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  1. Stealing this list from another gaming forum: Main Campaign is around 65 hours long 2,200 days of motion capture was performed The script for the main story is nearly 2000 pages The script, including all additional dialog, would be “about 8 feet high” of printed and stacked together. 500,000 lines of dialog. 300,000 animations About 5 hours of content and missions were cut in the end
  2. From Vulture article
  3. Interesting but I don't think that's it. The green rock on the right in the desert pic is not outlined correctly. The rock doesn't go that far to the right.
  4. Full gallery:
  6. Or they really did create a whole new area south of the current new map in Mexico - as we had speculated for the desert (which we now know was wrong). *IF* the map actually goes up the eastern coast much more, I wonder what old cities or states it would include.
  7. ^I can read that both ways. Either its the only one or the others are two-handed. I guess Rockstar isn't posting the weapon/combat page today either...
  8. Updated Valentine with the screenshot(s) R* posted about Dead-Eye. Basically just completed the small road south of the main street and extended the west end of that down: And added placeholder road extensions to the top-right because I felt like it.
  9. Not so much that they anticipate leaks but more that the trophy list is there when the game comes out so they still do not want to spoil anything. I assume the ones that are really spoilish will be hidden ones anyway.
  10. Someone on tw said health, stamina, dead-eye, horse stamina, horse health Makes sense.
  11. And they started up again.... Talking dead-eye.
  12. There's another one that could be about moving around the map but it could mean something entirely spoilerish so I won't post the title. Kind of vague like the previous so it could mean a couple different things. Almost certain it is for the map. Doesn't say a name or anything.
  13. Sometimes I think the serendipity is going to be a mission in 2 where they steal it and end up crashing into the dock as a hasty getaway. I don't think there was any reference to it for the gang though.
  14. In my fantasy story Arthur gets captured somewhere in the new map and sent down the river before washing up on the shore of new Austin. Something like that. Edit: I'm not even sure that island is what we think it is. I think it is something else but not sure what.
  15. Just says "washed ashore" for completing part of the story. Could mean a whole new territory (even new Austin) or someone else maybe from the gangs past arrives. Something like that. I am reminded of RDR going to Mexico when you take the boat across the river but doesn't mean rdr2 is the same situation.
  16. Spoiler tags in use. Reddit mods parted out the bad spoiler stuff from the whatever spoiler stuff: Discuss (for anyone actually looking at them).
  17. Reddit mods parted out the bad spoiler stuff from the whatever spoiler stuff: There was one that could hint at the map but nothing that outright says part of the map.
  18. Someone can send me the link in a pm. I'll take the hit.
  19. I guess the weapon page will be up tomorrow then...
  20. Me and Dup are in too deep. Can't look away. Save yourselves!
  21. I guess someone left the L out of "mental" and everyone copy/pasted that person so now #WorldMentaHealthDay is trending worldwide on twitter. Hilarious.

    1. ViceMan


      You can't trust those mentas to do anything right.

    2. TreeFitty


      Maybe they meant meta?

  23. I think they've done it before where they stopped tweeting right before the actual full release. Probably plenty of people refreshing the site every hour (like me). @bones Did weaponry, weaponsandammo, etc. None of the ones you posted worked. Nothing in the website coding yet. I'm sure they are keeping it locked up until they post an article.
  24. Doesn't exist (yet?). Trying to think of different urls they would use...