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  1. Does anyone in the Crew for XBOX ONE actively play? If so add me. Need people to play with. o iREDRUM o Those are lower case o's by the way.
  2. May not be everyone's cup of tea but it sure is mine! My 2008 Honda Civic Mugen Si (1 of 1000). Modded of course! 363 WHP 300 WTQ
  3. if any of you have the game for the xbox one send me a fr o iREDRUM o those are lower case O's by the way...
  4. Sitting here waiting for heists....
  5. Pretty much everyone else's complaints is what irritates me as well.
  6. I was having issues on my 360 version. I went to the settings and cleared the cache on my hard drive and then also deleted the last title update.. Turned on the game re downloaded the title update and that helped me a lot with connection issues..
  7. My character didn't dissapeare but I can't join friends on any type of missions or death matches. Also when I try to do a mission by myself it just says mission fail immediately after it starts. Anybody have any ideas???
  8. My character and money is still there but I can't start any matches or missions with any friends..
  9. We need to play together add me on xbox
  10. Had pretty good luck today playing a little solo with friends and some team death match. I also reached about level 5-6. Hopefully everything gets better.
  11. How do you invite people on your friend list to play free mode or whatever??
  12. How did co-op heists and missions work? Was there lots of variety and fun factor?
  13. Interesting read. Sounds like they had a lot of fun being in the game.