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  1. You remember Niko, right? He's the latest character!
  2. Technically, San Andreas came first then Driver: Parallel Lines. And they forgot about Driver too. It seems that the only driver game no one forgot about is Driver: San Francisco.
  3. Yeah, Max Payne 3 is already releasin in early 2012. GTA 5 better release in mid/late 2012.
  4. Driver: Parallel Lines is realistic you know. That game took a step further than GTA 3. You can't swim in the game. ATLEAST YOU DONT DROWN!
  5. I think they should allow you to brake into the cars while your on a car chase.
  6. Heres my favorites: GTA: Vice City GTA: San Andreas GTA: Liberty City Stories
  7. I had a feeling Packie would appear but if this shit is fake, why you posting fake ass shit???