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  1. that is very true however I know we wont see Seattle or canada. Out of the question.All the old cities from sa maybe... definitely not seattle tho Your right i mean it is outta the question but i live in seattle its exactly like Los Sants(los angeles) but not so hollyowood but the city is diverse lower end, higher end, line of homeless and THE GHETTO except it would always be cold & rainy
  2. vancas city makes sense but seattle No i all does it rain here snows like a week outta the whole year
  3. I agree with this. I would rather get the other cities in their own epic games. This new, huge Los Santos looks like plenty of land for all to enjoy. Its hard for me to imagine just a newly desinged LV, there not that much if you really think about it, casinos, and neighborhoods in the back of the city
  4. you can already do that in RDR except zombies is an DLC pack
  5. I heard the map was to big for a psp, just rumors though..
  6. I know im trolling, but i would like to see easter eggs and myths pop up & go all over the internet like they did in SA
  7. I think there should be eningene upgrades too not too complicated just call it "engine"
  8. REALLY? oh i forgot i just live in seattle where it always rains
  9. I guess i dont think that would be a high attraction for most GTA players, and if this were to be realistic how many mini coopers do you see everyday?
  10. I remember after you got MAD DOGS house and i walked out and there was a random like world war 2 plane blown up sitting out there
  11. i think it would be nice if the snitches called the cops and you had to find them before they did
  12. yeah same thing, my parents questioned on if i should continue to play GTA at like 1st/K, i had a 14 year old brother and thats how i started playing i will never forget them SA
  13. i would like to see lots of mini-games/missons, like san andreas i also would like to see more clothes as well
  14. Oops sorry was in a rush but in san andreas you could get out of the big citys in on the highway in like 10 seconds, this current los santos looks very detailed
  15. I doesnt bother me that there might not be SF and LV but if they are going to have 2 citites dont make a new one stay with what has already had sucesss
  16. I think that maybe the protangist is the antagnist so that he might have local mafias/gang/groups as an allie and that could possibly be one of them
  17. i didnt enjoy the big citys as much in SA i liked to roam around in the small town maybe like a small town casino but if they take SF and LV out the have to make those replacements some where like the car lot in SF( i never understood how to do that) also the vallet parking and all the other goodies in san fiero and taking out LV like i said small town casinos there wasnt that much in LV that wasnt obvious though that i can think of i was like 6/7 playing thart game
  18. I think that buying cars and spending money on things that you had before is a GOOD thing if you and ur items could get robbed or maybe it customization u can apply a alarm thar alerts your ipod when your car is getting stolen your house also and all the other buyable things Just an idea but GTA V is well underway