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  1. It took about 8 attempts but i was finally able to hijack a 747 without the police blowing me up. But of the three planes i did fly, they all seemed to have engine trouble and fell out of the sky after a few minutes. The first as a lear jet which i crashed into the ocean after 3 minutes of flight. Then the 747 which i ended up gliding into the lake cause the engines stopped working. Then a litle air race plane i jacked from some guy, which again, the engines after like 3 minutes started smoking and i lost control and crashed into one of the hangers on the military base. after which they decided to launch SAMS at me while i was alreafy dead.
  2. As for the cargo plane, its closer to an Antonov 124 than a 747, the wings are over the fuselage instead of under on the 747. Glad to see the minigun and the weather. Not to get to accurate with the weather but hopefully the thunder matches the distance of the lightning. If it flashes far away, the sound is delayed, and if the flash is close the sound is instant. etc. I hope that if we can get our hands on a police helicopter, we can actually use those spot lights. As far as the sports car shot from the side, perhaps that is what it will look like when you are transitioning from one character to another, maybe its a sense of tunnel vision just before you take over
  3. If they have sea fog, then they should work on having patches soo thick you cannot see 5 feet infront of you when walking or driving. It would make it for a more realistic experience and force you to rely on sound when youre hunting someone down on foot. listening for footsteps and the echos from the gunshots. the sounds of trash cans being knocked over in an allyway. I know IV had it but you could still fly in it and drive just fine. It should be made impossible to fly through unless you know the city settings well. If you remember in SA when you climbed the Mountain you had random planes crash into the side once in a while because of the clouds.
  4. it would be cool to be able to use the rappels on the police chopper if you are not the pilot. just ask them to take you somewhere and exit it like a boss. thats a good idea, just like they have the base jumping and skydiving thing in TBOGT, if you are a passenger you should be able to select the rappeling device in your weapons inventory and when you trigger it, your character starts to rappel, just control how low you want to go. And if the idiot chopper guy decides to take it to high altitude you can cut away, switch to your parachute and land safely on the ground. BTW just curious if anyone actually competed in the base jumping events with others online in TBOGT. When the game came out they showed videos and screens of teams of people flying each other from one building to another and blowing up the other teams to stop them from completing it. It seems to me that no one ever does it online whenever I played it. But my best time was like just under 7min by myself. It wasnt easy with random people shooting at you and only using the heli once to get from one island to another.
  5. The point of it was that after you survived lets say for instance one battalion of the national guard, then thats when all the other criminals come out of the woodwork. Like i said in the original post, think of "The Dark Knight Rises" where the army is on the outskirts keeping anyone from escaping. Perhaps thats what happens. One battalion down, then the rest are at the borders staging an assault. And im not suggesting that everyone turns evil. Im suggesting that a certain amount of criminals i.e. street gangs, and mobsters are now running the streets without any L.E. to stop them. And if you get in their way, they will eliminate you with extreme prejudice. As far as rocket launchers are concerned, perhaps they armed themselves from the leftover weapons the army left behind. (ever seen the movie SWAT? after the reward was announed, people were hitting the police with everything they had. And to think there arent actual criminals out there with these weapons is obsurd) Or perhaps its the army that shoots you down keeping anyone, including you from escaping. And as i said in the O.P. you also get a chance to help the defenseless citizens who are caught in the crossfire. Then when the deadline of mayhem is up, thats when they, the army and riot police come storming in to stop all the civil unrest. What I'm suggesting is a scenario that would eliminate the boring 6 stars that currently exist. You can play it for hours and its the same results. more cops, more choppers, more cops, more choppers. Its been like that in every GTA game, and i think they should improve it and consider new ideas that add new challenges, and when certain milestones are reached you would earn trophys aswell.
