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  1. GTA 5: APPOINTMENT Monday, November 12 FOR OUR PREVIEW AND INTERVIEW REPORT EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! If Game Informer magazine was the only U.S. could be approaching GTA 5 closely, revealing all first information on the game Rockstar Games, France is JEUXACTU who had the exclusivity of this called a first look. Indeed, there a little less than 3 weeks, a few days before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, we were in New York to attend the first demo of GTA 5. A demo for almost an hour when the game has been revealed in pre- first, and to which are added an exclusive interview and video coverage. All will be posted Monday, November 12, 2012 throughout day, so that you can know everything about what awaits you in the spring 2013, release date for this highly anticipated GTA V. Stay connected on so many JEUXACTU!
  2. I think that there will be 3 campaigns where you play as each character for each one.
  3. No, its 8 actually because the clocks when back an hour a couple weeks ago in the UK (5 hour difference UK and Eastern standard time).
  4. THREE PROTAGONISTS CONFIRMED http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2012/11/08/december-cover-revealed-grand-theft-auto-v.aspx
  5. http://www.gameinfor...november-8.aspx GI magazine coming At 11Am Central(5PM GMT) tomorrow, we will reveal the cover art and give you a break down of the issue (hint: the story is huge - over 18 pages in print - and full of details and screens we can't wait to share).
  6. A "gangster" isnt just a blood or a norte. And besides did the guy in the trailer sound black? That's who they are refering to hence the words "escaping his past" You never know, he could he black or white who knows. Wait for tomorrow then the question will be answered.
  7. East Coast Gangster maybe Curtis Snow? or The Game?(know hes from the west but in the game).
  8. http://www.nowgamer.com/news/1669130/gta_5_screenshot_leaks_early.html MORE INFO
  9. 100% LEGIT, good find cant wait to see more leaked image or even information.