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  1. NOTIFICATIONS: - When person X reply to something that I subscribe to, I get TWO notifications. I think one would suffice. - When I click the drop down menu and select View All Notifications, all notifications will show as read when I get to the page with all notifications. It makes it hard to know what I have read and not. - I get notifications telling me that I have replied to someone's profile. I don't need this notification... What are title buttons? Very nice!
  2. They lucky? When will you be allowed to buy it? I feel your pain. :P That's a nice picture. The lack of damages means either a low speed crash, or absence of physical laws. I don't hope the latter.
  3. For a (significant) increase in traffic it's worth it, I see that. So it is bundled with the forum now. That stuff is bundled everywhere soon. It's not bundled in my car and bed yet, but I guess that's just luck.
  4. Yep, I hate those so much. They litter every page of the internet. I use Shellfish to block them in Chrome: Wow someone agreed with me on this? Thank you for the Shellfish tip! I'll try it. Why do we have them integrated here? Is it adding traffic? I would like to see bookface and twatter removed from the site and their names tabooed and added to a swear filter. Sigh.
  5. A couple days ago when the workers was pulled back from the the most unstable plant, I thought to myself that they had to do sacrifices. I know it's easy to sit here and think that, but that's what needs to be done if they want to prevent a bigger disaster. But no one said that out loud, not the Japanese, and not anyone that spoke on Western tv stations. A day later some anonymous person in the American authorities said what I had been thinking. Why are the Japanese and almost all Western experst on tv so slow to speak out the unpleasant truth? I guess it's just because of that; it's unpleasant. Something is not right when educated people in high positions are so slow to realize the brutal facts that I realize it before they do. Suicide workers are what can save the many.
  6. It will never be too late to get Half-Life and HL2. The extra episodes I don't know much about, but both the main games are classics that never gets too old because they are quality. The graphics looks dated of course, especially for HL1, but it is nice enough. Both games will give you a good experience. I just don't like the Steam concept very much, on HL2 you have to use it even when you have the disc version. Buy and play!
  7. Great for them who likes it, however I will add all the social networking sites to my hosts file and firewall. Their icons and integration is so widespread that I begin to see it as internet pollution. It also makes websites wait during the load process when the crappy scripts has to load from third party servers.
  8. Cuppa? Haha I would have guessed cappuchino, not tea. Thanks for the welcome, the latest version of IPB looks advanced. A bit confusing to begin with though.
  9. I voted no because I don't think it's needed, and I want the main forum page to not become cluttered. It's enough with all the status updates. Less is better IMO.
  10. It can't be as bad as Chernobyl because there are so little uranium. A professor at an university in Sweden explained that each of the reactors can leak only 1% of what Chernobyl did. But it can still be a big disaster. I can't say more now due to the language barrier and because it's been two hours since I heard it.
  11. That corruption is awful. I have heard similar examples about Russian officials, even officials operating on Norwegian territory. I know a man who needed a Russian visa, and the Russian office that grants visa tried to extort extra money from him by mailing the visa in the very last second so that he risked receiving it too late and missing the flight. He had a Russian girlfriend and I'm not sure if she warned him about it so that he could lie about the date of departure, or if he actually had to pay. This is how they operate. Russia is almost as good as the average African country, and that's not a compliment. I give money to other charity already, so I won't give to your organization. Sorry. But I wish you the best of luck.
  12. I don't know this charity but their site looks very professional. I had hoped to see you picture here, but you're shy? Sorry, I mis-clicked. I didn't mean to give you bad rep. I'll give you a refund tomorrow, it seems I can't give any more positive rep today.
  13. Be not so sure about that. The wind can turn and send the shit on Tokyo. The word "tsunami" is Japanese. They know this natural force more than anyone, so I just don't understand why they build nuclear plants so near the shore. It's the tsunami that broke the plants, not the quake.
  14. Hello, I'm Demon. I signed up at, but didn't become very active before the migration to I'm from Norway, the country that according to someone, is shaped like a penis. XD Hopefully most of you have figured this out long ago, but I like to joke and no one are safe from my jokes, not even I am. But: I don't want to offend people and sometimes I'm not sure if people misunderstood me or not. I love to play games and was introduced to the world of GTA with GTA2 on pc. Then came a long GTA break for me, until I got San Andreas, and recently I bought several more GTA games but I've not had time to play them. I play all sorts of games, it began in the '80s with various "personal computers" (not the IBM compatible ones we call 'pc' today). I like the look of this forum. Up the Irons! *nods* EDIT: ("Not even I am") Grammar edit, less ambigious now. I hope.