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  1. it would be awsome if radio LS is gonna make a return but i have a twitter account for fans and info, which I should link to in here instead of advertising in this topic.
  2. a garage where you can store cars in, radomly crime scenes, customisable weapons and flyable planes
  3. yes i just saw on the website of wii u that gta v will be on the wii in 2013
  4. gta would be ruined for me if there isnt as much to do like in san andreas cauz if san andreas had the graphics of gta iv it would be the best game evah
  5. i would love to see everything from san andreas but then better because san andreas was the best game of them all
  6. everything that san andreas has to because san andreas isn't as boring as gta iv after the story
  7. I think we just have to wait for the next trailer then we will hav more information about gta V it wont be long waiting
  8. i hope both but not that you can carry too many like taking a rocketlaucher out of you're yacket
  9. being stoned with little jacob in the car at gta 4 was also funny atleast when you didnt crack the window