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  1. Maybe you should trying pointing your weapon at objective based targets. Killing the police just because is a waste. Join a mission.
  2. Its next to impossible to break into FZ and steal the fighter jet now. I've tried several times and even an aerial assault as soon as I arrive I'm surrounded by at least two-three tanks. MY suggestion though is if you have high ranked friends have them invite you to missions etc. The payouts seem to be a lot higher if you're playing with crew members.
  3. The Military vehicles come with ridiculous price tags because; in real life the Gov't spends lots of your money for garbage to begin with.
  4. awesome thanks for the tip... looked up the loc. on youtube was exactly there
  5. may have deleted the emails... is there a specific mission that will regenerate it?
  6. so I've completed the story and s&f however i'd like to go back to do the bail bond mission does anyone know if 1. I can access this 2. whats it called
  7. is the last one for me... though I don't know how to get it to start?
  8. is the second last on the strangers and freaks. I referenced youtube for it and it was suggested to go to a hospital for the van full of "deludamol" ... I found this van at the corner of crusade and capital in strawberry. on the map (that comes with the game) its just under the 'aut Olympic fwy' hope this helps anyone who is stuck
  9. looking on the social club i'm missing this one. its the last one with dom. rumors on the web are that if you complete the story before s&f then you wont be able to do some of the s&f missions. I find this hard to believe. any suggestions on how to make this mission appear?
  10. South blvd del perro just west of the ammu nation @ a y junction in the road its actually movie star way. I crossed referenced it with the mission video thanks again the bike was just sitting there on the north side
  11. Go on their page and complete the test with ten questions... believe the first question is "are you a red head"... it should at some point spawn the logo on your map. ***note that you can only do this as Michael***
  12. the surrano was located in a cul de sac up in vinewood hills. found the tornado in little seoul just before strawberry. need the location for the life invader building and that's it. thanks bones!
  13. I'm in the process of completing the vehicle list for the Kifflom missions. I have youtubed the locations and am having trouble with the three vehicles that are roaming around the neighborhoods. Does anyone have suggestions as for how to approach this in a different manner? As my patience is starting to run thin with this.
  14. I just played that... Fucking intense! That was rather unexpected. I like how at the end he snaps back to reality and the advocate is still explaining the cause.
  15. Just less than 3 hours now till midnight... Debating being AWOL for tomorrow.
  16. Madbluntz from Kingston, Ont, Canada... Working on a degree for electronics. In the Canadain Forces with the rank of Signaller (or trained private). Here because I've grown up playing GTA and with V coming out been trying to do some last minute research on what to expect from this title. The anticipation is at an all time high for myself and plan on devoting thousands of hours to this game as I have other GTA titles. After doing a quick browse of some threads on here its apparent that there are quite a few disappointed people because of driving physics. Lets wait and see... Anyway my main reason for coming on here is to try to see If anyone has information on radio host Lazlow making it on the air again and if so is he on his own channel? Lets be honest integrity 2.0 was just hilarious so much so it was taken off of online...