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  2. Balboa park for the WIN!!! I'm skeptical about it too, but if there was only one city, they could focus alot more on the Interior, and maybe some bad-ass easter-eggs.... I was disappointed when all of the apartment complex's in IV looked the same.... What will ruin the game for me?? EA getting their hands on it. Or if the game had those weird ass kill animations from SR3.... but that won't happen...
  3. I'm looking foward to everything Like, Tommy Vercetti jumping out a third-story window (wearing a salmon suit) on fire! he lands perfectly on his hands, and he hand-stands for a whole minute as a firetruck saves his life. He gets back up on his feet, brushes off his burnt salmon suit, walks away slowly to the beach, Everybody is staring at him funny, so he makes a chainsaw magically appear in his hands, Kills everybody on the beach, as the song "Working For The Weekend" by LoverBoy is playing on a near-by portable Radio. Tommy looks out on the horizon, it’s almost sunset, Tommy Heard a noise. A bunch of Mud-Crabs came out of the water, all demented, Tommy grabbed a sword and started slashing them up into bits. When he was done, a female Mud-Crab came out of the water, Tommy didn’t want to admit it, but he thought the Mud-Crab was VERY hot. He slowly walked up to the still Mud-Crab Something was running down his leg, which made him walk funny, he killed the Female Mud-Crab. He was glad he did it. After Tommy was done killing, he looks down at his Salmon suit, covered in blood. So he takes it off. Wearing nothing but boxers with hearts on them. The Police arrive with their sirens blazing. The Cops jump out and roll, (making their teddy bear suits dirty), their car hits a hot-dog stand and blows up. Tommy takes note of this. He makes a mini-gun magically appear in his hand, and guns down the two cops with it. "Poor Teddy Bears Suits." Tommy thought as he stared at the nasty Gun-shot holes in them. Tommy then walks up to the portable Radio, and switches the station "V Rock" which was playing a song from "Love Fist" He wipes off his sweat with the back of his hand, Tommy heard more sirens from the distance, he was a wanted man, Tommy didn't want to die, so he walks up to the ocean in slow-motion. Tommy thought hard as he took off his boxers. This was the only way he wouldn't die, this would save him from dying. he looked at the gray but sparkling water, he slowly walked in, it was surprisingly cool. Tommy slowly drowns and dies, which, when he did that, he saved himself from dying. The ultimate sacrifice. Tommy knew he wouldn't die if he drowned and died, he was his own savior. A surviving Mud-Crab slowly digested his body as the camera slowly pan'd to the sunset. 50 years later, Tommy Vercetti was telling this story to his grandchildren. (Finishing with "Thats how i met your grandmother") How Original
  4. huh? The only reason people are talking about RDR in this post is because it used the Weapon Wheel feature which is what this topic is about, and because RDR is a Rockstar game, it could ealisy carry onto the GTA series if Rockstar thought it was popular enough, so nobody is going off topic. You are right, I liked the weapon wheel in SR and RDR... Both are equally good games. BTW, i Can't stop laughing at your sig.
  5. Skyrim's a good game... I imagine GTA V's map will be a similar size (one can dream, right?) When i first pop in the disc, i'll do a few missions, then i'll do basically what "Hoekie" had said... How Original
  6. Interesting, I would have to agree with the highest amount of rejoice, that this is good, sounds like it has some similarities with the GTA IV "Soviet Russian" (or whatever it was called.) I don't think it is in the finishing stages... I like it.
  7. similar to ME3 ending... It even says on Bioware's site that IF anybody threaten's them, they will be booted... But this isn't about ME3.... I hope EA (or some shit) doesn't fuck up GTA V's ending :'( similar to ME3 ending... It even says on Bioware's site that IF anybody threaten's them, they will be booted... But this isn't about ME3.... I hope EA (or some shit) doesn't fuck up GTA V's ending :'(
  8. may you fix the " &quot &Quot" and "amp;nbsp;&nbsp" and stuff like that, it kinda bothers me.
  9. Doesn't make logical sense.. It should be "The second trailer should consist of... Main Characters, Hot femal characters,More realistic Boob animation (MRBA), Hot female Antagonis, Boobs, Nice cars, Tits, Adam Sandler, Strip clubs, Bad-ass Mission teasers, and more boobs I was thinking about what the second trailer could be.... and i got a headache, and a bonor ^ the story that never happend.
  10. The book Job..... kiddin'.... i'm thinkin' it's pretty interesting that he book guide is comin', that's just P.O.S., where's my money? down the throat-hole. THATS WHERE!