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  1. Go Charles Bukowski. I really want to pick up the rest of his books.
  2. Dude, I've been in Bluewater, it's ok, I don't like shopping centres, but let me know if you come any further down. Mote Park is pretty good on a sunny day.
  3. My office has a bunch of those keyboards lying around and I hate them. I keep pressing those G keys by accident - can't seem to get used to that layout.
  4. Because other companies might pay better? Different advertising models (cpc, cpv, fixed cost, etc...)?
  5. It was a good series overall. I think the ending could have been better.
  6. This weekend I tried to get some absinthe in a pub, obviously they didn't sell it. I asked for the next big thing and was offered tequila flavored sambuca. That shit was filth. In a good and bad way.
  7. Either way, this situation keeps happening every now and then, I would suggest discussing it with the affiliate network or whoever is supplying the ads, it hurts the site considerably. In fact, I would tell them to fuck off and just sign up with another network...
  8. I'm not judging anyone over their choices, you should do whatever you want with your time, nor do I think about this concept of having a "social life", I enjoy being around people and having a few drinks, I don't need to justify it to myself with gay modern concepts of what is acceptable or not. I work from 9 to 5:30 and that's what I look forward to most of the time. If I'm feeling tired or just not in the mood, I'll head home, put a film on or read a book - it's all down to you really, I prefer to do those things with my free time over playing video games. The forums have grown into something I can't really explain, I loved playing games when I was younger, and just like all of you I loved GTA. 10 years is a long time, things change, by the time San Andreas was released for the PC, I was already half assing my gaming time. At some point me and a few friends stumbled into WoW and I completely stopped playing anything else, that game was virtual crack. I played that from 2005/6 till about 2011, the game (badly) changed over the years and I lost interest in it too. I haven't found any enjoyment in games ever since... but I do like the people here and the conversation outside the GTA related forums.
  9. Look at the voting, you fuckers want to play during weekend nights. If I'm playing GTA on a weekend night, how would I fuel my alcohol withdrawal symptoms the next morning? It's like, I'm playing a video game right, and it's OK I guess, but then someone calls me - "hey man, come out and play outside", and yeah, I'd rather do that.
  10. I don't know man, I like films and reading books. I like alcohol and being out, I like cooking, I don't like to be by myself for long periods of time, hence why playing games is so boring to me.
  11. Sorry guys. Today I sold my PS4 and the two games I had, if you were on my friend list you know how little I played, the PS4 very quickly became a big and expensive paper weight in which I saw no use for. I tried to rekindle it with GTA but... Video games just aren't my thing. I hope you are able to still love me as your token non gamer forum friend.
  12. cuda

    Mobile Devices

    I'm sure you have contract prices in England that dramatically reduce the price to something like $199, $299, $399, etc. I'll keep saying it, after a year or two if you want to upgrade to a newer iPhone, I've gotten all my money back, if not more which went to the newer model by selling it. You can go with the cheap plastic phone with upgrades that are periodic and random (I still like the Android OS, my grandpa had an HTC before switching to the iPhone and I thought it was really cool) or a quality built phone with yearly scheduled updates and regular bug fixes. I don't want to get into long term contracts. I'm a dirty foreigner, there is no way I'm signing a 2 year contract to own a phone, I might fuck off to Malta in a week for all I know.
  13. cuda

    Mobile Devices

    The only reason I don't have an iPhone is because I can't personally justify buying something that is more expensive and get no pros out of it. Both operating systems have matured, except one is always bundled in a more expensive way, and like Indy pointed out, I like being able to install torrent downloading apps, have applications that simplify torrent searches and just generally illegally download crap.
  14. Was nice hearing you yesterday, Mr Cuda Yeah. At some point I had to focus all my attention on the game as I could not figure out complex things like: entering a car; aiming; following a black guy called jamal or something
  15. With a Portuguese accent, I would think. Crap. Now I'm gonna have to stuff my mouth with cod and parsley.
  16. Might try to get it either today after work or tomorrow. How can I talk to you all over the mic? Also, my psn name: phatcuda
  17. I'm catching up on the new season, I have to say, the show pretty much developed into a typical tv drama in the last seasons. Hopefully still entertaining.
  18. cuda

    Mobile Devices

    I've been using an S4 for over a year now and I see no point in changing any time soon, battery used to be a bit stronger but nothing to worry about too much. Have had 0 issues with Samsung.
  19. The gods send nuts to those who have no teeth. *attempts to find PS4 in the middle of boxes*
  20. I will probably be getting this for the PS4. I expect to complete the game by 2019.