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  1. Nathan

    GTAO Wishlist

    It would be nice if we could get into the air control tower online.
  2. I think I had to go for the Infernus, it seems like the lesser of two abominations...barely.
  3. That is absolutely brilliant! I really wish I had it for PS3 now.
  4. Nathan

    GTAO Wishlist

    I'm kind of sick of being the errand boy for all these powerful people, I want a touch of Vice City with me running some stuff, I organise drug deals, ambushes or hits. Maybe if your part of a crew that's higher enough level you can get special 'Crew Strand' missions that you can start at your apartment?
  5. The answers to the first question are both the same, how do you expect to achieve anything close to valid results with this? I must ask kindly though, is your form of mental retardation contagious?
  6. You could even just call out the exact same car that you just got back. Works exactly the same.
  7. This thread needs some love. (L to R) Red and grey Bati, Ice white and royal blue Banshee, My Merryweather Mesa once with military digital camo now with pink paint and purple bars, Stock elegy, going to sell it, can't see any point keeping it, My first car (Fusilade) keeping it for the memories of being poor. (L to R) The gayest off road vehicle you will ever see, My crew colour and mostly modded Peyote, Blue and white Hexer, I tried to make it look like Johhny's but its hard to see from there, Crew colour Bison, pimped out ready for heists, (Not seen in the image is my $850k Cheetah I accidentally replaced for the Peyote, I'm saving up again now.)
  8. Its super magic fun image story time and by that I mean I have about two weeks worth of images that I forgot to upload. First, me and some friends decided to airlift out crew Dashound into Fort Zancudo. (I'm the twat threatening the driver. ) Arrest me. I don't give a shit. It annoys me how you can't remove the extended mags, the pistol looks like a boomerang. As you can see by the angle of this last image it didn't go too well after landing. The bus tipped and wouldn't role back over, its the first vehicle I've seen do that. We also had some fun in the snow (sorry for being a bit late) when we tried climbing Chiliad in a Vinewood tours bus, key word being 'tried'. #FirstWorldHipsterProblems Black Santa leaves you a present then steals your tour bus, chimney and innocence. Only photo of the wreck, the cameraman died on sudden impact with the ground, it came out of nowhere and was probably uninsured too... My favorite NY pic. I'm on the edge, of glooooory! And the world. Party hard or go home. For anyone who has actually tolerated and looked through my backlog of photos, heres a generic sunset. I was gonna use this one for the thumbnail of King Of The Mountain.
  9. I feel as though I'm missing out on so many awesome maps here, I knew I should have got it on PS3.
  10. So are maps cross compatible between consoles? There seems to be some yes'es and some no's.
  11. Nathan

    GTAO Wishlist

    I wouldn't mind seeing a triathlon mode online, or at least the ability to make one in the creator. I've got a a big idea for a triathlon that I got when making my first race. Not to bothered about mission creator...for now.
  12. Does that first one remind anyone else of Skyrim? That northern point near the sea?
  13. Nathan

    GTAO Wishlist

    Damn Dup, I think you covered almost everything. The crews in gang attacks was especially interesting. A few things from me: Missions: More scripted missions like single player with you being able to jump from the back of a car onto a fuel tanker, rappel down buildings etc. So more interactive missions basically. A story that is presented through the missions, (I know this one has been mentioned on like two different subforums.) Unique roles in missions, like one person has the job of support sniper, another as the driver and someone else as the hacker or collector. I'm hoping heists will implement this. Crews: Anything crew related Let me turn my crew into a top tier crime organisation with businesses, hideouts, and safehouses. Properties: I wouldn't mind some new houses or mansions but at least allow me to slightly customise my apartment to make it feel more unique. Having an apartment and a separate garage. Clothing: More clothing options, different types. Make it so that all the different hoodies or jackets or whatever aren't just the same one with a slightly different colour. More dark green, I wanna look like a CGF OG.
  14. Nathan

    GTAO DLC Topic

    The reminder about friendly AI such as Merryweather and even bikers (presumably the Lost?) sounded interesting as I'm pretty sure they haven't been added yet. That's unless its something I have somehow missed...
  15. It could be a separate island that's pretty far away so it deloads when your not near it and gradually loads as you approach, R* got the game to work moderately well on current gen, I wouldn't be surprised if they have some other way of getting it to work smoothly.