  6. My wish is that they make it a little more graphic when it comes to shooting someone. If I shoot someone with a high powered rifle then perhaps I should see their arm come tearing off or their head explode off. I miss the old GTAs when a head shot obliterated them and blood shot out. That goes the same with online gaming. If I throw a sticky bomb at someone and run a way and detonate it, I should see a limb here and a hand over there. I dont mind the ragdoll physics but i think the ragdoll should come apart once in a while. Maybe take a page out of COD zombies, where torsos and heads and arms are rittled everywhere in the street during a rampage.
  7. Well that is pretty neat. You guys are fuckin cool, and I didn't quite understand how the crew thing works. I haven't played Max Payne 3, only read of it. If we are all in a crew what benefits does that grant us? Even if we aren't Xbox friends would we be able to invite crew members into games to back us up? More that I think of it, back up would serve me well because I talk A LOT of shit online lol. I back it up, but friends wouldn't hurt. Also I have always wanted to try some creative shit that I can't get enough people to do. I have great ideas for some drills that would create like the most elite bad ass motherfuckers in GTA. Imagine some ass clown on the map is fucking everyone's groove up somehow. Then imagine that 8 motherfuckers all skydive down, pull chutes very low, land, and all shoot that cocksucker with RPG's.... Yeah drink it in. It would be sweet. HaHa, I dont play xbox but I'm usually the ass clown on the ps3 freemodes that fucks with everybody. My goal is to get them all to come after me, and most of the time when I have 4 or 5 of them pursuing me, I still fuck them up again and again. I know it really burns them cause they keep coming back for more and more. I never give them the benefit, if I'm finally cornered or about to get wacked I usually leave right before hand. Nothing sweeter than knowing they all got wacked 3 or 4 times, spent the energy for revenge and never got the chance. Back on subject, hope its at least as good as IV so I can fuck with more people in a newer city.
  8. I stick to Margaritaville, frozen or on the rocks. But when it comes to beer, I stick to Guinness, but I do sample other beers once in a while
  9. i think they could pull sights off in gta. like in max payne 3 if you had a red dot sight whenever you aimed it went into first person view. If there is weapon customization, I say, by default, the weapons zoom traditionally, then you can buy scopes for assault rifles and any non-sniper rifles (and perhaps, upgraded scopes for sniper rifles). Would be nice to have separate weapon slots for assault rifles and regular rifles, as in San Andreas, assuming they bring back the rifles. I could see Trevor picking off enemies with a hunting rifle because there wasn't a sniper rifle available. Fallout: New Vegas' level of customization would be nice. Nothing over-the-top. it would be cool if they had infrared nightvision scopes. Agreed, Night vision scopes for the sniper rifles would kick ass when you're playing multiplayer. But they would also have to improve the nighttime graphics to make it work. The one thing that both RDR and GTA IV had that i found annoying was the nighttime graphics. It was always under full moon light which isnt so in reality. They should have it get really dark that without artificial lights from cars or lightpoles, you couldnt see more than 20ft infront of you. Of course this would only be the case outside the city. But then you could have multiplayer battles in the desert where you flip on the night vision goggles(like in the original syphon filter) and watch the tracers fly. Then it becomes like the videos from desert storm
  10. I agree they should bring back the military when you reach a 6 star wanted level. M1 tanks, Hummers, and transport trucks for ground pursuit. Jets, blackhawks, apache gunships, and and that little 2seat heli with the guns and rockets thats in TBOGT( name escapes me) for air assault. But i think there should be some sort of limit on police presence when you reach 5 or 6 stars. One thing that sucked in the previous games was how the police had an endless supply of men, and heilcopters. You could sit there in a corner for an hour and shoot down the same heilcopters and blow up the same cop cars, it got too damn boring. At some point they should eventually run out. They should be limited to 10 helicopters, regular mavericks, once you eliminate them, you see the noose black hawks. Once you destroy those, then the Army comes. At the same time, there should be a reward/trophy if you survive for a certain length of time into the 6* wanted level or something. Make it really difficult to achieve, but if you reach it, they all retreat, and youre now crowned Kingpin for a 24hr period where there is no law enforcement anywhere. And criminals are all over the streets robbing people and burning things, pedestrians are all in panic mode, the city looks like a wasteland with cars everywhere on fire or destroyed.