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  1. No, you're "off your cake" for caring about this shit so much. Who really gives a fuck?
  2. RDR was closer to GTA than this will be in terms of gameplay and that had the same problem, everyone was raving over it then it got forgotten about a few months after release. Since this is so different from GTA it'll probably have a worse fate.
  3. I still get the feeling this isn't going to be as good as RDR. Maybe it's just too different in style.
  4. I'm done here, wake me when Osama rises from the depths and uses his telekinetic powers to crash 747s into all the world's major landmarks.
  5. You call that a jack knife? Looks more like a flying elbow drop to me.
  6. I need 3 inch thick aluminium sheets, I'm gonna explode. You'll only explode when the CIA hitman who's been trailing you puts a .338 Lapua Magnum round between your eyes, because you clearly know too much to be allowed to live.
  7. I'll take two rolls, just in case... + rep for everyone who isn't Marney. (No change there then.)
  8. So Demon's in on it too, we'll have to put his labia under close surveillance.
  9. Or more importantly, is there a doctor who is also a qualified deep sea diver?
  10. ZOMG! LOOK IF YOU TAKE THE LETTERS FROM HIS NAME AND REARRANGE THEM YOU GET THE FOLLOWING MESSAGES PROVING HE'S NOT DEAD!! A Solid Man, Bane - Um, I dunno... In Alan M's Abode - He's holed up with someone by this name. Nano Miles - Baad - Baad (or Bada) could refer to various locations in India, Russia or elsewhere. A Bad Man, Son - Lie - YES EXACTLY! Mo' Bananas Lied - THIS PROVES IT! Now you create your own hidden messages: AAABDEILMNNOS - GO! [/sarcasm0r]
  11. I don't give a shit enough to be bothered to believe it or not.
  12. Initially, also I found that strange. But remember that to many people he's some sort of Jesus figure and a grave on land would attract them like flies are attracted to horse shit. We don't need that to happen. Who gives a shit if he was to have a shrine in his honour? They could have buried him in a booby-trapped grave, when there's enough of his admirer's standing over it BOOM! My guess is they just didn't want anyone digging the body up to do DNA tests themselves. The general feeling/acceptance around that part of the world is that he died in 2001, if you've been watching their news channels you would hear them saying this story is a load of bull. They're not denying he's dead, just denying that he died recently. Loving how the story keeps changing, that's why you should concentrate on what is said on the news when it's breaking. Once the 'official' story comes out the media latch onto it and hope you forget about what you heard in the first few hours. Like 9/11, do you remember the reports that vans packed with explosives had been stopped by police and a group of Israelis arrested? The Israelis then getting released and going on TV and saying they were there to document the event? The firefighters, police and numerous other credible witnesses saying bombs were going off in the basement that hadn't even been hit by a plane yet? The people who were trapped in Building 7 after a bomb went off and trapped them in there for hours? People saying cars were exploding in the street? You didn't hear these eyewitness accounts on the news again after the 'official' story started getting reported. Bin Laden used a woman as a human shield? Now they say he didn't. Bin Laden fired at the SEAL team? Now they say he didn't. The order was to kill not capture? Now they say it was kill or capture. They knew for certain Bin Laden was in the house? Now they say they had to ask his wife when they got there. Hilary Clinton saying the Pakistanis co-operarated with them in the operation? Now they say the Pakistani's knew nothing of it. A Pakistani official saying it was a joint operation? Now the Paki's are fuming that they weren't told about it. Bin Laden was killed last week and the body was back in the US? It goes on. The first few hours of reporting is where you're likely to hear how things actually went down, some of it might be confusion but it often makes more sense than the bullshit that becomes the official story later on. Just sayin' You should listen to Immortal Technique bro.
  13. Why specifically those games? Why not any games?
  14. Ok, who's turn to hide is it now? Ready or not, here I come.

    1. Massacre


      *Walks up to Marney and turns his binoculars around the right way, places final brick in the wall*

    2. DuPz0r


      *Camps in a hut full of goat-women for 10 years*

    3. Handsome B Wonderful

      Handsome B Wonderful

      *Marries Dup and becomes his human shield*

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  15. Yeah I got the e-mail too. Seemed pretty generic.
  16. I guess because it's been overlayed onto the existing map so the roads all match up. If it's from Marney's site it must be reputable...
  17. Welcome. I see you are both Batman and Postman. Do you also work as Postman because Batman's salary is too low, or do you also work as Batman because transporting mail don't give you an adrenaline rush? Since when did you become the comedian around here, which girl are you trying to chat up now?
  18. I detest the Harry Potter films but what the fuck is up with that scar on her head? o.O
  19. You fit in perfectly.
  20. I don't think I lost any on my first playthrough and I definitely didn't lose any when I did it a few weeks ago. I think it did yes, it won GOTY so that should've upped sales a bit.
  21. Height: 5ft 5, yet he stands taller than Phelps in that screenshot. (Oh sorry it isn't him, shows how much I know about this game, but still... yeah, 5ft 5.)
  22. Yes, my identity is very insecure. I don't want anyone to know my name is Stephen John Ferriday, 23, of South Ockendon, Essex, England... but no matter how hard I try to keep it a secret i'm sure some supersleuth will find out somehow.