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  1. I love you all, my little internet family.

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      Cuda been doin a bit a boozin? Knocking back on old grandpa's cough medicine?

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      You're a cock sucker, cuda.

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  2. It was so good, I'm not good at making it at all, but this friend of mine from Spain does it amazing, had to get up and hug it out... man it's hard to get a proper meal in the UK.
  3. I'm not sure what this was about. I don't remember requesting a picture of cuda. *Kicks box of tissues out of sight* I felt like you were sort of displeased with the overall direction of the topic, so that was my attempt to help out. That was my last weekend, hula hooping and GREAT paella, should have taken a picture of that too.
  4. There you go Massacre, hopefully the pink hula hoop helps. The amount of weight I lost is scary , no lifting for almost 2 years now. Thank god for hula hoops though.
  5. I wish they would bring Skyrim to the PS4.
  6. Cormac McCarthy has an interesting writing style, or maybe he's just old and doesn't give a fuck, the way he switches from narrative to dialogue, where you often have to guess who initiated the conversation... I guess it makes sure you're paying attention throughout the whole thing.
  7. I think it's a good portrait of true post-apocalypse, kids crying and people just being generally terrible towards others.
  8. Read The Road, the movie follows the book quite well. Teary eyes toward the last pages . Think I'll go for Prince of Fools now.
  9. I would drink it just to be polite.
  10. Fuck your face UK, I hate Midges.

    1. Truth


      I like midgets, perfect size

  11. cuda

    The Last of Us

    My best death so far was me trying to sneak behind a clicker for the old shiv-eroo, and accidentally just hit him/her with a bottle. I have found a couple of bugs too, just after the Bill levels, where you find yourself in the city and have to get over the bridge - in one of those areas my retarded ass got semi caught while on stealth, for the duration of that area all the fucking NCPS just ran around in full speed doing circles up and down stairs, making it a bitch to sneak through.
  12. cuda

    The Last of Us

    You have seen me play video games, did you honestly expect me to beat any other difficulties besides normal? That shit is challenging for me.
  13. cuda

    The Last of Us

    I've been enjoying the single player on the PS4, I absolutely blow at sneaking around, but it's ok - fists of fury.
  14. I got a pat on the back when I graduated . I like the cultural diversity we got in here.
  15. I haven't actually read the book, but the movie is also brilliant. You watch the movie, I'll get the book. I'm almost done with Words of Radiance, couple hundred more pages... (out of something like 1100).
  16. Kverlertak is the real shit.
  17. Wtf, it's finished? I thought that the last season was mostly OK, and that they could definitely milk that cow for at least another season...
  18. I am from Amadora, just outside of Lisbon. It has a high crime rate, lots of gangs and drugs. Growing up there was an interesting adventure, but I still love it, and one day I hope to go back and help the city. For a couple of these guys, more than likely it was their first time wearing a suit. Optimus is a telecommunication company that did a commercial in Amadora, some of the guys in the last seconds of the clip I actually went to school with . It's all portrayed in a negative light (I've already had lot of discussions about this... I don't like the city being portrayed like some sort of American 'hood').
  19. My high school buddies! I don't get to see them that often! You have to realize our origins, They weren't supposed to try and dress fashionably, hell, these kids shouldn't even be white.
  20. AH! Here are the shoes, It was too hot to wear a full suit, fuck that shit. jacket was on for the photo basically - I ain't wearing that all day long. Also, it apparently is a very dark blue, but the photo was scanned. Wait... am I actually justifying my choice of clothes on the internet? I wear a Reservoir Dogs themed t-shirt to work ffs.
  21. Yes, it was a great day to be back in Portugal, it was about 35ºc and I drank about thirty thousand caiprinhas. Thank you Brazilian brothers.
  22. cuda


    Handsome was giving them away a couple of days ago I believe.