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  1. Looks sick I like the sound of the biker mission
  2. anybody whos played 1 or all gta's knows some way along the story u get back stabbed i think rockstar will follow suit with v it will b interesting in a couple of weeks to find out
  3. the things i really want in the game are fluid gameplay ie running to b actually like run in gta4 if u ran into ppl all that happend was they would fall over in real life u fall with them and i also want hot dogs that would really make the game stand out
  4. What he said ^ I'd like a Las Venturas DLC, with functional table games and slots plus some missions for the Mob, or a crooked pawn shop owner. i think they should make 1 where once the airport was finished u get invited to the unveiling there u get approached by a man by the name of tommy he asks u do u want a free trip to vice city at this point u can accept or decline if u do decline he gives u is mobile num an says if u change ur mind call him it would b great returning to vice city u could do drug smuggling missions re visit lost memories yeah where the whole city and surrounding areas are swarming with zombies an only a small number of survivors are hiding out i think aswell that u should have to pick which character u want to start of with the other 2 go missing or into hiding and as u progress u find them i think this is the best idea for a dlc than any other
  5. stella is my fav lager ice cold nothing beats it
  6. feel rougher than a bears arse

    1. ViceMan


      A bear arse shouldn't make you feel rough. Lube?

    2. sugar rey

      sugar rey

      it means im hungover

  7. Wonder what the theme song will b to it I'm guessing ice cube I rep that west or could b a golden oldie any ideas
  8. forget grove street ballas maybe the vagos will return an other gangs they might put in remember the biggest gang out there is the police they've got the backing of the goverment and they answer to nobody carnt wait to rack up kills blasting police with a ak47 Are you planning on bumping a lot of inactive topics and telling people to stop arguing when there is no argument? if u read back u bell end there are arguments and wtf u on about bumping inactive topics like u bump ur inactive dick every night fucking idiot
  9. id like the same genres of music like SA that game really got me into tupac ice cube easy e an rod stewart an a bit of country
  10. it'd b cool if they put in a car where u could hit a button and it becomes a mini sub that would b decent
  11. maybe when u reach 5star wanted level u ave say a 1minute or 2 to lose the pigs or atleast lower ur stars then if not if ur in the city or country side they will just drop the swat team or rangers or what if wen u break they ram u send u flying over and activate there slow mo gun trcks and pop u in mid air just a thought dont hate cos maybe theres more than just trevor whos name starts with t in the game
  12. 32 inch sony bravia hd tv want a bigger 1 so wen i get paid later in the month i shall try to acquire a new bigger 1
  13. 29 days to go this time in 4 weeks i will not b able to contain my excitement

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      iiiii just waaannntt toooo fly...

    3. DuPz0r


      I've seen to many Ariel shots of GTAV. I just want to ride a bicycle across the entire map...

    4. Rozzacki


      I want to know what that shed is!! At top of that mountain, (maybe its Mt Chilliad) But i want to know what that shed is all about.

  14. now we ave seen the online play it makes me wonder if u cud bank ur money from the single player side of the game to use in the mutiplayer wud b cool but maybe they might put a cap of the total u cud bank as not to give u a advantage agaist players that have shit
  15. Makes me pissed off how rockstar only put these up in America fuck everyone else we will just give them little posters for there walls but the yanks always get it
  16. everybody shut up bickering over this an that an it would b funny if there was a gang that only allowed gays in that way u all would fit in
  17. u should b able to buy a island off the east coast of the map would b sick
  18. ive got it in my head that they'll b a mission where a guy gets killed from maybe gambling debts or drug deal gone wrong but u hear from another person he owed money to him an that he'll pay u to kill him but he wants proof (his corpse ) u go down as more than likely trevor and get the body as he his probably the 1 who fits in best with retrival of a dead person then once ur back to the surface u drive it to the guy who wants him show him get paid mission passed and maybe the guy had a nice house somewhere and he may give u the keys or deeds so u now own it