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  1. can somone please tell me how can a member register if he is helpful to the web site
  2. Now please stop fooling around as if you guys really know that new xbox is commimg out 2013 only joblesa mofos can only think such odd stuff , imean microsoft might not have even thought to develop it. Its too early for saying yes I suggest no
  3. i want swat teams to have better weapons , rhyno rom gta sa and they keep chasing
  4. i am looking for ore bank roberies and those safhouse like it was in gta sa and the biggest safehouse of madd dagg to come back anbd it should be for sale
  5. it would be eallly awesome to see goove street with thse gang wars for defending own territory or attacking to occupy others lik it was in gta sa
  6. yeah possible having more safehouses in the game and some other places we could get into like in gta sa remember madd doggs mansion imagine if that is for sale in gta5 that would be awesome.
  7. yeah but in rder to fetch more attention rockstar is doing this
  8. can some one please tell me that how can i change my signature to phot or upload music
  9. i guess rockstar already told all th big companies like tesco walmart amazon and many others that gta5 will be releasing this year
  10. It will be may 24 this year or may 24 next year Hope fuly this year
  11. I want those burgary missions back which were a part gta san andreas and more cheat codes like spawn rhino Is it possibl that the guy looking like cj is the main playable character and the old man is some special character for the story like it wastony and louis for gta ballad of gay tony
  12. i guess its release will be 24 may this year or it is not ready by then it cold be the day for its second trailer