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  1. I am grateful for this crew,I know it's only been three years but hardly missing any crew nights it doesn't feel that long.I love every moment cause it adds excitement to each and every week.bones,dio,gtagrl and dupz you guys all make each amd every night fun and just awesome but what I don't see enough is appreciation for the work thats put in especially my boy bmx that puts in double the work for his races,it's a goddamn shame you gotta downvote his races because you can't do it.IT'S YOUR LACK OF SKILL YOU SON OF A BITCH.this community has dissolved and we need to find it again,disagree or not with all this I wanna try to bring us all back.
  2. Dude,bones at first I started to question your reasons at first but now I'm getting it lol I mean,I wanna stick around but everything's just starting to get crazy for myself I don't even have time to update a couple jobs.what is life anymore?can we live in the matrix? Can I have more cocaine!? Ah,fuck it.i'll be spying the topics but just wanted to say my voice won't be heard for awhile so that'll be one less headache in party chat. (Goddamn succubus!)
  3. I can't join anymore or creating jobs or time with gta5 is retired.3 years with a game and im fuckin tired.done pussyfooting around with this shit and calling it quits.I'm waiting until battlefield 1 and gonna play that until the end of time cause that is when fuckstar is gonna release the next game.
  4. Nice!!! That's awesome you ended up getting a good shot so the few attempts weren't a waste.
  5. I like the idea of laying out the list like that.
  6. Raton canyon run Here's my race too,just so in case it wasn't already bookmarked.
  7. It's kind of a shame cause I'd rock the hell out of the logo if it could replace the jock cranley logo.
  8. Fuck call of duty,those bitches ruined battlefield.I'm gonna laugh at those little kids try to play battlefield 1.

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    1. TheLunaticFringe


      I wanna see someone touch up on another 1930's-40's era mafia game like 2k did with mafia 1 and 2.I know they made 3 a little bit more free roam but seeing something from a developer that could do it a bit better would be cool.

    2. Massacre


      LA Noire had a great story. If they had a more appealing city (LA was pretty boring in that time period, if you weren't directly on Hollywood Blvd.) and actually provide things to do once the story is done, another entry in the series would be great.


      Chicago Noire, maybe? New York has been done to death. 

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i'm really surprised chicago isn't used more in gaming... it's got a rich diverse history...

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  9. Ah,shit! I just got done making a new race before I saw this lol it runs through raton but a good majority of it is stunt track,not such a good fit for this theme but if ya wanna say fuck it and throw it in the second playlist or some shit I could link it.
  10. I updated layin' pipe with a warning siren for the holes in the tubes and also changed the checkpoints so they're the circular ones now also changed the vehicle choice to city is also updated with the circular checkpoints and moved two of the ramps back a bit that were on the freeway but it's also optional to just go around them.
  11. Goddammit,Casey! it's all good we'll criticize you when it's all published and I'll make sure everybody's extra mean towards it.
  12. Holy mother of god! that looks tits. Hey dio,you think maybe tonight if you're up for it run a couple of my races,I ran tests over and over but I wanna get someone else's word on it rather then just my own judgement.
  13. Got three ready for stunt night,will post when the new topics up.
  14. I threw something together also,took an all nighter to finish but I finally got 'er done.I also discovered a deathmatch I had saved that I was working on originally for apocalypse night but never,I'll try gettin workin on that to have done by tuesday.
  15. Ha! Well fuck...I noticed that shit with the rotating props too but I usually just snap it to a piece and it'll stop, sometimes even it'll even glitch and end up somewhere else on the map. So far it's only taken me one dumb question and a little bit of messing around with to figure out but really liking the rotation override once I got the hang of it.
  16. Hopefully the creator's getting a fix cause right in the middle of making a race I got kicked the fuck off completely of my game then when I went to go back in it said some shit like "the creator is currently unavailable"
  17. Nice!! I'm a bit miffed with the creator that you gotta line the props up with each other instead of just snapping together,although I did just spend only a half hour checking it out.I'll spend some more time this week to try and throw something together.
  18. Lol now to start digging and see who I can pull off with my male.
  19. The thing about "appreciation nights" is it doesn't have to be a theme,it doesn't have to be the date I suggested but whatever no theme night...I've been doin a zero forever,can't believe you acknowledged that now but noted.
  20. I don't like missin crew nights but I hope I can create something special for you guys when I come back. Also,for the 23rd of August I vote for a Igta Mods appreciation night for B0nes and gtagrl cause they deserve it.
  21. I think I'm gonna be out on this next one cause me and the woman are going off for a little trip.(real life things) anyways ill be back the following week.
  22. Hell man,I know I haven't been here all that long to run anything I'll gladly step up and run at least everything online if say gtagrl runs the forums side of things considering she's a mod.I don't know,just thought I'd be the first to speak up and land the temporary role.there's obviously more people that know about this more then I do but just throwin my name in the hat.
  23. I'm down for a western night,also I think for motocross there can be a little mix of in the mud and stunt ramps? Also also,uploading to twitter is pretty tits.I think im just gonna start recording gameplay and grabbin whatever I can for short little's just more fun at least to me editing videos then digging through clips,that don't hold my attention for too long.