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  1. They tend to bend over a lot when they do. If she shush #2s you, you've got the green light to smash.
  2. Mercy and I were playing with YARS a while back and noticed he didn't have his arms so maybe he knows of a glitch. I don't know if PS3 glitches are the same as PS4 but it's worth a shot. I'll ask him about it.
  3. Part 2... Mercy, Truth and I are cute wittle penguins... Mercy diving... Aww... Then night time came, Mercy was soooo scared. Not me though I was tough. Yup. From Mercy... Dat ass in dem leggings tho... I like this one... ... Penguin Titanic Best snap of the night from Miss Cortez... Pics from Truth Finished...
  4. We've had the jackal for quite some time now, and as DuPz said the joke has died. I wouldn't be opposed to keeping the jackal as our mascot but a new logo would be cool. Not keen on the orange though, how bout the old gold instead?
  5. Massive dump coming your way... lol human supplies KILL Whities! I mean errr... White KILL! Not sure if art... I don't even remember taking this. Looks pretty cool though... Just chillin' inside Merc Poor girl's always exhausted, she just couldn't find anywhere to sleep Come sleep here, Merc... Errm that's not exactly where I had in mind... I meant the couch... lol Okay now if you could just reposition yourself that would be awesome... There you go Some old igta '80s night snaps... Fuckin' pigs always tryin' to ruin our party... Random shit lol Da struggle... In the hole... M&Emz... M&Emz afc... Had to get one in the snow. #MerKuz <3 ...
  6. I'd just like to point out that like many others, my recent barrage of status updates was in light of yours, Brian. If you actually check my feed, you'd see that I normally update my status maybe once or twice a week, sometimes less. My 2 cents.
  7. I can confirm the new update is last gen as well.
  8. The mask is your face. It is your face that is the real mask... ...Bruce. Or something like that... Here. Maybe this will help you understand...
  9. What else was there? Did I miss something? Oh I see what it is. Don't worry bOnEs, you're sorta kinda pretty too
  10. Miss Photogenic Also, DuPz looks pretty as fuck. Would smash.
  11. lol that last ones great fanboy. Darn like quota.
  12. Last night was good times. PS3's still going strong... for now anyway.
  13. Like gtagrl, I too will be there in spirit... ...to win the playlist.
  14. Keepin an eye on igta's finest prison bitches... #Mergrl Mercy lookin all cute Mercy and her sister AKA "M&Emz" Our little family #BooEmily Self explanatory... Gotta love Cheech. I mean, who expected him of all ppl to pull this sorta stunt? Farm hoppin'... "In my time of dying..." Fin Edit: It took me 5 tries to get this to show up properly... do not ask me to post pics.
  15. Thanks for posting my shots. I just can never manage to remember!