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    I enjoy long walks on the beach and smacking people with a double sided dildo while i spray paint grove street on their backs. lmao


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  1. me i think they should allow you to customize your fucking motorcycles so they dont all look the same fucking way.
  2. me i wanna see them put in a hell of alot more bikes like the angel the wayfarer the zombie freeway hexer hellfury lycan. all of those bike should be in so me and my clan can go cruising down the highway. oh and they need to make it where the bikes dont just fucking disappear i meen that makes us so fucking pissed. we go into our club and come back out and it is gone. it fucking sucks. oh and i think they should allow you to get drunk in multiplayer. :wall: :wall: oh and make it where they actually mowed the grass too lol with cup holders on them.
  3. i think in GTAV if they make it where i can duel wield two Tec-9's again and two pistols i would love that, and to the idea of shooting a two handed weapon like a AK-47 or a pump action shotgun is great. IF you are sitting in the passanger side otherwise you would have to steer with your knees and thats no good. oh and i think they should bring back the dual sided purple DILDO from san andreas. so if anyone wants to say 'oh GTA is taking that from saints row" then you can go fuck yourself. GTA has been giving it to the people of the world the option to use a dildo or flowers as a weapon long before saints row came out so yea. um with GTAIV you pressed the left and right directional buttons on the D-pad to switch weapons inRDR you pressed and held LB and used the left joystick to pick a class then the D-pad left and right to choose which gun you desired.
  4. i will probably fine a good motorcycle and just go cruisin like i did in san andreas and while im going that i might run over some animals like a rabbit or something. then if anyone wants to join me. GO BIGFOOT HUNTING!
  5. long live the BHC and BIA

    1. GunSmith


      Long live IBC.

      Shit's good.

    2. Edgecrusher


      Long live the WI! Flapjack and handknitted socks for all!

    3. General Crysel