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  1. You have hundreds of faces don't you? I saw that embroidered quilt on your bed.
  2. ViceMan


    I'm not sure if we will TBH, what with L.A. Noire taking centre stage and all.
  3. Ooh i'd like to see a photo of you in that, or just a photo of you will do.
  4. Were any of the 360 players that distraught about not getting the Solomon's Folly hideout and Walton's gang outfit in RDR?
  5. ViceMan


    Not much of a spy are you? Anyway it should be interesting whatever info they release.
  6. I still have that game (and the expansion), matter of fact I reinstalled it a couple of months ago to play it, I got bored pretty quickly. My movies always got too complex and ended up costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus they never seemed to get over a 3 star rating despite all the action. (And yes I did laugh at your voiceovers. , I never even bothered with voices in mine since I never planned on uploading them.)
  7. (ZOMG! Did that actually fucking work?!)
  8. Now now, there's nothing to be scared of, friend. *tightens grip*
  9. Every time I see a fire engine in GTA IV I think of you. Hope there's more in GTA 5, just for you. I like to think the drivers are all TreeFitty, so I pull them out of the cabs, shoot them in the face and proceed to have Niko fondle their corpse.
  10. So it was pointless me giving everyone 5 stars then. I want my fucking money back!
  11. Speaking of cars flying off into the distance, i'd like the cars float away when hit cheat back, that was uh, fun.
  12. Yeah jackknifing a trailer into a crowd of peds in Star Junction would've been a lot of fun.
  13. *edits wiki article on ping* Ping is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) used to test the reachability of a person's anus on an Internet Protocol (IP) network and to measure the roundness of their penis, sent from the infected host to an unlucky recipient. The name comes from the fact that you're a stupid cunt.
  14. I'm guessing you haven't played much online gaming on your PC then. Or you were being intentionally nooby.
  15. For some reason after a long stint of playing RDR I have the urge to respond in the manner of a 19th century western hillbilly, so with that said: "Whass a poynt uv all thaym faynce gizmos an' stuff. Ain't dey laayk jist a waste'o muuney? Dem don't serve no prayctical purpuse an' all. Dey jist look flayshee."
  16. I want muslim peds and the satchel charges back. Terrorist fun.
  17. Just did the roundest and smoothest shit ever. I really should upload a picture to fagbook 'cause i'm sure everybody will want to know.

    1. ViceMan


      That's what this one was like, it was unbelievably smooth.

    2. ViceMan


      Above the water line? Did you flush between "sessions" if not there's your problem.

    3. ViceMan


      Did you avoid the splashback?

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  18. lol. I didn't expect to hear this. I've not seen anything that makes me agree, I actually think Pie is cool. But I don't know this community as well as you so I'm not challenging that statement. Um, i'm not going to write a list out but there's one good reason*why Pie isn't cool: * - there are actually several hundred good reasons why Pie isn't cool. You really don't know much about the system 'round here do ya buddy. We need to talk. *puts arm over shoulder and escorts down a shady back alley*
  19. Nope, haven't watched anything, haven't even looked at half of the screenshots.
  20. Hmm, that's the first actual moving gameplay i've seen of this game, and I preordered a couple of months ago.
  21. R* are good at organising official game sessions long after the game has been released. Unlike other developers who release a game then forget about the community.
  22. We're a bunch of negative muh'fuckahs, that's all.
  23. I don't see the point of those triple XP events, surely nobody is that desperate to advance in level, if they were they'd have used a glitch in one of the patches that allowed insanely fast levelling - like I did. But to be fair I did lose my multiplayer save data a couple of times around the level 45 mark and had to start all over again. In other news i've finally began another playthrough of this brilliant game, it's been nearly a year since it was released now, and I don't know whether to think it's been a long time, or a short time.
  24. You're hired. Your starting salary will be two bags full of shit a week, and not just any shit, but the shit of a 76 year old cannibal with haemorrhoids and a fluffy shih tzu called Troy.