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  1. My GT is NLDude92, I don't have any set times that I'm on. And I speak both English and Dutch.
  2. Michael having breakfast with someone else than his wife outside of a hotel.
  3. Man, I only know very few American football teams. I was talking about soccer. Or as you might say football.
  4. This gives me the same feeling as when my favorite team is playing. Feeling eager to see the result.
  5. That's that special Bravado Banshee, isn't it?
  6. I don't like the 'sexual context' or 'non-sexual context' bullshit. It's a dick, whether it's being used for sex or not. Either hate dicks on screen all together or don't hate it, but it seems weird to me that a dick in action would be marked 'inappropriate' and a dick that's just hanging out wouldn't.
  7. I'd go for an In-n-Out at any time. Too bad the Netherlands only has the shitty places like McD and BK. Only Subway is sort of OK. They have the best American cookies at least. Love American cookies.
  8. A special diving unit sounds plausible, but how would that work? In real life diving units are for searching missing people, so I doubt it would work in GTA. Except if it is the regular boating police that quickly puts on diving equipment
  9. I'm OK with the October 1 launch. Gives you some time to get familiar with everything before getting into Online.
  10. I have seen it. It looks awesome. Seems like it won't be much fun if you don't have a crew though.
  11. The article also says "It is unlikely that GTA Online will offer a monthly subscription service like World of Warcraft, but we would expect more opportunities for players to spend real money on character, vehicle, or weapon upgrades via micro-transactions." So I guess you only get a few customization options, unless you are willing to pay for it with real money.
  12. You meant to say too smart, genius. I know right ?? like you never make typos as we say here ( je hebt de typ tyfus ) .. I think 'typtyfus' would be one word Anyway, since this is an English website it's unnecessary to start speaking Dutch. Whoops, wasn't planning on quoting all of that.
  13. It wouldn't say 'Apt 45' if it was the whole building, would it?