(similar actions like the riots in SA)plus all stations are broadcasting the crisis. A little bit of the Dark Knight Rises with people being thrown on to the streets, furnature and clothes everywhere. Plus its every man for himself, so you have to watch your back as people start to bum rush you for money and weapons. Bullets whisping by your head. If you have a working vehicle, you are now the target of all the criminals, streets are blocked off, crazy guys with flamethrowers and mini guns are now lighting you up. In fact now its even worse than the army cause you have no idea what to expect. As you rush down an ally, car bombs are going off, people with chainsaws are running infront of you. Other criminals are ontop of your car smashing in the window or hanging from the bumper as you speed away.(similar to the code in SA where all citizens come to kill you) Only you see other people under attack. If you help them then you earn other achievements.(help a bus full of people get to the docks to escape, or pick up random strangers and take them to their homes amidst the violence) The radio would tip you off as to who to save and where. Like for instance it announces that the mayor was going to stick it out in city hall but he is now in trouble and is calling for any citizen to help rescue him. These missions are entirely optional, if you wanted to just barracade yourself in a safe house for 24hrs and wait it out then you can. But all this rioting would give you a chance to hit up a bank for a ton of cash, only you have competition, On your way there you see some guy already running out of the bank with money bags and other criminals are now shooting at him and trying to take the cash. This would also open up the home invasion missions they had in SA. You can either break into a home and start taking stuff out to your box truck or just cruise the streets and watch for other people doing it, shoot them and steal their truck instead, then take it to a storage facility before the same thing happens to you. Pickup trucks in pursuit with guys standing in the beds with a mounted M-60 firing at you, or lobbing molotov cocktails at you. And if youre lucky to make it to rooftops, you have snipers trying to pick you off. You would get the impression that you just roamed into a freemode full of people that all decided to target you. If you found an undamaged plane or heli and decide to take to the skies then shoulder fired rockets would race from the ground below tracking your heat signature and shoot you down forcing you to bail out and parachute to a safe location all while gunshots and explosions are heard and seen everywhere. And now youre seen by any criminal within site as they spot you parachute floating down. And if you survive the 24 hr period of caos, you see the police roll in with their APCs and riot gear, with shields and nightsticks to seize control once again. If they dont witness you comitting any crime as they come through, then youre off the hook and everything turns back to normal as they pass through. However if you are caught in the middle of a theft, its automatic 4* and it starts all over again. of course if you die at all before everything turns to normal, then you lose any achievements you earned during the caos.
  11. A buddy of mine has a 60" mitsubishi DLP but before it we used to play COD split screen on some 26" tube TV. Its crazy to think we played on it after the upgrade.
  12. after all that he dont even tell us what hand he faps with. Me, im left all the way. *grabs cock with left hand I dont use my hand, I use yours. By the way you need to clip your nails, they are leaving marks
  13. 55" Samsung LED Smart TV. Perfect for Movies, gaming and sports. I pray to it every night while i tuck it in to bed
  14. Write left, draw left, throw left, bats left, golfs left, basketball is left but i can shoot more accurately inside the 3pt line with my right. Pool is right handed but can switch if need be, darts left, bowls left, shoots a handgun with left, rifle and bow is all righthanded. Uses a righthanded fishing pole and casts left but reels right. But i use the computer mouse with my right( i know a few lefthanded people that use their left instead)
  15. It would be nice to use the spot lights on the police cars and the ones on the helicopters as well. It would make it more interesting if youre doing a vigilante mission at night in a neighborhood in ghanton, and youre shining the light back and forth between houses trying to spot the criminal hiding or jumping fences. It wouldnt be too difficut to implement, it would be part of the weapon selection list while youre in the car or heli. Once selected hit the trigger to turn on and just aim it around.