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  1. Didn't take it, but i made it.. I hope you guys like it :3
  2. Ooppss! im so sorry! It totally slipped my mind! D;
  3. The game play was insane.. shame it was only a few minutes long but god some of the shit you can is just insane! Can't wait to get this game! Even though online doesn't come till October. I cant put my finger on just one thing im excited for, bring it all on!
  4. Just recently started playing this again.. Just to complete the story 100% I don't really bother with trophies. But yeah, it's a little odd getting back into, none the less i love this game so much :3
  5. Some of the weapons were awesome! Like the "Oh Baby" Them fucking legendary deathclaws though in Sloan.. Argh! they was so annoying!
  6. New vegas was a great game, but it's not in my top faves. There was so many glitches and errors & the amount of times it crashed on it me was nobodies business. But yeah, i do love that game :') But Fallout 3 was far better!
  7. A big juicy bacon sammich! Mm yes!
  8. I loved The Last of Us, But the game in general is perfect.
  9. Rozzacki


    Fallout; The most awesome game ever! (in my opinion) I wonder when Fallout 4 comes out.. i was thinking because bethesda are releasing the new Elder scrolls for the PS4 so im guessing they'll be making a Fallout a few months after the ps4 has been released.
  10. Rozzacki

    Saints Row

    I watched the Gameplay for Saints' IV & im not all that amazed.. I mean its great you have super powers but i just think they've goner way to far over the line... Its just stupid. (not trying to piss anyone off here) I think its a good game & i've still pre-ordered it but i don't think its going to be ALL that. You could just kill like one person.. anyone.. or start using your powers and thats it.. Aliens come. Which will become really annoying when all you want to do is just beat the shit out of just random peds. The healing factor has gone, so you have to collect things after killing someone to regain health. Which will be more harder and to keep you in the fight, but that could become annoying too. The fact that you're not.. "really" on the map anymore and you're in a constant spaceship and the map is just a simulator and i kinda think that sucks a little. The guns like the shrink ray and dubstep gun are amazing. Lol that'll be a lot fun! The new mainframe though like.. going to your upgrades through the phone etc has gone too.. thats like on a pause menu which is a bit wank too.. I sound like i hate the game more than i like it which i don't xD I can't wait to play it but i just think they've changed too much which they didn't need to. But meh. Sorry if i annoy anyone with my own opinion :L
  11. That was.. not if.. the Most Amazing online game ive ever seen. Having your own house online? your own garage! I mean holy shit.. Bank robberies, Racing with planes & cars.. Making little gangs, upgrading your character with money you steal.. I literally cant even think how they could make this any better. I cant even find a fault with it.
  12. Pugs! They might have a squashed up face.. but i think they're adorable.. :') :L
  13. BACCCOOONNNNN!!!! I couldn't even imagine life without this A vegetarians worse enemy