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  1. The 5 golden rules of the house: 1. Be a dick (especially to Pieface since he's a kinky submissive bitch into BDSM.) 2. Wave your dick around and rub your crotch in peoples faces as a sign of affection. 3. Three fingers up the anal sphincter is the standard greeting. 4. Watch out for QD's penis. 5. Same goes for D-O's basement.
  2. Lol! Cheeky bastards, it means they don't have to fill their bin up by throwing it away. Instead they let you "win" it and get you to dispose of it for them. I bet the person who was 8th in line won the cardboard outer boxes the games were shipped in.
  3. Well woo. I wonder if anyone preordered under the misapprehension that 'the Naked City' was a cheat code that removed everyone's clothes.
  4. No we don't think he's insane, we're all insane here anyway so it'd make little difference. It's just that Demon's Norwegian - THAT'S what makes him freaky.

  5. I agree there should be basic modding capabilities available for cars in the next GTA, but nothing too extreme. If it gets too complicated and time consuming it would detract from the rest of the game, we don't need a GT5-esque system that allows you to change the camber angle of the wheels or the damper setting. Engines shouldn't have indefinite modding options too, maybe - as already mentioned - use the Mafia II system of having three upgrade stages for engines, or possibly three unique engine upgrades for each vehicle type. In retrospect i'm surprised there wasn't at least some modding present in GTA IV, it would've been perfect for Brucie's garage to function that way. and I probably would've made more of an effort to befriend him if I knew i'd get some nice modded vehicles in return. It really depends on the setting of the next GTA game, if it's set in a previous decade I wouldn't expect modding to be present, if however it is a contemporary setting we might get lucky.
  6. ViceMan

    PC Gaming

    "edinnaemekennaeduffranceaye" = It doesn't/won't make any difference, aye? Plus I got a couple of name drops in there too, but only Mek and Duff. :\
  7. ViceMan

    PC Gaming

    I keep meaning to berate you for your awful use of English but then I realised you're Scottish anyway so "edinnaemekennaeduffranceaye". Most RTS games should run on an average PC fairly well. I don't even know what graphics card I have, i'm pretty sure it's an Nvidia 512MB... something with a 7 (7000 series or am I making that up?) on it I seem to remember, I have 4GB of RAM I know that. But yeah I play RTS games - although not so much nowadays - I think the newest one I played was AoE III, and that ran fine. What sort of RTS games are we talking about here?
  8. That's what we did. If you ignore him he goes away - like that STD QD reassured me about... no wait actually if you ignore him he comes back twice as bad next time, I think I got confused for a moment there.
  9. Seems that way, good luck to him I say. Of course it already occurred to those of us blessed with the power of cognitive thought that Marney is just doing it intentionally to lure us into a trap and/or a flame war for lols. And we all saw through his cheap, string vest of a scouse disguise. Marney, your intentions are flagrant, FLAGRANT I SAY! AND I SHANT BE PARTY TO THEM, YOU HEAR ME YOU DEVILISH CHAP! [/randomproud americanry]
  10. Isn't this only 10 days away now? When is the release date, 23rd? I guarantee I will completely forget about pre-ordering it until the moment it gets delivered, then i'll be all excited and have to rape the postman.
  11. Mmm, it tickles.

  12. I can't deny i've imagined those moist lips performing a multitude of indecent things upon my person while your beard gently caresses my scrotum. In a non-gay way though.

  13. It looks aiight to me. In a non-gay way though.

  14. Hey look it's you!... but as a cartoon!

  15. It still isn't back up? Ahahahahaha!
  16. Well RDR was slightly bigger than SA I believe, that Burnout one looks wrong judging by the size of the roads, they look far too large (look at the boats at the bottom of the map.) I think D-O would've loved an official L.A. Noire fedora. Pity.
  17. I SMITE THEE WITH MY GLORIOUS HANDBAG! BOW DOWN BEFORE IT! Oh and: "Yo dawg we heard you like fabricating stories so we put a fabricated story in yo' story so you can spread propaganda and lies while pretending to tell the truth and watch the conspiracy nuts jack off to yo' news bro."
  18. Just felt like quoting myself here:
  19. I carried on with it, might as well get my money's worth.
  20. Yeah i'm pretty sure I said somewhere before this game was a mix of Sam & Max Hit the Road, Grim Fandango and GTA IV.
  21. I really should do the evil playthrough, it seems like fun. Right now though i'm replaying Undead Nightmare.