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  1. Edit All good to go for slowriders night..I'll just stick with the typical ghetto ass honkey outfit to be safe. Just like my ex girlfriend...
  2. Chances are 50/50 of me showing.things just aren't going well amongst other things,maybe some other time.
  3. Ha,nice! I'm ready to start getting into the elusive targets now that I got used to making the quick kill and slipping outta there.Just completed sapienza and chucked my screwdriver into a scientists head just before making my escape.
  4. Definitely like mercy she looks like...I only looked like gtagrl once when I actually put the effort into the dress up and as far as fashion goes..fuck it,I killed it and put that bitch to pasture.
  5. Yeah,I'm good with that either way cause I'm playing hitman all weekend,which bones I'll be going back to your guides for tips(just the tip),hints and what not. so ill have a nice break from gta and also possibly go back to back nights. I say Igta blue for the first night just cause it feels kinda right.
  6. Just picked up my copy the other day,I'm addicted! Picking it up quite easy and will tackle that elusive target here cause I bought all except Colorado and hakkaido which i'll pick up soon.
  7. I bet they got a lot more done then we think,maybe a bit past fall it'll come but 2018 is quite a stretch. Saw one of those posters in my gamestop a couple days ago when I popped in there.
  8. I'm definitely gonna make it a point to be there for the first of the year for about my fourth year now I think and then I'll be awaiting the arrival of little weevland and I'll be tied up until RDR2. I do have some ideas to start accommodating smaller lobbies like small races and DM's to be thrown into playlists so I'll be busy with that..and fallout,cause fuck society.
  9. A years pretty much what I window for times closing and there's soooo many games I wanna get into.maybe if I had like a billion characters to keep building but my 2 are what where I want 'em and I'm just gonna sit on what I got for money and just be around for DLC's.
  10. Ha! I did the same thing,didn't even think about turning the system on. Looked like a fun night,I forgot how long those heists we're I was still just completely wiped from the night before and that's never really happened before.I might just put the Ol' girl down till we're in the wild west of redemption.
  11. I'm pretty sure that's weev as well...not to mention he was singing songs about that damn cat sweater half the night.
  12. I'll be on at some point today,I got some clips to go through still from last week's and also from last night's shenanigans with BMX and crew when we fucked around in a playlist on nitro circus and I'll have to see if I got anything from bones's zancudo challenge which was thrown in cause we figured it'd be appreciated,it was pretty damn fun in the snow.
  13. I'm down with that,it'll be like nostalgia going back to Monday's on ps3.I also just talked BMX and he's cool with that idea.
  14. I might be on today for some snowy time shenanigans...this week has been an up,down and all around kinda roller coaster ride clusterfudgery and all's I want is peace,quiet (sorta with music) and pot to myself! I was up for a bit driving around in it with my new comet and dirty jackal crew nero.
  15. I like how you can see all three of us in the helicopter lol..Is the next one gonna be Christmas or we switching it to apocalypse and saving Christmas until after?
  16. This guy only said about a million bloody times! Have fun dude,don't get too drunk and get raped by a Puerto Rican guy.
  17. It's a GRL night!!! Roxy's definitely making an appearance and getting that dark cholo tan. Anything you need feel free to give me a shout,I'm a bit more active on the forums and open to help anyone earn some money with CEO work. #Community
  18. Hopefully my mother fuckin 60 car garage is next! If not,then just lowriders which probably gives more reason for me to want the garage cause I don't think I have anymore.Maybe on my second but that's it.
  19. It's all good,man.In the end it was just Gtagrl and I doing some work so I could build up my chick and help grl earn some money for her new office.It was a chill night and had some really good laughs. I didn't even get a snap at the lineup cause my excitement over the drugs at the drug store.. I got at least a few I can put up,will do that soon cause hey ill be up all night.
  20. If anyone wants to bookmark this Just found this job I was working on and just finished it up.I was trying to test you're done 2 job to get it done but it was being fucked.
  21. Got you're done 2 done now all's I need to do is test it and it'll be good and published. I'm also gonna throw a quick one together and will link them in here so they can get bookmarked.
  22. The 'stache is back..with a beard too. Hopefully I filled tunnels up with enough props,I just threw in a couple jumps and a few obstacles and I didn't do shit to Raton canyon run but put a prefix but might change that later.
  23. Okay,so I went through my snaps and found a little more then I was expecting. Fanboy look out behind you! Too late...At least Ace witnessed what happened. I'm starting to see a pattern with fanboy and all these awkward positions he winds up in. My first attempt at jumping onto the train,will I make it? Maybe? Nope. Second Go Maybe now? "And he sticks the landing"-GtaGrl Crew shot on the train with bones,BMX,fanboy,gtagrl and nemo on the scooter. Ghost rider Weevland Hey,DiO and Bones Hi! Bones just chillin. DiO just chillin too. Ace catchin big air Bye nemo,have a great time. GtaGrl Firing was worth the trouble to get this shot. Hey,GtaGrl. Behind you. Nevermind.. End. Maybe not as good quality cause I just uploaded to the SC,stored them on my tablet and ripped 'em from there buttfuck it I got my clips done is what really matters.