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  1. To avoid most online douchebags, buy a Rhino Tank. Most get scared and run off at the sight of it. I actually stole a Crusader successfully. You CANNOT drive it into your garage, however upon loading into a new session it WILL SPAWN in your garage, provided you have purchased a Tracker for it at Los Santos Customs. Unfortunately, the only modifications you can make to the Crusader are to add a tracker and insurance. I have all possible modifications for the Bati 801. The highest value possible is a whopping $63,090.
  2. Has anyone had issues with military vehicles online? I got a Canis Crusader (Military Jeep, $225,000, Warstock Cache and Carry), and got a Tracker on it. It spawns in my garage if I join a new session, but if I drive it out and try to drive it back in, it says that I cannot store the vehicle. It is causing me problems, as it made my Sultan RS disappear, and I can't even drive it back into my garage.
  3. I see those all the time driving around in the Blaine County area.
  4. There are lots of cars I have yet to see at all, so I'm gonna list them and hope someone knows some spawn info: FIB Special Vehicles (Buffalo and Granger) Unmarked Police Cruiser Annihilator Helicopter Skylift Helicopter Hotknife (Collector's Ed. exclusive I read?) Imponte Phoenix Rat Loader Imponte Ruiner Saber Turbo Chariot Romero Hearse Cheval Surge Inventero Coquette Karin Futo Hijak Khamelion Vapid Bobcat XL Mesa 3 (I know you can get from missions, but is there a spawn point?) Thanks for any info!