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  1. what is up with this game case... Looks too girthy.
  2. Nice, thanks for your help Ginge'. Have a good look around Perdido, that could be a good place to start.
  3. ^That was my first guess, and it makes sense in the region. But i thought that this looks like it goes out too far across the water without any support beams, which to me points to a covered bridge.
  4. Probably can. It sounds like animals will be constantly hunting others in the background so that'd be a good opportunity to gran some possum slippers at the same time as a fox coat.
  5. I think i spotted one of those old timey wooden bridges in this shot.
  6. New Wildlife images https://www.rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption2/features/wildlife
  7. I saw this of reddit and it made me laugh, so i thought i'd share it. Sorry not sorry.
  8. Bus wraps confirmed! I feel like we're going to get a map leak in the next week or so (Probably before Gameplay Trailer 2). Game guide books must be finished and ready to ship by now. Prepare to hide or dive straight in balls deep! My honest opinion is i'm not counting on New Austin being in the game, even though some of the evidence points to it in recent days.
  9. It's a bit late but here's the non-postcarded version of St Denis http://i.imgur.com/HhpE837.jpg And another one of Valentine http://i.imgur.com/skUzNz7.jpg And Rhodes http://i.imgur.com/MM6dqN5.jpg New angle of Valentine (like we need more angles of this town) http://i.imgur.com/Wx3pZwO.jpg Source: http://uk.businessinsider.com/red-dead-redemption-2-hands-on-2018-9?op=1&r=DE&IR=T/#1-red-dead-redemption-2-is-an-attempt-at-something-entirely-new-for-rockstar-games-despite-looking-familiar-1
  10. Yeah? sure If he feels like it? I'm hoping for that promised second gameplay trailer. Feels like forever since they posted the last one! ^Total guess based on the rock formations i can see on the map.
  11. So I've been looking at that recent discovery, that being the black and white Lizard: And i noticed that the mountains don't match up, but that's due to upgrading to RDR2 quality right?. And then that got me thinking... If this is the right spot (black and white Lizard) then the mountain behind has to be the same, even if it looks different. So i take another look at the Red Lizard shot, and i think we're looking at the same mountain but from the right. It's cuts off on the B&W Lizard shot, but the shapes looks similar if slightly rotated to the right of it. Now then, the real exciting part is this; If they are the same peaks, then we are looking for the RDR1 alternative if we really want to find where it is. And by the looks of it, it has to be near. So, after looking through some 4k panorama's, i've found several matches to the mountain we see in the first shot here: So, the hunt is still on. It must be within the confinements of the RDR1 map! What we're actually looking for in RDR1 is that mountain range, with a similar arrangement of foreground rocks... I hope that wasn't too confusing. Do you guys see what i'm trying to say? I've been talking to someone who has the 4K copy, and he's been providing me with panorama's to look through. So hopefully he can go take a look and see what he can find.
  12. To be honest that is probably just the PS4 Pro version which runs at 4K. I'm running a 1tb pro, but i have a 5tb external HDD perma-attached to it. Everyone's jumping on this Lizard shot now. This is the best one i've seen:
  13. https://rockstarintel.com/2018/09/26/ps4-users-to-get-exclusive-rdr2-online-content-30-days-before-xbox-users/ According to R* Intel RDR2 will be 105GB to install. (Just realised i posted this in the wrong thread).
  14. Yeah i'm in the same mind-frame as you. I feel like if the whole of RDR1 map was in there we would have seen more of it by now, unless it's R*'s intent to avoid showing it. On the other hand, we could just be seeing a glimpse of that south american Island. It may seem small but after visualising the scale of this map for so long, two (plus whatever we dont see off the top) grid squares (if to scale) actually seems like quite a lot of land mass. Then you have the other theory that we could go for a trip to New Austin or Nuevo for a one time mission, but then they'd have to make all the landscape around it and not let us free to roam it... Which makes no sense. And my final guess is maybe they added that part of the map for RDR Online only...? Sounds shit i know.
  15. Yeah i thought about switching the around lol. Cool. I'm thinking about doing an animal map but i think i might wait until we have our map looking more like the final map, then we can actually use it for iRD.com location guide maps or something. Could do one for flowers and all that as well as whatever other collectables there may be. And then a complete onr with everything on it.
  16. Unsure at this time, but very likely since New Austin has been mentioned as well as "Sweeping Deserts", which doesn't fit anywhere on this leaked map. And well, the evidence above shows that second desert image is more than likely in RDR 1 territory!
  17. Could this somehow be on the other side of this mountain of the other desert shot? That puts the new one in RDR1 landspace, and the original mystery one somewhere South in Mexico... I posted this on GTAForums too and everyone is going crazy at the thought of a massive sweeping desert across the Mexican border. /edit I think someone over there has actually found the spot from that second image in Río del Lobo. If that's the case, that puts the first desert image further North... What's further North from here?
  18. More wildlife added to their gallery: https://www.rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption2/features/wildlife
  19. Amazing job dude! Map Update v0.70 * Big update to Treefitty's Town Maps! * Added all remaining (legible) settlements * Added State Borders * Added more mountains landmarks * Added illustration for Strawberry
  20. I know my brain is imploding i keep seeing these two shots and the mountains match in both ? I'm looking at them too much. I still think Big Valley matches better but when i look at that panorama from Emerald Hill i just cant help but feel it looks right also.
  21. I think i may have solved something which i mis-read as Pyramid a long while back. I think we're looking at The Loft and these are Northern shots of the map. I could be wrong, but it's the closest match i've found.
  22. Yeah it's a Rat for sure. I found it hilarious to be honest. Those feet wrapped around with vine-like tendrils!
  23. Jesus, that's a hell of a lot of species! Look at this hat detail lmao. All the high-res images from the website: Insane details in this game!
  24. @Treefitty I wouldnt rely on my positioning of the postcard that was more of a guess than anything. You're working on the town map so you probably have better judgement of where things should be. @Koeklin welcome, thanks for the input dude.