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  1. There was a link on the old forums - 'ere - but I don't think it'll work for the new forum.
  2. Oh, it's beautiful, in my favourite font too. I never knew you were so skilled in embroidery.
  3. He's always good for a laugh you've got to admit. He really believes he's some omnipotent entity battling the evil, corrupt corporations and forcing them to change their wicked ways. If it wasn't for him we'd all be skinning babies and sewing them together into crude bedsheets so we could sleep at night. Actually that reminds me, Massacre did I leave my bedsheets over at your place during my last sleepover?
  4. A. Turn it on and off repeatedly. B. Whack it with an open palm. C. Bash it with a closed fist. D. Call an expensive repair technician.
  5. Your arse, in other words - huge, white, neatly trimmed shrubbery with a car parked in it. I'm afraid I don't have a screenshot of your arse, perhaps you'd care to provide one, you can even put a black box over it to maintain your anonymity.
  6. No you didn't. How much are they after? *gets chequebook out* Actually I already gave money to the children of Africa, do the sealions need my money?
  7. From what everyone's saying, they want GTA V to be a "Red Dead Car" in the same way that RDR was humourously called "Grand Theft Horse".
  8. I still get the feeling this game is going to be less epic than RDR.
  9. Got this error while looking through my profile: It was when I clicked the "Psy, TreeFitty and Akuma and 1 other like this" link for the comment i'd made. The link is but it will redirect back to my profile if entered.
  10. Is that an Afghan in the background pulling up his... uh... garments after just taking a dump?
  11. Ayo I ain't dissin' y'all yo', I's just sayin' fo' sho'?
  12. "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"
  13. Probably because it's not called "post A picture of yourself" like it used to be.
  14. Overall Japan hasn't had much luck with anything nuclear over the past century.
  15. Bloody 'ell that's not even a third of the way into the game. What's the point in getting it when you're missing out on 70% of the story (and as a consequence of that most of the clothing, weapons and other customisable stuff that made the game great.)
  16. Also my e-mail address is set to private and I can't find out where to change it to public. PLX HELP ME AM N00BZ0R!
  17. Are you going to readd the PS3/Xbox username display to the profiles? (Didn't want to create a new topic just to ask that question BTW.)
  18. I got all my XP leveling up done when the servers had the glitches after updating to a certain patch. I remember me and some guy kept replaying Tesoro Azul and soon i'd reached level 50.
  19. Don't know much about it, discuss, etc. (Why am I having to make all these topics?)
  20. Still a great game but i'm having trouble getting back into it. Discuss, etc.
  21. HEY! I MADE THAT! And as I said on the old, crusty, AIDS-riddled forum i've already put up two pictures of me, that's quite enough.
  22. As i've always said; GTA III for being the game that made it what it is, and also for the gritty, contemporary atmosphere, VC for the setting and SA for the gameplay. I have a lot of love for the original Grand Theft Auto though. So my final choice is GTA Vice City, as my username would suggest.
  23. Anaal Nathrakh, Bathory, Vader, Marduk, Cannibal Corpse, etc. *leaves*