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  1. Yeah,the militarized vehicles sound interesting,wouldn't mind something along the lines of the armored boxville because at least to me it was second best with the ruiner 2000 being a close first. It will also be cool to see what our creators cook up with the addition of voltic rocket and ruiner to stunt races.
  2. I wear glasses but only cause I can see fuck all from far away...I used to be so damn close to my tv on crew nights by the end of the night my eyes were spent and I just recently changed my setup so I'm a little farther away but not by much.
  3. I almost didn't stick around after the first playlist because of the technical difficulties with my controller but kept messing with it enough to stick around. I did like that longer playlist with a fuck around thrown in.
  4. Killer snaps! And I have no idea what I was going for..looking more like the trenchcoat mafia than an aviator. Yeah,that review pretty much nailed it.I haven't played it all the way through before but alot of those levels I can recall really well with a couple being so tough but so great.
  5. Be forewarned...I will take my dukes and run a lowrider off the road. Let the white trash flow!
  6. 3RD.I got dinner plans also but will try to be on later in the night.
  7. I'm curious to see how nevada handles it cause if you were to walk down the strip in las vegas you smell it everywhere and it's just legal to possess,there's not even any rec shops up yet.
  8. Ha! I was wondering what the hell you were doing when I invited you to party chat,grl. I recall a missed week too...most likely when fallout came out cause I remember even though I didn't say it I was pretty pissed but didn't say shit cause I saw it coming..for obvious reasons.
  9. Fuxkin girlfriends ruining video game time lol Weev= Despite getting back home at like midnight and sick as fuxk,I was there an hour after start time just to download little big planet and BS in party chat for a bit.
  10. Junkers all the way! This is so awesome,GRL! I'll be back by Tuesday to do my normal kicking off the sessions at start time...Shits a blast in Vegas but I'm ready to get back to this thing right here!
  11. Ha,Nice! I didn't think of starting as a stylist,started out in the basement to take care of the recordings right quick then moved up and just followed him for a bit to figure out his route and just poisoned him right as soon as he walked off the runway.I don't even know how I was able to get out alive. Not the prettiest score but I'll take it considering it was my first go at an elusive.
  12. I might be late getting there for personal reasons im not gonna discuss here or at this time but just wanted to mention I won't be able to start up the party chat and crew session like I have in past weeks. If I miss dups new job I wanna be able to play it at some point later In the night,looks so sick.
  13. What the fuxk you been vaping!?... Maybe if you're a past smoker I could see how that'd be a problem but at least in my experience I agree with grl that it is a lot smoother then smoking flower.I just use a little half gram to a gram and it's no bigger then a simple pen...Hate those big ones that blow massive smoke...hipster douches,that's all I gotta say about them.
  14. Providing I don't have shit going on I am a yes and I will be a GLORIOUS dapper animal.(Yes,I made a wrestling reference and none of you will get it buttfuxk it I did it anyways) Also,Muscle cars! That is all.
  15. If only y'all would know how belligerent I become every time I dropped from the lobby and party...I was pretty tame jumping back into the party compared to the seconds prior to joining again and again and again and again. Weev Staley stays cause I'm pretty damn proud of it especially it being my first attempt at recreating someone,at least next week is dapper animals so I won't have to worry about changing anything but the clothes.
  16. It's all good man if you gotta take a break from the game,not like it's been some secret that you been burnt out on the game lol...take as long as you need,play those games you been wanting to play and we'll keep this thing rolling.I'm unbiased on this side or that side but when someone gets bummed out and has to leave because of it that's when I have to say something,who cares what someone wants to do at the end of the night,we had a pretty damn big lobby and two playlists..that's what we set out to accomplish and we did. Again..your console,your decision and we'll see ya when you get back Cap'n.
  17. Ha! Good guess,I knew that would be the first guess.he's too synonymous with my city therefore would be a bit too cliche. At least GTAO has quite a bit of flannel and some ripped looking jeans or else I'd be shit outta luck lol
  18. LMAO at slash being overrated..I'll drink to that cause I can pretty much think of 50 rock icons before I would think of making slash lol I'm not sayin who I be but being where I'm from you guys can probably take a pretty good guess. Edit: Let's play a little game...guess what grunge rock star Weevland will be.
  19. Ok cool,I just wanted to say it anyways cause wasn't sure if it'd be a reoccurring thing to do it that way but awesome!
  20. Sex,drugs and rock & roll is the only way to live! Also,I don't know or remember if this has been suggested before but what about just leaving the themed stuff to freeroam that way anyone can make a playlist at anytime without worrying about having jobs to fit the theme.
  21. There's something you don't see a lot in actually walking away from bodies. Also,why dafuq am I facing the opposite direction in the tunnel traffic jam!? this is the first time ever i questioned a lot of shit that happened in
  22. I gotta get a little video for you,bones...maybe somewhat of a challenge if you wanna call it that. I'll try and get something something recorded soon so you can at least get an idea of what I mean if it'll help.I like doing it in Paris cause obviously it's the easiest and starting from the basement of the palace working upward stealthily picking off victims one by one until you are no longer compromised.I tried some of the others but jeebus is it hard cause I couldn't catch anyone alone it seemed.
  23. Fuck,now I feel bad that grl wasn't feeling all that well and my short fuse probably did that no favors.It just finally all got to me after a few weeks of just putting up with it and not saying a word and the fact that now I drink less I have lot less patience for that butt water under the bridge,who gives a fuck so bring on the clips!
  24. YEAH! Fuck themes! Anarchy! Anarchy! Anarchy! *continues to run around waving a blunt object in the air while proceeding to shout jibberish*