0Lpq7NLEmYFnF-RVD9fw?platformId=2
  20. Who here watches NASCAR? Do you like short track racing? Well guess what. It's here. NASCAR's shortest track is in GTA V. The paperclip, Martinsville speedway, the track Mike Joy basically dubbed "the track with 800 foot drag strips and hairpin turns."http://socialclub.ro...U2ki8oglnEvVy-Q
  21. Sometimes there are jerks out there. Someone needs to protect the little guys. Don't you agree? Then you should join... USAF: The United States Air Force GTA V crew. Join us, protect America's skies. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/air_force_usa
  22. My PSN is pie4july Always looking to play with funny, cool people...Especially clean racers!
  23. So far I have worked hard on NINE different tracks. Haven't really had anyone play them yet so I thought I'd share them here. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! They are all serious races (Except for the last one). Most have makeshift Chicanes for an added challenge. Hence why I used so much Construction fences as you'll see. Others have ramps and other fun things. My favorite tracks, and the ones I highly suggest you try are numbers 1, 2, 5 & 8. I'm constantly making new races, feel free to check out my new jobs here: http://socialclub.ro...games/gtav/jobs 1. Gymkhana: Act just like Ken Block as you take your sports car through an awesome, tight course in three parking lots. Cool trick areas. http://socialclub.ro...2Q?platformId=2 2. Alamo Seaside Raceway [C]: Cruise alongside the Alamo Sea on this 2.43 mile circuit. This is the 'C' (Short version) track. Yes, that means are already A & B versions http://socialclub.ro...Lg?platformId=2 3. Alamo Seaside Raceway [A]: Cruise alongside the Alamo Sea on this 4.81 mile circuit. This is the 'A' (Long version) track. http://socialclub.ro...uw?platformId=2 4. Alamo Seaside Raceway : Cruise alongside the Alamo Sea on this 3.67 mile circuit. This is the 'B' (Medium version) track. http://socialclub.ro...5A?platformId=2 5. Ocean Sprint: Speed through a highway figure 8, dodge bombs and race to the ocean. The finish line? Well that checkpoint is right before a jump that goes off into the water! http://socialclub.ro...OQ?platformId=2 6. 16.7 Mile Enduro: Go around the entire map... Can you last long enough to take the win? http://socialclub.ro...2Q?platformId=2 7. Hill Climb: Off roading. http://socialclub.ro...jA?platformId=2 8. Ocean Hillside Raceway: Beat and bang to the finish by the ocean. http://socialclub.ro...aw?platformId=2 9. The Hardest Race: Kind of a joke track. It starts at the top of the building, you go off a jump and fall to the bottom of it, and continue racing. Wicked hard bc why not? Long and tedious. Have fun crossing the water at the end of the beach... Yes it is possible... Depending on the tide It's just for sh*ts and giggles, but it is actually possible to cross the water. Might be a little hard though. http://socialclub.ro...lw?platformId=2