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  1. Be not so sure about that. The wind can turn and send the shit on Tokyo. The word "tsunami" is Japanese. They know this natural force more than anyone, so I just don't understand why they build nuclear plants so near the shore. It's the tsunami that broke the plants, not the quake.
  2. Hello, I'm Demon. I signed up at, but didn't become very active before the migration to I'm from Norway, the country that according to someone, is shaped like a penis. XD Hopefully most of you have figured this out long ago, but I like to joke and no one are safe from my jokes, not even I am. But: I don't want to offend people and sometimes I'm not sure if people misunderstood me or not. I love to play games and was introduced to the world of GTA with GTA2 on pc. Then came a long GTA break for me, until I got San Andreas, and recently I bought several more GTA games but I've not had time to play them. I play all sorts of games, it began in the '80s with various "personal computers" (not the IBM compatible ones we call 'pc' today). I like the look of this forum. Up the Irons! *nods* EDIT: ("Not even I am") Grammar edit, less ambigious now. I hope.
  3. Fitty I'm not allowed to read PMs yet!

    1. Post-traumatic amnesia
    2. TreeFitty


      I don't even need to unlock it to post this.

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      Post-traumatic amnesia

      You didn't send me a PM, but that was what it seemed like, because my notifications said "TreeFitty started a new personal conversation with you".

      "Personal conversation" is what it is called when someone add me as friend lol.

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