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  1. Interesting...I really like this idea. They had laudromats in IV, I think you could just rob them, but maybe you could use those to remove blood stains, dirt, etc from your clothes. Kind of like the car wash in IV... doesn't really add much to the game but they're there, might as well give them a purpose.
  2. There were some puddles that "not-CJ" was running through in the trailer, might be cool if streets could get flooded during storms. Could also get annoying, but they could probably make it happen infrequent enough since it doesn't rain often in SoCal
  3. Finally, the long awaited Sim Tower sequel
  4. Not sure, but I'm predicting this thread is locked before any new info comes out.
  5. Considering it's available for pre-order for the 360, I would think that it's not PS3 exclusive. Unless Amazon and every other online retailer is just assuming it will be available for both. I guess I don't know how that all works exactly.
  6. I like the idea of buying vehicles, although I do spot a few flaws in being able to do so. For one, as you pointed out, why spend money on something you can easily get for free by stealing a car and garaging it. Another problem is how easy it is to wreck a car in GTA. Why throw down 100K on a car just to accidentally flip it over in 30 seconds? So, I would propose that the cars you purchase automatically spawn at one of your safe houses, a la the Infernus in front of the Vercetti Estate in Vice City. Maybe that takes away from the realism, but it would make buying a vehicle actually serve a point.
  7. You forgot engine status lights, so you know when to get the oil changed... 3 months goes by fast in GTA time.
  8. As far as finding missions, they could use it as an expansion to the "stranger" missions they had in IV. Seems GTA has always made it pretty clear where the main story missions are on the map, but I did like how the side missions only showed up when you were in the vicinity. GTAV could potentially only show certain missions when you enter the house/building where they take place. That would at least give us a reason to explore a little. Maybe off topic, but another thing that was missing from houses in general in IV was interaction with the outside world. For example, Vice City had roof access in the Vercetti estates, something like that would be cool in V. Or maybe the ability to interact with the outdoors from a window or something.
  9. First mission could be robbing a grocery store of their jello puddin' pops. EDIT: I doubt it's him though, he's got a mouthful for a name...
  10. Maybe Max Payne 3 and GTA V are the same game!!! Looks like it's coming out in March!!!!!11!one
  11. Bet he's getting pulled over for not having a front license plate... Maybe one of the activites in V could be waiting in line at the DMV to keep vehicle registration current.
  12. License plates are registered to the state, not individual cities.
  13. True there is no evidence that planes are flyable, but I don't think R* would go out of their way to put that many shots of planes flying in the trailer if they weren't. They know that it's something a lot of people wanted back, I don't think they would lead everyone to think they we could fly them just to disappoint.
  14. As someone pointed out, the inclusion of planes implies more than one airport/landing strip, which implies multiple cities.
  15. First line of dialogue sounds like Charlie Sheen, definitely not him but I thought that was kind of funny. Also, according to IGN (and yes that's a horrible way to start a sentence), Rockstar has CONFIRMED that GTA V will take place in all 3 major cities of San Andreas. Not sure if they actually released a statement, or if IGN is just full of shit (more likely).
  16. Yep. October it is, then. (not really) Probably meant to be the expiration of the plates... although I wouldn't rule out a hint at a release date.
  17. Base Ubuntu really comes with most of the useful applications built in. VLC is pretty good, I would check out XBMC though, very cool UI for a media center. Other than that, I would say learn your way around the terminal, probably the most useful application on Linux when you know how to use it. I don't know if you're into programming at all, but Linux is especially convenient for installing compilers. Much less of a pain in the ass then it is in Windows.
  18. Sounds like someone who wants attention. Unless he's a complete idiot he wouldn't be sharing information under an NDA with Rockstar. If he's really in a position to know information, he would know that a proxy server only protects his identity from reverse IP lookup. If Rockstar felt the need to investigate (which they would if this was legit information protected under an NDA) they could easily identify him from records kept by said web proxy. Also, I seriously doubt they would take a step backwards towards making the game less realistic. They've clearly established a direction for the franchise, I think it would be a mistake to go against that.
  19. If the speculation about it being based in Los Santos are correct, I'd like to see a SoCal punk station, that'd be sweet. Also, how about an Independence FM type station for the console version, could use music stored on the HD.
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