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  1. I was gifted $50million two times on Tuesday night. So I am sitting with over $100,000,000... Don't like it. I dont want that much money
  2. For strength, get a buddy to sit in a car while you beat the hell out of it.
  3. Right on, yeah I lurk more than I post, but I will definitely try and be more active. Its a really cool community here.
  4. There should be a niether option I just can't bring myself to vote for either of these. I'll send in a car tonight
  5. Play "Coveted" from the mission menu, it pays $12,500 every 3-5 mins and it has a replay option as well making it perfect for farming cash
  6. How is the Sentinel when fully modded? I have one in my garage but since i havent unlocked all the performance mods yet I hardly use it. I really like the looks of it though so I am saving it.
  7. My latest addition. Ill get pictures of all my cars in a bit.
  8. A custom surge comes in handy if you ever find yourself in a race with Sedans where custom vehicles are enabled..found myself wishing I had one the other night as I was dead last as I didn't have a Sedan of any kind in my garage..
  9. Random thought: Do you guys play with Auto-aim, or not? I'm having a lot more fun playing online with manual aim.
  10. Got myself: Sabre Turbo Dominator Feltzer Banshee Elegy Exemplar Sentinel Bati Cheetah Merryweather Mesa Ill get some pictures one of these days...
  11. I'm not bitching.. i am just presenting a potential solution for what I see as a slight problem/oversight with the bad sport system. I play in public lobbies all the time and I have never been thrown into a bad sport lobby, so I am not overly worried about it to point of avoidong public lobbies. I am just trying to make a point that the bad sport system is a bit strict when it comes to destroying personal vehicles.. I mean you get people in missions that purposefully sabotage the mission and recieve no bad sport rating, but then when a buddy is being funny and blows your car up with a sticky bomb they get thrown into a bad sport lobby and you cant play with them for s an oversight and like I said I am just offering a solution. Just because it isn't a problem for you doesnt mean its not a problem for others
  12. That's just avoiding the problem, not solving it. At least you admitted it was a problem this time we are making progress
  13. Can't play with friends if you're stuck in a bad sport lobby and they aren't... Thats my point, i don't have a problem with people trying to kill me, it can be fun. My problem is with the strictness of the bad sport system, I mean this is GTA, since when is blowing up a car frowned upon?
  14. Haha I won't. Soo I ended up working extra late and just came home and passed out. Ill have to do it today sometime.
  15. Crazy..i can't believe the cars and guns will be free. I wonder if you will need to be a certain rank to get them though.
  16. Ill snap some pictures tonight when I get off work and I will send them in.
  17. Hey guys, this is an idea I had an emailed to R*.. if you like it I suggest you all email R* as well and maybe they will listen. Hopefully it is ok that I m posting this here... :/ I wrote an email to R* suggesting that they somehow make it so you only recieve a bad sport rating if you destroy someones car multiple times within a certain amount of time. So say you destroy the same guys car 3 times within a half hour you would recieve "points" towards your bad sport rating. Because its just plain crazy that a car of guys can mercilessly kill you over and over but if while defending yourself you destroy the car they are in(even if on accident) you recieve a bad sport rating.. Thoughts?
  18. I don't think they're trying to "change" it. They just had fun last night and want to do it again..Saturday. Doesnt mean it wont happen again Monday. For myself I would be available Saturday, I was working last night and couldnt make it, so it would be great if the crew got together again Saturday
  19. A day or two ago I was gunned down by a couple guys camped out infront of Los Santos Customs. As i was trying to enter LSC they killrd me and blew up my Banshee. I grabbed a new car and stalked them for a bit. They parked their cars right outside the hair stylist and went in. I drove by and sticky bombed one of the cars. On explosion the other car was pushed in front of the hair stylist door and trapped them inside. Justice was served. Thought it was a story worth sharing.