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  1. I think that was patched. I got strength up really fast by playing Hole 6 in Golf over and over. Can anyone help me with shooting? All my other stats are at 100%!
  2. I've now maxed out all my stats except shooting. I've done several missions, survivals, and even hit the shooting range and haven't seen any increase. Am I doing something wrong? lol Difficulty is set on normal for missions, survival doesn't seem to have an option.
  3. Way to bump a 2-month old post. There are tons of people playin in Chile, here's some right here:
  4. Can anyone confirm that shooting cops does not help your shooting skills? Does the gun range help anymore?
  5. Yeah, I kind of had a feeling it was modding myself so that's probably what it is.
  6. Things I dislike about GTA Online: 16 players online only - People leave too quickly and the map is huge. I rarely ever see more than 2-3 people close to each other. Would like a larger amount of people on a single map. Bounty wait time - I hate that they changed bounties to only allow 1 per player per 45 minutes with the 1.07 update Cloud server issues - had my guy completely reset when a cloud server went down. 12+ hours of gameplay down the drain Lack of people willing to play missions - It is hard to get more than 3-4 people to play something, then most leave after Property Limitations - Why can I only own 1 property? It would be convenient to have property in different places No Businesses - I would like to invest my money into businesses that will produce more money online Air Strikes - How do these things even work? Every time I call one and drop the flare, nothing ever happens! That's enough reasons for now...
  7. I tried working on my shooting stat last night and killed 188 police, 89 via headshot and my shooting skill didn't increase a drop. Guessing these guys don't count anymore? Can anyone confirm? Thanks!
  8. I've heard guys talking on bluetooth a few times now about people that put ridiculous bounties on peoples' heads... How are they doing this? As far as I know, the max bounty is $10k, right?
  9. I tried shooting cops for shooting skills, does that not work? I spent about an hour doing it and didn't even get a slight increase. Does it increase in missions only? Also, does solo racing and survival still boost skills or do you have to play with others? Thanks for the great quality posts.
  10. Hey guys, So my account recently reset for some reason and I lost my character's style, stats, rank, cars, house and everything except my money for some reason. Anyways, I want to get my stats back up as quickly as possible. I'm looking to max strength, stamina, driving and flying. I've already ranked my stealth. What's the fastest way after update 1.07? Any help would be great, thanks!