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  1. Haha that's awesome with all those pics...I had to boot up the forums from my PS just so the page would load there was so many.LULZ
  2. Cool man,I'll be on for the early playlist for sure.
  3. Not that surprised Ricky and the boys are partnered in pot products. Would love a bubbles face on a pot cookie.
  4. I'll try to be on early so I can work also work on leveling up roxy cause she's now at the penthouse in the sky with a new business and a fuck ton of new cars.
  5. If only I could of captured the duel gtagrl finish at the end of my race.A finish to for sure go down in igta history and cannot be duplicated at least for a very long time.
  6. went and bought the PS pro..I love how much more memory I got cause I'm gonna be playin a fuck ton of games. If anyone's gonna be a muh'chuckin politic it's gonna be Steve "DaBeev" Trump.I gots the dough to curl your toes. Dup,you should break out beev as Janet reno like someone suggested in the last topic I think so we can team up as beev and beev takes over los santos,idk maybe something cool.
  7. From my understanding of what happened in the igta chat it didn't seem like it was intentional to disrupt and the repetitive killing just to get someone out of a shot is a bit ridiculous.Yeah,that's awesome let's break a crew night rule no killing crew mates for the sake of a photo,like as if there's not a better solution to handling it.I don't know the whole thing of course but just thought I'd throw in on it. Great shots fellers,I'm still hoping to get in on that pinball race and dio's blockoland.
  8. I had a couple broads like that. Made gaming life easier,I wasn't even there and I knew you guys were gonna be on time.
  9. I can see it now,New cover song "Mime in the box" It's funny cause i'm from seattle.
  10. the problem isn't the money but,where the fuck to put these bikes.
  11. I questioned life after had watching that just brutal and gave a good sense of whether you're gonna walk away alive or die. Anybody think that was worth the wait with that cliff they left us hanging on?
  12. T'wat splendid captures per usual I tried to get my shit installed but the game was doing fuck all so I gave up on it and haven't had time since.
  13. Yeah,I'm a dumbass for wanting to clear more then I needed to cause I barely had a cunt hair length of memory left fuckin retard
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    2. gtagrl


      My main female character wouldn't have the space to save cars. I use my secondary character for this (a guy named Woody), his garages are empty for just that reason. He's only level 16 but bOnEs helped me get enough race wins etc to unlock a few key vehicle upgrades. I saw you can now transfer your existing level when you create a new character, up to a max of 120, but I probably won't bother recreating Woody since I never play him.  

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      because i have multiple characters, i don't usually reach the 50 car limit... i literally have at least 20 available car spots on all 4 characters...


      oh rats, it's patched already?!?!?

    4. gtagrl


      No way I literally just shut it off

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  14. So how do these businesses work? I bought the cheapest weed farm,is it pretty much just a waiting game for your product to fill and sell?

    1. DuPz0r


      Well coke seems way more lucrative than forged documents at the moment.

    2. TheLunaticFringe


      I thought coke would be a good one,weeds pretty good cause my values currently at about 37 thousand and it's not even halfway so I'll guess we'll see how good it is when stock is full.

    3. gtagrl


      It does seem ridiculous to spend $1.5M on a business, then receive a $3K payout for one delivery. 

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  15. I sold a lot of roxys cars to fund stevies MC got me up to 2 mil to buy a clubhouse and two bikes and still got 1 mil for another maybe,been up all night with this dlc.
  16. Weev is retired until this Dlc comes all seems so lackluster and whatever,idk if it's cause the dlc coming up or what but nothing's there .idk,3 years of gta is taking a toll but I like chatting with y'all on party chat.
  17. I'm seeing if there's only 8 to a an MC it's gonna get real clique ish in this group and y'all are gonna leave me outta I'll stay to my lone wolf
  18. Praise be Jeebus we're actually getting it! Clusterfucks at the start of our races just got better.
  19. I'm driving my dukes,I'll look into a ratrod if I can buy one or not but the dukes is the best choice out of all my cars with the mamba being second choice.
  20. I'm kind of getting a little more free time now starting tonight so I could organize a playlist for the early crew since I start a bit early.
  21. Don't mind weev,im just drinking at my local bar with a tasty IPA.
  22. That looks fucking sick,bones! I'm bookmarking that one cause ill probably miss out when y'all play that but it's awesome to see you having fun with the tubes.gta life's a garden,you gotta dig it.
  23. ^Ha! Cause fucking bones and gtagrl is fun! For real though,great video dio.