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  1. Very good, Hollywood style. The only problem I noticed is that the car seemed damaged in one scene, then it was new again in the next. Oh and the Wilhelm scream in there was a nice touch.
  2. Yes I remember you saying that before and I said i'm the same. It just feels... weird. Poor kitty for getting thrown out of a car, callous bastard.
  3. Exactly, it isn't financially viable, I know R* are one of the more caring companies out there but even they need to make money.
  4. Yes and we'd have had to make another obituary topic.
  5. It's a pity there wasn't a horse called QD's Flailing Penis.
  6. I don't think you do, but it might be a good excuse for starting a new game anyway.
  7. While the idea does indeed sound awesome, I doubt it'll ever happen. Even if there's a slight chance that we do they won't be the old renditions of the cities, they'll be completely new cities. But even this I see as highly unlikely, it's not R*s style.
  8. I got Quinz and BECAUSEICOULDNTSEE... apparently.
  9. Awww, Massy has a widdle pussy. I never knew you were affectionate towards anything, anything living that is.
  10. The RDR ones didn't really take off either, a pity since the MP in RDR is a lot more stable than GTA IV.
  11. I don't want to disappoint you and dissuade you from starting a new game but it really isn't worth it just to see the warhorse, I used the warhorse once until I got the Kentucky saddler.
  12. Stop speculating you fools! The noobs won't know which story to believe.
  13. I'll be getting it for the console I own.
  14. Isn't it simple? We're all superficial bastards who love de cock. If that guy Tranque were here he'd back me up.
  15. Well i'm pretty sure it's the same here, the rich snobs watch it for "the sport", and the poor gamble on it when they're not spending their money on booze and drugs.
  16. You have horse racing in America don't you? It was even in SA. Besides, I loathe all sports equally.
  17. Hmm, the TV in GTA IV was the thing I watched once and then forgot about. Maybe it should be dynamic and feature an ever-updating news system, similar to how the radio updated in SA to progress with the course of the story. Perhaps give it some more meaning, maybe you might hear a useful piece of information regarding the location of a hidden weapon, or a hint to completing a mission, or something along those lines. I'm not sure how much disc space the TV shows took up on the GTA IV disc (not a lot i'd imagine) but it really needs to be longer and/or have more channels.
  18. I thought you'd have moved on from horse porn to something a bit more exotic and risqué by now; porcupine porn perhaps?
  19. Maybe the hidden films are small fragments of one whole that when completed and viewed (similar to AC II) play a complete movie; perhaps the GTA V trailer. [/sarcasm]
  20. That horse on the left, pfft, what a showoff. "You're doing it wrong!"
  21. Yeah, thrash the life out of that nigguh until a sticky substance oozes out, then you'll know you've beaten it.
  22. Aye aye surrr. *dodges falling nuclear warhead*